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  1. Right before posting, so around 19 hours ago. Currently shows at 17th.
  2. I'm aware, but it's the comparison I have to go on, since I used to check that page regularly and Warframe used to be consistently on the top 15, and often on the top 10.
  3. I took a break for about 7 months, and just came to check out how is the game doing. Pretty surprised to see that a game that used to be constantly on the top 10 on Steam, doesn't even show up on the first page anymore ( top 25 ). No, this isn't a "is warframe dying" thread, I'm just curious if something happened, or if it's just a reflection of competition heating up?
  4. The drop rate for enemy drops components/armaments is is OK as it is in my opinion.. increasing it too much only leads to "content droughts". From my own experience I pretty much have almost god rolls ( 59%+ , 29%+) of all types/houses, which is better than what I would have expected at this point. Increasing the wreckage space slots would be a good thing, especially if you're starting, since it's a pain in the butt to manage that while going in/out of mission if you want to keep the best version of each. It's not an issue for me anymore, since I have repaired all the "almost go
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