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  1. We also have leaderboards in dojos for timed runs through an obstacle course or two.
  2. No, they definitely should not. Surprised you're so against this!!....Imagine the entertainment value if it doesn't work out.
  3. It's been brought up before how DE only acknowledges things when the embers become a conflagration.
  4. A point in your favor: DE has beta testers, players who volunteer to beta test for them and DE doesn't take advantage of it. Instead deciding to release content without beta testing and then going all "surprised Pikachu face" when we don't like the bugs and glitches. Ah well.
  5. Play other games and do other things. I've moved on to FF14 as Warframe does not hold my interest anymore. Warframe won't change. It will remain a grindfest. You can change by doing other things.
  6. FF14 did it as well, but because they had to. The game that launched was terrible and it needed to be reworked...so the new studio head literally had the game destroyed...and used it to build the story off of. They even made a cutscene that played when the servers went offline. This is it! When FF14 1.0 died. This became a significant event in the game and it remains significant in regards to lore and story .
  7. I don't think DE will rework the open world areas. I think it'll be one and done and we move on. Although, I do think doing something like having the sentient invasion run until, say, players hit a certain threshold in how many sentients they've defeated would be a great idea. Not just in the open world areas, but the entire starchart itself. But that's just me. I want the story to be good and fun. If it's great then I'll be happy, if it has a great story and is fun to play I'll be happier. The unfortunate thing about all of this is DE has, at their disposal, a game that can have a great story with characters. The backstory is there, things they can build off of and provide something great. Heck, something even fantastic. With what DE has done, there is potential to build something fantastic. Unfortunately, as is the case with Warframe, the potential is not met. I agree DE come up with things they like and add it in regardless of whether more can be done with it. It sucks because the game has potential. It sucks even more when one realizes that potential will be squandered.
  8. Abilities. I always liked Vauban's appearance but, before the rework, I hated his abilities. After the rework Vauban's become one of my favorite frames. Ash has a great deluxe skin, but I don't enjoy playing as Ash so eh.
  9. I like your Orbiter's interior colors.
  10. DE's approach to increasing difficulty is just upping the health and damage output of enemies. Another approach, say FF14, is to make the harder difficulty content different to its normal counterpart. This is done by upping health and damage output of course, along with adding more attacks and mechanics players need to keep an eye on so that the fight feels different from its normal counterpart.
  11. I'm not like TheArmChairThinker, at the same time I don't like Steel Path because I'd rather DE had gone with allowing players to set their difficulty. Initially, DE discussed allowing players to just set the difficulty themselves so streamers wouldn't utilize the Simulacrum in their videos. This would have been great. Players, streamers and non-streamers, could just set the difficulty to whatever level they wanted and have at it. Instead, we got Steel Path. Now, DE could make manual difficulty setting available at some point, but they went with Steel Path so players would have to grind for things because what is content in Warframe without some form of grind. Sigh.
  12. I think there's a segment of the playerbase you are not thinking of. I remember when we had alerts, before Nightwave. I remember players hating it because when something they wanted became available via an alert they would be at work or school and therefore incapable of getting. When they'd get home the item wouldn't be available anymore. Nightwave, with all its issues, allows players to spend time and grind for the gear at a more reasonable pace and at their own pace as well.
  13. People will buy DE's purchasable products, whether it be because they love the company or because they want to bypass the grind or other reasons I can't think of. DE knows their, I guess, whales will splurge out when they offer something. If devs know monetary compensation awaits, regardless of quality, then they won't bother really. I wish they'd do far more with the story and world at their disposal. There's a lot that can be done with it...but doing so won't make a profit so why bother. I've moved on to FF14 because at least that game provides a story. Heck, the entire game is heavy with story, characters and world building. I know The New War looks great. At the same time, the past few years have shown it'll be another quest and we'll go back to the usual pointless grind.
  14. Maybe if she had the power to summon a literal tsunami to kill and wipe away enemies?
  15. Granted I haven't played with her I admit, at the same time I think it would have been better had she been a frame that could eviscerate enemies. She's the effervescent, always happy, Japanese anime cute surfer girl frame. Making her a murdering machine that could obliterate enemies would have been hilarious just for the juxtaposition.
  16. I've had the idea that maybe we go into operator (or the version of ourselves in Divuri Paradox) where we disguise ourselves since walking around as a Warframe among Corpus high society would be very very conspicuous. In my mind, members of high society would shriek and report us. I'm guessing they would know who we are since we interfere in Corpus activities and affect their bottom line. Or a mix of both, we bring our Warframes out when we need to, but we can handle ourselves up to a point without them.
  17. Maybe because DE don't want to make it, or don't know how to make it interesting. DE's open worlds are all basically the same mission wise along with how we level up. In terms of other games, Mass Effect 2 also had a socialite area for a DLC mission, something Bioware could have expanded with. Hitman 3 has a high rise hotel in Dubai they made into a level for players to explore in. In terms of movies, Star Wars had Canto Bight. |
  18. Next will be Divuri Paradox area. I'm tired of open world areas personally. In terms of aesthetics, since DE are going to make one anyway, I'd want their take on high society among the Corpus elite. Something akin to Illium from Mass Effect.
  19. Maybe ArmChairThinker was referencing MMOs where we can buy houses? Or maybe games that allow us to have stationary bases (re: Torchlight 3, Hades, Bastion, Fallout 4)?
  20. Mods will delete if they want, they don't need a legitimate reason for doing so.
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