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  1. Hello DE. Lately, I have been having an issue with a particular visual bug or glitch. This bug/glitch causes a blurry...field (for lack of a better word) to follow my frame and affect my visibility. At first I though it had to do with missions in the Void, but now I presume it has to do with my Vulpaphyla (Sly just to clarify which if it matters). Here are videos of it happening to me. Void Capture while opening relic with Banshee Prime & Sly Vulpaphyla: Void Capture while opening relic with Gauss & Sly Vulpaphyla: Sanctuary Onslaught & so
  2. To me, it's Vauban regular and prime. Other favorites are: Volt, Nezha, Nidus, Wisp, Gauss, Excalibur Umbra, Equinox, and Octavia,
  3. HAHAHAHA. Pathetic. No, it has nothing to do with my internet. See, I knew you'd pull the "it's a you problem". DE makes buggy, glitchy game, and you lot jump through hoop after hoop to defend them. Oh, and by the way, I'm not some monkey boy. You asked for evidence, I provided two videos, and you are still not satisfied and you're blaming me, not the game. I'm not going to jump through hoops just so you can say, "see, this is your fault" on the off chance I don't encounter a bug or glitch. Two videos and you still can't accept that Railjack is buggy and glitchy. Pathetic. Hey, if
  4. When you look at the discussion, were you involved? He wants evidence. I provide evidence. You but in with useless, unnecessary comment that has nothing to do with the discussion I was having with another player.
  5. You know what I meant. Man and woman do the boink and 9 months later a baby pops out. I guess procreation is a more apt word. Also, we do get to decide which of the 3 of each we want as well.
  6. Don't need lures, though I presume they help (not having used lures at all personally). Here's a video of how I did conservation, and how I took the very long approach No lures, just walking around the Cambain Drift looking for animals to tranq and rescue. Yeah, I know it's a pain.
  7. Mutagens and Antigens allow us to customize the look, to a degree, of our infested companions. Also, if we're using real life, people do decide, as much as they can, what their children will look like by choosing who they breed with.
  8. That exact thing happened to a Youtuber who recently got into Warframe. Here: He kept getting left behind because he had neither a K-Drive nor an Archwing, and he is starting very new without going into wikis and such.
  9. Already reported to bug section. Got no reply. My post on the audio issue when HoD launched got a reply. Also, clip from May 2020. Not being able to do anything was a blast...like how the ship basically blasted apart because I couldn't do anything that would allow me to repair.
  10. Here's me getting glitches & bugs while playing Railjack. This is what I an others still have to deal with. Want to read what others go through? Go through the forum and on reddit. Players still have trouble with DE's buggy game. As for evidence, here's a video of me playing (and before you go all "this is a you problem not a DE problem", or "it's your internet", no, neither of those apply. This is a DE problem through and through): I don't want to deal with this when I'm just trying to do a mission on a different planet, no one does, I doubt you'd want to ever dea
  11. No, it's not just me. There's this thing where, it's revolutionary, it's called reading. You use your eyes, and with your eyes you can read it happens to a lot of players, not just me. But this reading with ones eyes can be hampered by incessant and blind devotion to defend anything done or presented by companies. No matter what I write or present, blinker vision will keep you from doing anything but defend DE. It's okay. I understand. This forum has people like that, blind devotion to DE and all.
  12. DE: "We're releasing Empyrean!" Community: "YES! AWESOME!" Empyrean releases. Community: "What is this broken mess?" Cue 10,000 players leaving Warframe.
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