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  1. That's the thing, I didn't enjoy it before. And many other people have voiced that same sentiment over the years. And what does DE do? MORE SALAD! There comes a point where you start thinking that maybe they don't really want you to enjoy your burger at all... It's one of those feelings when you come back to the game after a fairly long break caused by burnout because there's lots of new and exciting content being released, so you want to have some fun. And you find out that more fun also means more unfun if you want all of the fun. It puts a pretty serious dampener on your excitement to
  2. I don't think the real problem is with the ability to figure the system out by the players. It's with the fact that you have to stop the fun bits in order to figure out, and then partake in, unfun bits. To progress and get something you can use for the fun bits. It's basically the game, which is supposed to be fun, going out of its way to force the players to NOT have fun, in order to have fun later on again. It's like a fastfood joint telling you you can't have your hamburger until you eat your salad. A salad you didn't even order. The salad is not what you came there for, and you d
  3. Last time I checked(admittedly, a couple months ago), Warframe was supposed to be a game that we partake in for fun, not a job. So I don't quite understand why you compare the two. But the fact that the comparison seems apt to you is quite telling of how absolutely awful this system truly is...
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