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  1. I do honestly wish DE would focus more on the core gameplay, i feel like Liches were partially or mostly squandered by the focus on Empyrean and Empyrean is so ambitious and yet also... different. I play Warframe to play Warframe, Warframe has a lot of modes and features, but it sticks to one form of gameplay. That form of gameplay is not Empyrean. It's great that DE isn't just falling into a pit where all they're doing is periodically releasing new weapons, but they really need to stop working on all these large-scale projects that take years to develop even in a barebones form. Like we've still got the Duviri Paradox coming with all the wacky stuff that was in that teaser and the New War. This sort of passion could be put toward making a smaller-scale idea far more polished, but instead they bite off more than they can chew and rather than actually chewing it thoroughly they just try for a bit then go for another bite anyway.
  2. They also need their deluxe bundle stuff modeled. Theoretically these things shouldn't take that long, but presumably other things get prioritized over them and thus progress is a bit slow.
  3. Thank goodness, knowing which weapon the Lich will have is the only thing I really wanted.
  4. A blueprint for it should become accessible in the Simaris store once you obtain one, y'know, like every other one-time attainable equipment in the game.
  5. Edit: Got my Ogris!
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