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  1. Zandermanith222

    de next time you go about conjuring a terra forming story

    I'm just surprised they tried to justify Venus' turn from a fiery planet into a cold one (Which was originally the case simply because it was a Corpus planet, and Corpus Outpost was their only outdoor Corpus tileset at the time) when there's already plenty of "for gameplay" things without in-game explanations like why a day in the Plains lasts 2 hours and 20 minutes when the rest of Earth lasts 8 hours a day.
  2. Zandermanith222

    Coming Soon: Devstream #110!

    I think Steve mentioned it on his Sunday streams back when they were still a thing, but are you considering the idea of having the bosses of planets taunt players, or at least say something while Players go through the planet's nodes? It would give the nodes and the boss some personality/build up rather than just being a one-off appearance in a single Assassination node. You've kinda done this already with Frohd Bek, Kela and Regor, although they're all restricted to specific scenarios. (Dropship, Arena and Quest respectively.)
  3. Zandermanith222

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.4

    Potentially reduce Zone time limit to 2 minutes each zone? The mode itself is a lot of fun, but getting Rotation C is an absolute chore. It totals to 20 minutes like survival, but also further includes the time between getting through the portal and hitting the next zone. I'm pretty sure time-wise this makes it the slowest Endless mode in the game save for maybe some Defense maps.
  4. Zandermanith222

    Khora's Planned Changes

    Oh if Venari dies, could she be re-cast using the third ability, rather than having to be revived like a normal companion? That'd be handy!
  5. Zandermanith222

    Khora's Planned Changes

    I'm hoping posture swaps will be cheap, I was looking forward to on-the-fly switching!
  6. Zandermanith222


    Oh finally! Neither of the Primed weapons here have a pre-existing Upgraded variant! And I conveniently got a Tiberon Riven earlier! Neat!
  7. Zandermanith222

    The Vacuum Within: Hotfix #2

    How about a 6m passive vacuum, with the Vacuum mod adding 2/4/6 meters onto that? I personally liked the passive vacuum!
  8. Oooh boy, I don't mind these changes at all~ But this is gonna get some people veeeery butthurt.
  9. Zandermanith222

    Dev Workshop: Passives, Volt, Mag & More!

    I edited that to take that into account ,but it still limits it to one faction and the Derelict, judging by the Shield Polarize change, DE wants to avoid Faction exclusivity. Dunno how I could forget those two! The Self-Fireball proc would be a pretty good addition I think!
  10. Zandermanith222

    Dev Workshop: Passives, Volt, Mag & More!

    I personally believe that passives should follow a single rule: -Passives should be usable in some way, in any mission with the Warframe (When armed with a full set of weapons) on any planet on both Solo or Co-op. For example; Passives like Loki's 10X Wall latch duration and Wukong's Melee combo duration bonus, those are good! You're always able to Wall latch in missions, and Wukong's melee combo counter can be made usable even without a melee weapon, because he can still use Primal Fury. Nekros' is pretty good too! Killing enemies is something players are always doing! Passives like Vauban's or Trinity's are almost entirely worthless in Solo. There's no other warframes for Vauban to get an Armor bonus from; or grant an armor bonus. Trinity can revive Kubrows and specters I suppose. But that's about it. Oberon's, while I love the idea, is only usable on Phobos, Earth, the Orokin Derelict and the Grineer Masters. Three of those are Grineer only, and the last one gets taken over by Grineer all the time anyway. The whole reason why you're changing Shield Polarize, was because it was restricted to a single Faction. And now one of the passives you're introducing is....Restricted to one faction? He needs something more. Even a small extra bonus of some kind. Ember's passive is also questionable. I'm pretty sure Fusion MOAs, Corrupted MOAs and Napalms are the only non-eximus enemies capable of dealing a Heat Proc. There's also the Fire environmental hazard, but that's about it. TLDR: Heavily situational passives like Oberon's, Vauban's or Ember's are terrible ideas in my opinion...! More universal passives like Equinox's or Atlas'!