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  1. They could probably just make the +15% bonus from the highest tier sigil just part of the base value from the start too. 15% is really not that noteworthy, but nonetheless incentivizes someone to always use the highest tier sigil instead of the big variety of designs they created.
  2. I find it amusing that this is the third Warframe who uses claws as their special weapon, after Valkyr and Garuda.
  3. I'd rather primes be refined, gold trimmed versions of their original counterparts rather than a departure from the original design. If you want fundamental design changes, then that's what Deluxe skins are for. I just don't want another Ivara Prime.
  4. You're on the forums, there's literally patch notes on here.
  5. It does mention it on the Wiki. It's just sadly not some unique gimmick. Its scope bonus is +50% headshot damage.
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