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  1. Whatever happens will happen, and anything we say won't matter.
  2. Deadlock Protocol: Story quest that showcases the new frame. I prefer this approach over having frame parts available to buy from syndicates with no story to back the frames up.
  3. More clothing options taken (say, by DE striking a deal with the copyright holders) from SciFi movies and television shows. Yes, I'm thinking of Doctor Who. Yes, I want to dress my Operator up as any of The Doctors. Yes, I know it will never happen.
  4. Raven-Ghosthawk means taking armor pieces from different sets and mixing them together to make them look like they are part of an entire armor set (e.g., take different stuff, put 'em on a frame, and see if the armor pieces look like they belong together).
  5. What I saw happen: Alerts were disliked because people would be unable to play while at work or school, and that's when alerts for stuff they wanted would become available. See how people would come to dislike the alert system given their circumstances? Nightwave, as imperfect as it is, at least allows players opportunities to get points that nets them stuff and buy available items.
  6. I mean, I've linked my Youtube account to my PSN/PS4 to ease uploads of videos. EDIT: It's not a Google email I use for said account either so..
  7. Can we only create stuff that would make sense and fit in Warframe's universe? Or, can we pick stuff from other works of fiction and based on reality as well?
  8. I can still get it. The code is still active. I thought his glyph was no longer available. I tried today just to see and it works. I now have his glyph.
  9. Such an act could have the possibility of making Railjack usage exciting.
  10. I think He means the components that pile up and keep players from going into Railjack missions unless they're scrapped....I think.
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