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  1. Zandermanith222

    is buying premade zaws give exp for mastery?

    Mastery is tied to the Strikes (the tips) of the Zaws, so there's a total of 9 (Or 11 counting Plague Star exclusives) Strikes to master. Whether the strike is on a grip that makes it a staff, or a machete, that doesn't matter, it all counts as one. If you buy the pre-made one, then you can get mastery for whatever strike it happens to have.
  2. Zandermanith222

    Question about Europa Junction

    Grab a Vapor Specter blueprint, that only requires Ferrite and Salvage, you can get a Vapor Specter blueprint easily by going to an early Rescue like Venus and either killing all the Wardens after the execution timer starts (And getting the hostage before it ends of course), or get the hostage stealthily without killing all the Wardens. (Killing all Wardens and getting the hostage stealthily will give you a Phase specter blueprint instead!)
  3. Zandermanith222

    Inaros FTW!

    The fact you apparently need the extra health at all is probably a good sign you're using Inaros poorly.
  4. Zandermanith222


    Can Minelayer and Quiver be swapped from Tap to switch Hold to use to Tap to use Hold to switch? I know there's the invert hold/tap setting available, but it conflicts with Khora's ability so I don't really want to toggle it all the time. I recently tried to use Ivara's Quiver in tense situations, it was basically unusable in a fast paced situation. What's the reasoning behind the original configuration anyway? Why make it quicker to switch abilities rather than to you know, actually use it in-level?
  5. Zandermanith222

    Spoiler: Question for DE about the Sacrifice

    It might be part of why The Sacrifice's blueprint is exceedingly cheap~
  6. Zandermanith222

    Spoiler: Question for DE about the Sacrifice

    I don't think DE's ever released a quest that was replayable at launch, even War Within only became replayable a week after its release. Speaking of which, they're working on it. And it'll likely be released on the next update day. (Octavia's Anthem is replayable and that involves a blueprint!)
  7. Zandermanith222

    Some problems I've had with the new UI

    The Ayatan Treasures in particular annoy me when throwing them at Maroo. They don't tell you what stars are socketed into them unless you hover your mouse over them
  8. Zandermanith222

    Why isn't gear wheel locked in sortie?

    Nah, I'd like to keep the gear wheel. Not for Energy pizzas though, I don't use those. I use Zenurik instead But so I can summon a MOA specter for moral support!
  9. Could Vauban's Minelayer and Ivara's Quiver have their hold/tap functionality switched to match Khora's Venari? Hold to switch modes, tap to use. I've never understood why it was thought that it should be quicker to swap modes than to actually use said mode. I didn't mind this before, because in the settings there's an option to invert these things already, but now with Khora out, I'll have an issue with the setting whether it's enabled or disabled! It'd be a good change for consistency as well.
  10. I don't think that'd be much of a game breaking change to make..! I mean Octavia's Mallet basically does the same thing, except it's constant damage, it's multiplied, it's invincible and can be doubled in both range and damage.
  11. Zandermanith222

    A ''Welcome Back'' or Returner's Package

    Actually that part is still random I'm pretty sure. I've got a secondary account I log into once in a blue moon, but it hasn't actually received anything from Login Rewards because it keeps getting 20% coupons and occasionally a 50%
  12. Zandermanith222

    A ''Welcome Back'' or Returner's Package

    There IS a welcome back reward of sorts in place. But rather than a booster or something, it's the fact that your login reward for that day is literally guaranteed to be just happens to be a discount coupon on Platinum!
  13. Zandermanith222

    Misc chaingun concept

    That could be pretty neat, though the chaingun would have to held like standard rifles I think. A new under-arm stance comes with having to design idle animations for every Warframe's noble and agile animation sets, I mean DE spent all that time doing that for Spearguns, yet they've only made three of them as of yet. It could still be pretty big though.
  14. Zandermanith222

    male and female models of same Frame?

    I've got a brilliant idea. Add a gender toggle switch to all Warframes! It changes absolutely nothing visually, but it makes people feel better knowing their Warframe is the gender they want it to be. Don't worry, those chest lumps on your male Saryn aren't breasts, they're venom sacs.