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  1. Warframe isn't Star Wars: DE adds Railjack, "Mother F'N Battle of Endor!!!" Warframe isn't Lord of The Rings: DE adds Liches in order to emulate Nemesis system Warframe will be other games, or attempt to be other games, whenever it strikes Steve's fancy to do so. That's what players should realize. If Steve wants to be Among Us then the game will have an Among Us mode added onto it because it's Steve's call.
  2. Wow, just wow. So much hate for Youtubers. Or is it actually love? I genuinely can't tell in this forum. If you hate them so much you wouldn't bring them up in discussions where they're not relevant so you must really like Youtubers.
  3. The Witcher and games of that genre also have lots of interesting stuff to check out and explore whether for your own amusement or for story tidbits. Warframe doesn't have that sadly because DE don't build their game that way.
  4. Playstation offering more than just for Warframe: https://blog.playstation.com/2021/05/13/play-at-home-2021-update-free-in-game-content-and-more/
  5. Except FF14 is built around ensuring each multi-player group has at least two players who fulfill the DPS role, at least one player who plays as the tank and at least 1 healer, and that's just for 4 player groups. In Warframe, DE has made it so that players can bring any frame to a mission and multiple frames can fulfill multiple roles. Not to mention we have gear items that can support players with heals, shielding and ammo replenishment. Basically, FF14 was built to be played in the manner that it is. Warframe was made to be played the way that it is - the antithesis of FF14.
  6. Nope, you're bang on with the parts I've made bold. I brought up FF14 which requires players to progress through the game, do multiple dungeons, fight multiple bosses with other players before they are allowed to participate in their first raid.
  7. I did say yes, that players do want content walled off and I used a recent example. As much as you call me a child, it is plainly clear you are nothing more than a troll and are completely and truly incapable of having any meaningful discussion about anything. You are a complete waste of time and there is no point discussing anything with you because you can't do so without resorting to belittling the one person who is actually trying to be civil with you. Goodbye! @JarriagaHoly cow, this dude.
  8. Um, I said yes, and then provided an example that is relevant: content that players wanted walled off but wasn't.
  9. Jarriaga wrote DE won't provide endgame content because they don't want to wall off new players. You then wrote that is not the case. Jarriaga asks you what games exist that doesn't wall off new players from endgame content and you replied by stating DE allows players to skip progression, then quoted his or her response. This made me think you agreed with Jarriaga but just misunderstood the point. Also, yes I have. Though I am not on either side, I do read and hear about players wanting content walled off from new players and have it be accessible to those who have progressed. Though not en
  10. I was trying to make Jarriaga's point more clear as I thought you had misunderstood. I also was not an a-hole nor childish in my responses. Furthermore, going back to Jarriaga's point, you never offered games that have endgame that doesn't wall new players off. I, personally, don't really play MMOs nor co-op multiplayer games much outside of Warframe...until I got to FF14 that does wall players off (admittedly, I'm still new, at the same time I didn't get to partake in my first raid until I had gotten through much of the story and progressed through pve co-op instanced dungeons). I'm intereste
  11. We'll keep going back and forth on this so moving on. Have a good day.
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