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  1. Not too sure. Hopefully they will address it in the next update/hotfix.
  2. MR28 wasn't that challenging. Some might complain it was too easy, in fact. It's not that difficult, with any frame, to get a group of enemies together and throw the canister into it. I beat it with Mag Prime after only two practices. I used Magnetize mostly. If she can do it, any frame can! Saying that the game doesn't work isn't an acceptable excuse, it's complaining. The point of the mastery tests is to challenge you and make you rethink your strategies if something is not working for you. 74 frames in this game - every single one of them can complete this challenge with ease
  3. As the title states. As of the last update, or hotfix or whatever, my Catchmoon secondary stats have completely been reset. I had well over 100,000 kills with it and noticed my main secondary in the stats had been replaced by Hikou XD Could you guys please look into this and give me my stats back? Thanks a bunch! P.S. The MR30 swag is great!! Best part is being able to help others through the daily blessing. You guys are the f'ng best!!! <3
  4. What do I care if he has a social media account or not? What he was saying was a lie, meaning it was not true, so it doesn't matter if he has social media or not. You can get photos AND videos (if the developer allows videos to be taken within their application) from the Switch: end of story. The fact that he says you can't, well, it's just a straight up lie and misinformation to the Tenno community. He does a disservice to the community by spreading false information and breaking the rules. He also couldn't be bothered to follow the rules like everyone else: there is no "saving spot
  5. Not true. You can export screenshots directly to social media on the Switch, you just choose not to. Please disregard this dude's misinformation. Hopefully my remarks clear up any confusion: you can post screenshots on Switch directly to social media from the console itself.
  6. 1. Clan name: Guns N Lotuses 2. Clan tier: Ghost 3. Clan platform: Nintendo Switch 4. Clan role: Founding Warlord and sole builder Sorry for the incredibly horrible quality photos. They are Nintendo Switch screenshots (low resolution) uploaded to Twitter from the console itself (only option to take screenshots/video without professional equipment.) I used the default Switch capture software. Unfortunately, DE doesn't allow Switch players to take videos within the application, so this is all you get from me: low-quality screengrabs. Many apologies. These pictures do NOT do the amazin
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