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  1. 250ms and below is the sweet spot for me. Just last night while speed farming fissure missions for Ducats, ran into a few missions where the ping was averaging 500-1500ms with a full party. Typically unplayable all by itself, there were segments where it would lag for 4-5 seconds straight and everyone but the host was basically stuck in a single room until it stopped. Just also got an internet bandwidth upgrade and tested my speeds while that was happening just to make sure it wasn't me. Definitely wasn't. Hosted a few games myself and asked players in my session how their experience was, and it was between 70-150ms and little to no lag or obvious connection hiccups. Moving from .5 to 7.7Mbps upload made all the difference. Most games I enjoy are 150ms or below, the most ping you can have to actually play the game is around 300ms or lower. Anything higher is asking for issues.
  2. Maybe because of the release of the Bramma, it's taking them a bit longer for QA. d: . . . Or they just want it to remain DEv exclusive (for the most part) along with Stalker Mode. It's really hitting me in my completionist feelz tho, having just one mod greyed out in the Codex. 😕
  3. When are we going to see behind the scenes as to what Baro is stockpiling all our Credits for, hmm? A weapon of mass destruction or system wide domination perhaps?
  4. I'd recommend trying to install Warframe on a different PC if you're able. It's highly unlikely at this point that it's Warframe itself causing all these troubles. Sounds to me like your hard drive may be near the end of its life.
  5. If they just made self damage across the board for weapons that have it deal a flat percentage of damage to the user (say between 30-50% of your current EHP), you wouldn't have a need for bandaid mods, and you wouldn't have to worry about one-shotting yourself. Thus leading you to be a bit more careful instead of the game slapping you in the face for stuff that's sometimes out of your control. That way it wouldn't one-shot weaker frames like Loki or Ivara, and it wouldn't one-shot tanks like Inaros, Hildryn or Nidus. even tho hildryn would be fine anyway cuz shield gating EZ.
  6. If that mechanic is still active, it needs to be deactivated because we can actually force which weapon we want to go for now. Didn't know that was still a thing, kinda sucks if you only want to spend your time upgrading one weapon at a time until u hit 60%
  7. The tried and true "park ur jack in an asteroid" or "immediately after spawn fly backwards till you hit the end of the play area" and do the rest in Archwing (Amesha / Cyngas with 100% status) is still a thing. If you can't find any squads or willing players that is. Because farming Earth after completion is highly irrelevant if you aren't there for resources.
  8. That's what happens when you rush an update out for an event instead of when it's ready. Note: I've had more issues a few patches into Railjack in January than I ever had in December. Luckily I've also put it down as I have nothing left to farm for. Hoping more substantial changes / fixes to the mode come out soon, for all platforms. Because it's honestly terrible (from what I've heard and seen online) of the state of Empyrean on consoles right now.
  9. Yeah not only that, when invisible the sheath of the Nikana when equipped on a Zaw Nikana doesn't turn fully invisible and will vanish sometimes as you stated as well. That combined with the Blind Justice stance causing the Nikana to revolve in the Warframe's hand when you move from a standing pose to walking / sprinting. And the blade of the Nikana clipping outside of the sheath almost constantly (when you can see it). It is pretty annoying, not going to lie.
  10. Would rather the Hemocyte have its own unique model and not just be a recolored Lephantis, but that's just me. Floof would be okay too.
  11. I'm too busy focusing on physical training after a bone break I had just before Thanksgiving to do as much Warframe as I used to. Just waiting for more stuff to do is all. Already farmed the Tenebrous and have a +100 reactor for Empyrean so I really don't need anything else right now. Hopefully 2020 is a better year than the last few for Warframe. Still love the game to death but it's been losing me a bit on the engagement side recently. Especially since I've been done with Nightwave since December.
  12. This wasn't even a problem before Empyrean. Not sure why it is now.
  13. Had nearly 0 issues aside from a crash and stuck drones in solo. Still annoying that even when the event first came out I never crashed or got a stuck drone, but I did this time around. (I guess Empyrean broke a bit more then intended) Still, free Forma is free Forma in the end. That's all the event is really good for after you build the Plague Zaws.
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