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  1. Maybe we will see the lato vandal in the new year? Pretty please?💞
  2. Have we got a timeline for the fixes to the unreal skins and missing syandana?
  3. Will we get an unvaulting before you go on holiday? It will give us something to farm for to keep us busy over christmas.
  4. A short time after getting killed and coming back as a larvae, you lose access to slotted mods. Fetch, animal instinct and synth fiber are the ones I noticed, but its most likely every mod. Its just harder to notice loosing extra damage over enemy radar.
  5. DE wants you to buy forma, making it craft quicker is not in their best interest unfortunately.
  6. just feed old sucky boi an umbra forma and the mod you want. Alot less complicated.
  7. What steel essence? I got like 6 to drop during my time in SP and I spent 3 of them on the ball ephemera.
  8. I cant wait for the update to drop next week, its perfect time to level up these new companions. Reb did say "The update is next week and you can quote me on that" on the stream last night.
  9. I have LITERALLY nothing I want from the NW store, can you add something to make getting more credits worth it? Even something like orokin cells or built detonite injector/fieldron/mutagen mass would be fine. Maybe cycle through some stance mods? There are some I still don't have.
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