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  1. yay another way to avoid dojos... atm its pretty much the only use we have for dojos exept for clan research... why not have everything in menus? why bother with pretty relays/dojos/hubs? why do we even have orbiters? it slows down the proces of jumping from mission to mission... /sarcasme (apperently not everyone understands that)
  2. after doing the new hiests 7 or 8 times the cut scenes begin to get kinda annoying... can we at least get the option of skipping it?
  3. just bought one and wanted to write arsenal to put over my arsenal... guess what... profanity filter... but i guess its okay to use "bad words" in the UI but as a decoration OOOHHH NO... might hurt someones fifis... the amount of censorship is getting too damn high!
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