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  1. Remembering the Oro Ornament would require remembering Conclave... what is Conclave again?
  2. After my 6+ years of playing the game, I've managed just fine without a booster (you pay for) to up your chance for mod drops from enemies. Why is this coming up now? There's a 3% chance of a Drekar Butcher dropping a mod with a 0.67% chance of it being Condition Overload. All that this Mod drop chance booster would do is double the chance of a mod dropping (to 6%) but with the same minuscule chance of .67% for Condition Overload. And for enemies with 100% mod drop chance, what would it do for them? Drop two mods instead of one? Or would enemies with 100% chances be unaffected by this boost? Honestly, I do not understand the reasoning behind the introduction of this booster, experimental or not. Appearing right after loot frame double dips being nerfed makes this feel all the more unnecessary. Why introduce a booster to double the mod drop chance on an enemy, instead of just reverting those changes? What is wrong with players finding ways to streamline a farm / grind? Is it because you can't slap a price tag on it? I really don't like where this is going... please consider rethinking introducing a booster like this to your game. I really don't want to see mechanics stripped and resold to players. I care about this game too much to not speak up.
  3. For all we know, real life isn't real either.
  4. It's not a question that upping the usefulness of Universal Medallions and lowering the costs of the Hema's research would be better for everyone (even players that already went through that hell). I just don't think DE wants to divide the players who actually like playing PvP and earning rewards through competition, and the players that just want Conclave rewards without actually playing it because they wouldn't have the time to get better without being curb-stomped by Conclave pros. I personally wouldn't be against Universal Medallions giving me Conclave Standing, but if I really wanted to earn the rest of the rewards available in that mode, I'd just ask a friend to help me out. At the end of the day, consistency really isn't something that DE fully adheres to in a variety of ways. It does really make me wonder why they make so many other grinds easier after a period of time, and keep a select few of them equally difficult or outrageously time consuming.
  5. Investments are always risky, as they say. The 3 month interval "re-balancing" of Rivens is exactly why I don't spend plat on them anymore. I'm better off buying veiled and hoping I get one for a weapon I want rather than submit to the outrageous economy that we made. Especially when it's also a gamble as to whether or not your investment will be made negligible. I'm indifferent to Rivens nowadays, anyway. I'm not one to complain 4 times a year about the exact same shiz when I can totally see it coming. Wake me when Empyrean ships.
  6. Even more of a reason to do it solo. Which is what I assume a majority of players did during its duration. (It's what I did anyway.) Nothing wrong with AFKing if you're only affecting yourself, right?
  7. Only to 90 total slots, once you're there you are stuck with not being able to collect more unique Rivens.
  8. So much for the Wolf being the one that hunts us, I guess. Now I feel a bit silly for buying the sledge thinking that guaranteed spawns would never happen... *sigh*
  9. Happy 6th Anniversary, Warframe and team! Here's to another year.
  10. Thanks for the info, Meg. Glad you and the team are trying your best to squish these pesky spider bugs.
  11. Question: Will the items available from the TC 2019 Digital Pack be available immediately upon purchase, or at a future date? Which is what I think the case was either last year, or the year before. EDIT: Just purchased it and seemed to have received everything immediately, I answered my own question.
  12. Before Magus Revert was released, I've even seen some players utilizing such a macro combined with Madurai's Blazing / Meteoric Dash and Void Dash's innate energy regen on enemy hit to help dish extra damage to Eidolon shields during Amp recharge downtime. That didn't seem like a big issue, but I know the whole usage of Macros and for what and where is it usable or acceptable to use is a bit smoky sometimes. What was shown in the OP's video however, I can say is a bit overkill. Just hoping that it doesn't lead to Magus Revert or Lockdown being nerfed as some players actually have to use macros in order to play effectively. Hard to draw a line in the sand especially in cases like this. Just be sure to take all cases into account before decision making takes place. I'd hate to see any knee-jerk changes being made to solve this leading to either or both arcanes being thrown into the trash.
  13. Reading through some of these comments, I can see that the underlying issues still aren't being addressed properly with these moderation changes. Talk is cheap, and preferential treatment can still be given to those that are in the "Inner Circle", in spite of all the declarations of the opposite. Issues can arise from any normally harmless words or phrases nowadays, and I definitely don't play Warframe to hear these kinds of stories again and again. DE, you're allowed to do what you want to with your own chat, but as evidenced from the "snapshot" of problem statements and sentences, it is more than enough of a sign for me to stay away from in game chat whenever possible and stick with my own set of like-minded friends / relatives that don't get into political debates for no reason other than to push their agendas. (Or create problems where there are none). At the end of the day, we're here to play/enjoy a game. Not throw shade back and forth for words that only have the power you give them. Politicization doesn't serve any purpose other than to divide us into separate fringe groups that go at each other like rabid wolves whenever a piece of meat is thrown between them. I wish it wasn't this way. I heavily dislike this sort of thing, especially in a video game. That said, as long as you continue to try and improve how things are operating/managed/accounted, I'm okay with that. But for now I'm just going to keep Region disabled.
  14. Any plans to add new Arcane sets into the game? Perhaps as Exploiter Rewards or future Orb releases?
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