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  1. Could Vauban's Minelayer and Ivara's Quiver have their hold/tap functionality switched to match Khora's Venari? Hold to switch modes, tap to use. I've never understood why it was thought that it should be quicker to swap modes than to actually use said mode. I didn't mind this before, because in the settings there's an option to invert these things already, but now with Khora out, I'll have an issue with the setting whether it's enabled or disabled! It'd be a good change for consistency as well.
  2. I don't think that'd be much of a game breaking change to make..! I mean Octavia's Mallet basically does the same thing, except it's constant damage, it's multiplied, it's invincible and can be doubled in both range and damage.
  3. Zandermanith222

    A ''Welcome Back'' or Returner's Package

    Actually that part is still random I'm pretty sure. I've got a secondary account I log into once in a blue moon, but it hasn't actually received anything from Login Rewards because it keeps getting 20% coupons and occasionally a 50%
  4. Zandermanith222

    A ''Welcome Back'' or Returner's Package

    There IS a welcome back reward of sorts in place. But rather than a booster or something, it's the fact that your login reward for that day is literally guaranteed to be just happens to be a discount coupon on Platinum!
  5. Zandermanith222

    Misc chaingun concept

    That could be pretty neat, though the chaingun would have to held like standard rifles I think. A new under-arm stance comes with having to design idle animations for every Warframe's noble and agile animation sets, I mean DE spent all that time doing that for Spearguns, yet they've only made three of them as of yet. It could still be pretty big though.
  6. Zandermanith222

    male and female models of same Frame?

    I've got a brilliant idea. Add a gender toggle switch to all Warframes! It changes absolutely nothing visually, but it makes people feel better knowing their Warframe is the gender they want it to be. Don't worry, those chest lumps on your male Saryn aren't breasts, they're venom sacs.
  7. Zandermanith222

    Look I know this was an April Fools Joke...

    That would be a metric ton of lines to record just for a voice pack. Not to mention having to record more lines for any new content that comes out. They tend to boast about the sheer amount of voice lines a quest like the War Within has, but that would be nothing in comparison to retroactively recording every Lotus line in the game. There's a reason why you never do any missions with Darvo other than Survival, because they have lines recorded for Survival and nothing else. It's less about the idea itself (And I'm sure DE probably wants to stick with the Lotus rather than letting us switch to any random person to be our guide as much as I would like Vay Hek to do so.) and more the work that would have to go into it, compared to the pay-off. It's not something that can be done in an afternoon. Having new lines wouldn't be a bad thing though, but they'd get stale just as the current ones do. Would be nice for Syndicates in particular to have more than one line for being a high rank.
  8. Zandermanith222


    I feel like the Venari Command ability should force-teleport Venari near the target so they can actually do the thing they're supposed to. I think it's a cool idea, but my biggest issue is half the time Venari never actually gets around to attacking/healing the target because they're busy floundering around somewhere. Also it'd be nice if Minelayer and Quiver's Hold/Tap capabilities could be swapped to match Venari. Hold to switch modes, tap to use makes sense, but the former two abilities default to the opposite for whatever reason. I gotta enable "Invert Hold/Tap abilities" in the settings whenever I want to extensively use Ivara/Vauban, but then turn it off for Khora. Would like some consistency.
  9. Zandermanith222

    I was suspended from chat for calling Nezha a trap

    Why is apparently everyone hitting a part of a conversation where they apparently needa call Nezha a trap? Aren't there other things to talk about?
  10. Zandermanith222

    [PC] Beasts of the Sanctuary: Khora Feedback Megathread

    I feel like spending energy to force Venari to attack/heal somebody should actually make that happen. I've had quite a few occasions where I commanded Venari to come heal me when I was at low health, only to have her never show up, even standing still, because Venari's decided to instead stand in place doing nothing. How about rather than the command acting as merely a suggestion, having the command teleport Venari near you/the target so that they can actually do their thing swiftly? Venari's close to being a very capable companion in my eyes, but she's still rather unreliable!
  11. Zandermanith222

    [PC] Beasts of the Sanctuary: Khora Feedback Megathread

    I would like to note that I want this change because I use the Invert Hold/Tap setting, making abilities like Minelayer a hold to switch and tap to use. I want this change so that Venari acts the same with the setting on. I just want some consistency.
  12. Zandermanith222

    [PC] Beasts of the Sanctuary: Khora Feedback Megathread

    I'm quite enjoying the Khora rework from what little I've dabbled in it, I appreciate posture swapping being free and being able to revive Venari! However, one thing I've already noticed is that by default, it's Tap to command and Hold to swap postures. Which is the opposite of other Hold/Tap abilities of that nature (namely Minelayer and Quiver). If these could be swapped, that would be much appreciated so I don't have to toggle the Invert setting whenever I use Khora or Ivara/Vauban (Or rather, just dealing with it.)
  13. Zandermanith222

    Coming Soon: Devstream #110!

    I think Steve mentioned it on his Sunday streams back when they were still a thing, but are you considering the idea of having the bosses of planets taunt players, or at least say something while Players go through the planet's nodes? It would give the nodes and the boss some personality/build up rather than just being a one-off appearance in a single Assassination node. You've kinda done this already with Frohd Bek, Kela and Regor, although they're all restricted to specific scenarios. (Dropship, Arena and Quest respectively.)
  14. Zandermanith222

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.4

    Potentially reduce Zone time limit to 2 minutes each zone? The mode itself is a lot of fun, but getting Rotation C is an absolute chore. It totals to 20 minutes like survival, but also further includes the time between getting through the portal and hitting the next zone. I'm pretty sure time-wise this makes it the slowest Endless mode in the game save for maybe some Defense maps.