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  1. And it showed up this week. Yay!
  2. Please, as much as I like discussions, don't change the topic. This thread is about the "150 Bullet Jump" Nightwave Act.
  3. The tone? The tone was a joking tone, not a "THIS MUST BE THIS WAY" tone, like many users seems to think. xD
  4. While we're on the topic of Extractors, can you, DE, consider making the extractor clickable, instead of a button that juts out the side?
  5. I couldn't open chat, open the escape menu, etc. I tried to alt-tab out and back into the game, but still the same result. This was directly after a host migration, because 2 people left The Index, while I and one other user stayed to play more. I assume it was because of the "Stay vs Leave" pop-up not clearing properly, because the message showed up again when the other user left 30 seconds later, and I had another Host Migration. Poor guy probably had to ALT+F4. I was lucky to finally be able to leave and keep my credits. I took the screenshot with F6, so it holds extra metadata, and directly linked through my Dropbox to retain all the information. I hope this can be fixed soon, as I've experienced it before. Really a bummer to lose credits if you've been in there for a while.
  6. A TennoGen cosmetic doesn't apply properly in a certain situation:
  7. This seems to be really headed off-topic. Perhaps post that in a different thread? Since I'm replying to you anyway, the old wall running would make you slowly drop lower and lower down the wall, even if you were running straight. It was annoying, even if it looked better.
  8. Load times may be a pain for some, but I personally don't mind. This is the first time I've seen them crossed in Nightwave.
  9. As far as the 5000m, it's pretty common for a mission to have extraction 1000m+ away from start. The reason I said Excavation is because you'll be running around the mission quite a bit. Right, so I think we should both take a step back and stop picking each other's views apart. Sorry for carrying it so far. I appreciate your view, but I disagree.
  10. Like I said, that's totally an option for most people, but it's not a solution! Maybe I don't word my sentences very well. I don't mean to sound upset at all. I just want to discuss reasons for or against the idea of lowering the number. Honestly, what harm would it cause to ease a simple Daily?
  11. Like I said, if it's not how a player plays the game, it would be annoying. A few times? More like 150 times. If a player is behind in the progression, they would want to complete all dailies to get the highest level possible... or if they are planning a vacation... or if they are a newer player and can't complete the Elite Weeklies. Running 5000m is easy! You could literally do that in 2 excavations! You just gotta stop Bullet Jumping for a bit. You starting to see the flip side to your argument? You don't run in missions, so for you the proposed act could seem extremely annoying. Some players don't bullet jump in missions, so for them, the current act is extremely annoying. That would actually be pretty fun.
  12. Also, it's not about how to do it. I know it's 2 buttons. Like I said though, there are other methods of travel used by many. Void Dash is the same key pressing, but a completely different thing. Should DE add an Act "Run 5000m"? No, that's too high. After all, you Bullet Jump, not run!!
  13. Point is, if it's not how a player moves around, it's extremely annoying to complete. Nightwave acts shouldn't be annoying for anyone. 75-100 Bullet Jumps would be the same Act, just less annoying for those that don't naturally Bullet Jump, or that use other means of travel. I in no way want DE to remove the act. I think it's a good one. It helps new players learn about the game mechanic, but 150 can turn into a tedious process.
  14. Thank you. I couldn't agree more! That's why I think 150 Bullet Jumps is too much. I want variety in how I move; Roll, Run, Bullet Jump, Aim Glide, Void Dash, etc. I don't like being locked into one movement type for such a long time for a Daily Act.
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