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  1. Zandermanith222

    Pet loses health even with stasis?

    Pets can of course be maintained without putting them into stasis by giving them DNA Stabilizers, but when it comes to utilizing Stasis to avoid pet stability decay, just keep in mind it decays at 8pm EST If you pull your pet out of Stasis at 7:59, it will still lose stability a minute later, but if you pull it out at 8:01, then you don't need to worry until the next day. The time at which stability decays has nothing to do with when the pet's been pulled out of Stasis, or how long it had been in Stasis, it simply occurs at 8pm and if your pet is out at that moment, it decays.
  2. Zandermanith222

    Primed Sure Footed should cost 11 to equip, not 16.

    That's quite simply just the nature of Primed Mods! Whether from Baro or from Tributes they're high cost, high mod capacity mods designed for multi-forma maximized builds. The problem is some mods DE has chosen to Prime just serve absolutely zero return for investment, like Sure Footed here. I'd reconsider (If only for the fun of it) if it was Primed Handspring instead of Sure Footed. I mean I think regular Handspring's recovery animation is faster than the blocking animation Sure Footed replaces knock downs with.
  3. Zandermanith222

    Giving Panthera Beam Weapon Properties?

    I just used the Panthera recently and found the alt-fire very...unsatisfying, and it was mostly because it only procced damage twice a second or so. I feel like what with Beam weapons now operating as they are, that their rapid-damaging properties should be applied to the Panthera alt fire as well. I mean you're grinding a spinning sawblade against enemies, I feel like it should just explode with damage numbers! Not just prod the enemy a couple of times a second!
  4. As far as I can tell, DE's biggest worry, while wanting to implement Archwing into the Plains, was Archwing turning their super exciting new big open world space into a tiny field by comparison with how fast Archwings could go. So their compromise was to make it a consumable and introduce approximately three million ways enemies could pull you out of it. There's no reason it should've taken this long to implement, but the excitement of Plains of Eidolon's large space has long since past for both the community and DE, so they're less worried about Archwing turning PoE into a "Helicopter simulator" and realize that it really isn't an issue in the slightest. I'm just glad this change is being implemented in the Mainline and not with Fortuna whenever that comes out.
  5. Zandermanith222

    Petition To Return Prime Trailers!

    Prime Trailers haven't been coming out due to the work load it requires. Not just because DE doesn't want to or something. Although Hydroid Prime should've been out like a million years ago, they've stated twice the only thing left was the Ballas script. Petitions aren't gonna magically make trailers get finished faster~
  6. Zandermanith222

    Anyone knows how to find these?

    Pressure Point can be found on a wide variety of enemy types! Mostly Grineer~ That's what you were asking about, right?
  7. Zandermanith222

    Alerts and Non-NA Time-Zones

    I'm pretty sure all alerts are entirely random and have no bias toward any timezones. It's just bad luck.
  8. I don't know why it seems like everyone who uses those Stalker-themed profile pictures appears to be elitist and impolite. Anyway, one thing I wanted to mention was that DE has stated that Rivens have no impact on how the game is balanced, also that making Rivens a requirement to enter would promote people just sticking random crap Rivens on their weapons just to enter. Not everyone attempts to maximize all their gear with Rivens.
  9. Zandermanith222

    Frame Fighter Pros and Cons

    I would like to see a practice mode where you can just fight against an invincible motionless opponent. Totally not just because I have no interest in PvP of any kind, but still wanna mess around with what they made, nope.
  10. Zandermanith222

    [PC] Beasts of the Sanctuary: Khora Feedback Megathread

    I feel like spending energy to force Venari to attack/heal somebody should actually make that happen. I've had quite a few occasions where I commanded Venari to come heal me when I was at low health, only to have her never show up, even standing still, because Venari's decided to instead stand in place doing nothing. How about rather than the command acting as merely a suggestion, having the command teleport Venari near you/the target so that they can actually do their thing swiftly? Venari's close to being a very capable companion in my eyes, but she's still rather unreliable!
  11. Zandermanith222

    [PC] Beasts of the Sanctuary: Khora Feedback Megathread

    I would like to note that I want this change because I use the Invert Hold/Tap setting, making abilities like Minelayer a hold to switch and tap to use. I want this change so that Venari acts the same with the setting on. I just want some consistency.
  12. Zandermanith222

    [PC] Beasts of the Sanctuary: Khora Feedback Megathread

    I'm quite enjoying the Khora rework from what little I've dabbled in it, I appreciate posture swapping being free and being able to revive Venari! However, one thing I've already noticed is that by default, it's Tap to command and Hold to swap postures. Which is the opposite of other Hold/Tap abilities of that nature (namely Minelayer and Quiver). If these could be swapped, that would be much appreciated so I don't have to toggle the Invert setting whenever I use Khora or Ivara/Vauban (Or rather, just dealing with it.)
  13. Zandermanith222

    Coming Soon: Devstream #110!

    I think Steve mentioned it on his Sunday streams back when they were still a thing, but are you considering the idea of having the bosses of planets taunt players, or at least say something while Players go through the planet's nodes? It would give the nodes and the boss some personality/build up rather than just being a one-off appearance in a single Assassination node. You've kinda done this already with Frohd Bek, Kela and Regor, although they're all restricted to specific scenarios. (Dropship, Arena and Quest respectively.)
  14. Zandermanith222

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.4

    Potentially reduce Zone time limit to 2 minutes each zone? The mode itself is a lot of fun, but getting Rotation C is an absolute chore. It totals to 20 minutes like survival, but also further includes the time between getting through the portal and hitting the next zone. I'm pretty sure time-wise this makes it the slowest Endless mode in the game save for maybe some Defense maps.