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  1. You just made me realize how hungry I am. Curses.
  2. I think it's more unusual that talk of this sort is allowed on the forums at all when it can and should be considered "irrelevant". Not only that, the rioting in the United States has nothing to do with justice and only exists for personal short term gain, and to heck with those in the crossfire. It's the "voice of the oppressed" and it's okay to commit crime and seriously hurt people and their businesses because it will further our agendas. All lives do matter, and nobody I know has ever disagreed with the fact that what happened in Minneapolis last week was disgusting. But it's people like you bringing race into everything when there is provable evidence that more whites are killed by police in the states than blacks per year. Discussions that single out a race, even when they're in "support" of it, are inherently racist. People are people, innocents are innocent, and criminals are just so. And seeing a post like this from Digital Extremes, a company based in another damn country, makes me question their real motives for creating such a post. This is honestly a bit disturbing to me as a long time, level headed, game-loving American guy.
  3. I ended up just making a dummy Warframe account while connected thru my Steam account, sped my way to the Plains of Eidolon and hijacked a Dargyn and got it. Sucks I had to go to that extent to earn the achievement but, it did work.
  4. Might want to check your gear wheel in the Arsenal and make sure you don't have an Extinguished Dragon Key equipped.
  5. *sigh* I can't help but agree. Got a decent ground squad and managed to hit the 2200~ cap in 48m, but it's still way too much farming awaiting me if I want to max all my arcanes. (let alone Arcane Energize or Grace) : (
  6. No problem guys. Take all the time you need to ensure your team's safety. An update a bit earlier than expected isn't worth anyone potentially getting sick. Stay safe, and thanks for the update. Same for all you players too. Watch out for each other.
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