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  1. The image speaks for itself. Perhaps make the stat list scroll-able?
  2. Yes, I agree. Even if Kuva was always in the shop, players would be able to farm it much quicker through Disruption, Survival, or even Floods.
  3. Agree about the farming part, but DE did add Kuva to the shop a couple weeks.
  4. I must say if feels kinda cool to "complete" a Nightwave, but at the same time it's like running head-first into a wall.
  5. Ok, let me explain a bit. Yes, the whole game is built on "dailies". I agree. However, I no longer have the ability to even progress with the Nightwave "dailies" until the next Nightwave comes out! What I meant by no "dailies" left, though, was that people used to be able to play every alert ever. EMP Aura alert? Sure, go grab it. Players were allowed to play every alert every day. DE replaced those with Nightwave so players could choose their rewards, but progression was a lot slower. Prestige levels helped, as that's constant Nightwave Creds, but it was still slower than getting 4 different items per day through alerts. Now, I'm unable to even get 1 a week, as the system is basically "locked" from any further farming. I don't care so much about the lack of rewards, in fact I have enough. The problem is that Nightwave was supposed to replace alerts. Remember, alerts were farmable non-stop, forever. On to my second point. Sure I could continue farming more Pathocysts for the platinum or the fun, but half of the point was to gain standing toward Nightwave so i could continue to earn rewards that I would've been able to earn from the previous "alerts". (I would actually probably get more Ornaments, but same idea..) My point in continuing was mostly to see how high-rank I could get without missing any daily or weekly acts. So far, I've missed 0, and I was doing it solely for "research". The Ornaments were a way to scrap my Creds, while also seeing how many I could get by only purchasing those. Now, to adress FOMO. No, it's not a fear of missing out, because it's not a fear. Plus the progression is non-existent at this point, so I'm missing out on... nothing. FOMO is usually applied to someone who freaks out over missing something that another player already has. My whole point with the post is that DE wanted to update alerts with something else. Alerts didn't have a cap, and Nightwave shouldn't either. Simple as that.
  6. No, because it's not a fear. It's a simple lack of content, which DE is trying to avoid. It's supposed to be a system that is always available to the players.
  7. It's not a fear of missing out, it's a content-yank when there are no more "dailies" left. Nightwave was a system to replace alerts, so players always have a way to get those rewards.
  8. Levels still take just as much work, so in reality, it would be earned just the same. DE should only limit the level by how much Standing is given by the Nightwave activities. IMHO, if I farm all the Zealot Derelict Codes available, I should still be able to earn the Standing for completing the Derelict missions. My 40 codes I have left are now useless to me, as continuing to farm the Pathocyst isn't worth my time, if I can't get the shop offerings.
  9. Edit: To sum up the meaning behind my post: Alerts didn't have a cap, and Nightwave shouldn't either. Please remove the cap at level 30 + 30 prestige. For me, it's a complete lack of rewards from "daily alerts", meaning I can't get the stuff I want until the next Nightwave comes out. I have no way to obtain more Nightwave Creds for another couple weeks, meaning the Cred Shop is completely closed again for me. I must buy more Ornaments!! Edit: For clarity, Nightwave was a system to replace Alerts. Alerts were always available to complete as many, or as few as one would like. They didn't disappear for a couple weeks when you did a lot of them in a row. They kept coming. Putting a cap on Nightwave is like yanking the alerts away again.
  10. [Nightwave <reputation_small> Standing] comes up as a linkable item in chat, but posts as a non-clickable.
  11. But here's the problem with that. Slow changes feels like no changes when people aren't playing it. At what point would players realize, "Oh hey, Conclave is actually fun now!"? If DE were to add new modes and/or fix the current mode at the same time as hyping it up, it would help people to realize it is actually playable and enjoyable now. When they added Lunaro, nobody really played. It's not what people wanted and it's not what players were asking for. The update was hardly mentioned, and they did nothing to fix the already existing PVP mode. It seems like DE feel defeated with the whole Conclave issue. They tried adding a new mode hoping it would get some hype, but how they did it was wrong. They didn't listen to players asking for them to fix Conclave. Instead, they just pushed more content, trying to cover it up. It shows. I don't want that to happen again. It has to be done correctly and with player feedback in mind. I know I may sound a little hypocritical as my point number 3 was to add a new mode, but it's not a new game like Lunaro was. It's the current game with a new competitive leveling system. Please DE, don't let this happen again.
  12. That's what I was saying. PVE affects PVP. However, DE doesn't want that based on the change they made to the Universal Medallion. I didn't say whether or not PVP affects PVE. It doesn't make a difference IMO. I disagree about the basic weapons. The only way you would come out on top is if the people with meta gear are just awful at PVP in general.
  13. My point was that DE doesn't want PVE to affect PVP, according to their change to Universal Medallions. Along those lines, why should PVE gear affect PVP gear? Maybe weapons just need to be balanced in PVP. There are maybe 4 that people have mentioned as the go-to. Honestly, that's pretty bad. I really do agree with you guys to a point, but we can't shoot down every Conclave idea as stupid, simply because it may be initially harder to match-make. Like I said, DE can hype a Conclave rework, bringing in a lot more people to the mode.
  14. Agreed, I shouldn't have called them toxic gate-keepers... even though that's what they are. Using the most meta gear to destroy noob players. That's both toxic and gate-keeping, but I digress. My problem with it is players lacking the most meta PVP gear have no chance in Conclave. It's not skill based; it's gear based. Both your points about a ranking system are the same, are they not? I disagree with both, though, because having a ranking system would allow people to play against others with similar equipment and skills. It would be much more inviting for players of any skill level to start playing Conclave, making it more popular. DE could even hype up a Conclave rework, getting a lot more players to join in. Of the 50 or so times I played Conclave, there was almost always one player getting something like 20 kills to 2 deaths, because they have a Nikana with a slashing/dashing stance, or some other super-meta equipment. If they were pushed to a higher league I wouldn't be put off to the mode, as I would no longer be facing "toxic gate-keepers". It may not be the best choice of words, but it's just in trying to get my point across.
  15. Most people don't play it because they go in there, get hit with the most meta PVP equipment and players, and get a distaste for the mode. I loved it when we all had the same equipment in the previous PVP events. Nobody had superior equipment, and it was actually skill-based. Well as a different mode, but that's exactly right! It could be the end-game content the players have been asking for! This is exactly what a lot of "veterans" want. An actual reason to stay longer, fight harder, and get the best build/squad together.
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