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  1. AEP8FlyBoy

    DE Please Explain!?

    It isn't a bug. It's a Future FeatureTM!
  2. That's actually a pretty interesting find. I'd let DE know about it in the proper bug reporting sub forums.
  3. AEP8FlyBoy

    Sortie feedback

    I just want a Token System already.
  4. AEP8FlyBoy

    Don't know how to title this

    You only get the maximum amount of Mastery by leveling a weapon, Warframe, or Companion to level 30. You cannot earn this Mastery again by selling the weapon and leveling it again. Also, if you're stuck at MR 6, meaning you have not yet completed the Mastery Test to get to MR 7, any Mastery you accumulate before you finish that test will be visually represented on that bar after you've ranked up to 7. (You don't lose anything by being stuck at MR 6, you can still rank up items as you wish, but you'll be stuck at MR 6 until you pass the MR 7 test.)
  5. The Phaedra's fully deployed form consists of the front part of the barrel sitting in front of the rest of the gun, but every time you fire or reload this weapon, it reverts to the form it takes when holstered while in Archwing. This anim plays over and over every time you pull the trigger or reload the gun while in Heavy Weapon mode. Also, this is relevant to Archwing mode as a whole. Any time you switch to Arch Melee and then back to Arch Gun mode, the animation that plays when you equip these weapons on the ground activates, making it quite cumbersome to switch back and forth between them. (Only happens during deliberate weapon switching, and not from Quick Melee with Arch Melee). I've observed this issue on the Imperator, Imperator Vandal, Corvas, Dual Decurion, Fluctus and the Velocitus, so 6 out of the 9 Archguns have this anim bug. As these sample images show, the Cyngas seems to have a bad holstered offset, but does not have the above equip animation problems. (happens on all Archwings). The Fluctus also seems to have lingering FX when holstered, it also remains during / after shooting the weapon.
  6. AEP8FlyBoy

    Warframe is my favourite game!

    @Dark_Lugia Too soon. D :
  7. AEP8FlyBoy

    Chat Moderation Changes and Additions Report!

    Reading through some of these comments, I can see that the underlying issues still aren't being addressed properly with these moderation changes. Talk is cheap, and preferential treatment can still be given to those that are in the "Inner Circle", in spite of all the declarations of the opposite. Issues can arise from any normally harmless words or phrases nowadays, and I definitely don't play Warframe to hear these kinds of stories again and again. DE, you're allowed to do what you want to with your own chat, but as evidenced from the "snapshot" of problem statements and sentences, it is more than enough of a sign for me to stay away from in game chat whenever possible and stick with my own set of like-minded friends / relatives that don't get into political debates for no reason other than to push their agendas. (Or create problems where there are none). At the end of the day, we're here to play/enjoy a game. Not throw shade back and forth for words that only have the power you give them. Politicization doesn't serve any purpose other than to divide us into separate fringe groups that go at each other like rabid wolves whenever a piece of meat is thrown between them. I wish it wasn't this way. I heavily dislike this sort of thing, especially in a video game. That said, as long as you continue to try and improve how things are operating/managed/accounted, I'm okay with that. But for now I'm just going to keep Region disabled.
  8. AEP8FlyBoy

    Virmink adventure

    Did you make that yourself? If so. That's awemazing! If not... Still quite cute.
  9. AEP8FlyBoy

    Your access to this channel has been suspended

    Where in RNGesus's name did you hear that? I've never heard of rare mod drop chances from Acolytes being better in a squad or worse when Solo. Violence Mod Drop Chance: 100.00% Shrapnel Shot Common (51.52%) Sharpened Bullets Uncommon (22.22%) Bladed Rounds Uncommon (22.22%) Maiming Strike Rare (4.04%) Should be that flat 4.04% regardless of player count.
  10. AEP8FlyBoy

    Coming Soon: Devstream #123!

    Any plans to add new Arcane sets into the game? Perhaps as Exploiter Rewards or future Orb releases?
  11. Pretty sure this topic has been brought up many times to the devs already. I personally think a better idea would be to make female frames that share some aesthetics from their male counterparts and some of their ability types. It makes me think of Hildryn being a female counterpart to Rhino (similar body types, and from what it sounds like they may have some shared ability styles). But just poppin a skin onto an already set in stone frame like Ash, Rhino or Loki to turn them into females is just a bit odd in my eyes. Sure, a lot of the Tennogen skins we have are lore breaking, but they're all conforming to the original concept of the frame being shaped around either a male or female form.
  12. AEP8FlyBoy

    Return of the Kick System

    Shouldn't worry about having to go the lengths of the recruiting channel when you can just solo that bounty. Avoiding that headache of miners/fishers altogether.
  13. AEP8FlyBoy


    Media / VIP are allowed to be there watching TennoLive, and it is also available to everyone freely. It really just depends on if you manage to snatch up a good seat before it starts (As if you don't do this you may have to stand around somewhere). Free to watch it online, and there are no restrictions for anyone to watch it in person. That's how it's been the last two times I've attended.
  14. AEP8FlyBoy


    It has always been that way. I killed myself day one by firing at a Nullifier at just the perfect angle. d: