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  1. When the person you are arguing against brings up grammar and capitalization as a viable point, and get shut down anyway, you know you won the argument. 😆
  2. Also, in my opinion, all discussions about abilities and such should be discussed & decided upon by DE & the player who came up with the idea...so you, not some preferred group of players.
  3. And players have been asking for a frame that exhibits animalism, and sadly we won't get it.
  4. It's galling they nerfed a niche frame. It's even more galling
  5. A group of players handpicked by DE, rather than the vote decided by the community. Still their group so DE gets some part of the blame.
  6. Not me. Come back to me when it's released and the answer will be the same. See you in July.
  7. I knew she could, but didn't use Venari for that as I find the kitty a bit cumbersome to use. Just nerf for nerfs sake, and the worst part is they won't be honest.
  8. DE going overboard on their nerfs sadly. No reason to do that honestly.
  9. It's entirely possible they don't. Entirely possible there are multiple teams working on different projects and, as the saying goes, the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing...and neither knows what the feet are doing.
  10. In 3 years, after they remove staggering from the staticor.
  11. Thank you from a player who does not ask for frames, weapons, bosses etc. to get nerfed. 🙂
  12. Brozime put a video up on Youtube where he and his girlfriend, who is the community manager for another developer, and they came to the possible conclusion DE has multiple teams and it's the situation where the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing and neither knows what the foot is doing.
  13. I'm 100% expecting a "we didn't know this was in the game" as an explanation. Honestly, when we do get that explanation I'll be extremely frustrated and I'll laugh my butt off at them doing it again.
  14. Well, they are on one side. As I said, it is used to describe someone who will defend DE regardless of what they do.
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