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  1. They really need to rethink the mods, cooldown and gear limitation of Archguns with the current state of the game.
  2. Maximum Value? That's a pretty relative concept in this game. But I farmed Steel Essence and Vitus that month mainly since it was before the SoP update. Then the usual gist of Void Traces, Railjack stuff, etc.
  3. Im pretty much done with progression. I went there for loot. The boosters also cut down farm time so I save time in that regard. The plat I get can also be used to outright buy items and skip the grind completely. Like the Ambassador for instance, or frames like Harrow and Equinox.
  4. I made back the 400p i used on Resource boosters in like 4 runs of Arbitrations. That's 4 hours of grind for 30 days of benefits. I dont feel like it was a bad investment.
  5. I made an Iron Skin calculator when wanting to mess around with Helminth yesterday and thought I'd share. Useful for when you wanna plan ahead without investing the resources to test and figure out if armor or str helps more in certain cases. Here's the link : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rH5nI4oDCLhU_JulTsTJRD-YW8BWLAQuSH8ZpkKHlko/edit?usp=sharing
  6. They already are. They wanted people to fight over the technicalities of what a deluxe syandana is with the Revenant one it seems.
  7. Outisde of my favorites it's aesthetics and themes. Whenever I deck out a good looking frame I use weapons that would fit them and their abilities. Abilities arent as much of a concern since with Helminth and certain arcanes, pets, mods etc you can make pretty much anything work.
  8. This actually works pretty well since Roar affects it and you can get multimilion easily with Paracitic Armor.
  9. It does. And so doe the Smeeta and Adraza buffs. 28M normal crit with just Avenger on Angst :
  10. I like this overall. 1 is still the same as the old one but with a better effect. Not sure about 2, but much better than his current one for sure. 3 gives the healing that was removed from 1 and depending on values provides better CC than his current 3. And really anything is an improvement to his current 4. Especially an exalted Mech. Anyone that would want Mechs in every mission would flock to that. inb4 "inaros is great he doesnt need rework op is doodoo"
  11. Not my intent. Just listed the pros. Nope. i just assumed you were using a hyperbole. It depends. ESO and Index for instance starve you for energy. SP has pads on cooldown. Energize and Zenurik also limit you in arcane and focus change. K
  12. Armor strip, Tank, One-Shot potential and free heals, shields and energy? Duh. 1 is the Helminth slot, its not very good compared to her 4. Trin is meta in Eso to feed Nukers with energy, not to kill.
  13. As I said. nothing you wrote has anything to do with the topic at hand because your analogies are bad. Didnt need to quote everything you said to get that point across. But it seems like I'm wasting my time.
  14. No it's not. Literally everything you said has nothing to do with what OP is saying. Your analogies are extremely bad.
  15. Not correct. You're barking at the wrong tree. See below : It's the same type of problem. Which is why these leechers should be the ones making squads. Theyre the ones limiting OP's gameplay.
  16. Then DE created a problem that shouldnt have been there. Shouldve just called it an auxilary.
  17. Hes not trying to get specific drops. We shouldnt have to form premade squads to leisuerly crack relics just because people wanna leech.
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