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  1. Well, that is a good point. But just to try it out I spawned a level 1 Butcher which does around 25 damage to Loki's Shields, and with and without a Decoy out I took the same damage. So Deceptive Bond doesn't seem to work. But if you're always invisible, can roll for invulnerability and can just disarm rooms I guess you don't need DR. Just wanted to attempt to make a tanky Loki. xD
  2. I was just subsuming what I haven't yet because I wanted to try out Golden Instinct. Turns out, it's really nice. And it scales off of ability range (up to around 480m with my default Loki build cuz range is his thing, go figure). Already found a rare crate and 3 or 4 ayatans in between 7 and 10 capture runs so far. Now that Helminth is maxed again though, I may stop subsuming for now. Don't know if they're going to add more ranks in the future or not. Aside from max leveling Helminth however, I really wanted to get a Banish Decoy build working on my Loki, but for some reason the mod from Conclave "Deceptive Bond" which is supposed to give Loki 50% damage redirection to Decoy and vice versa isn't working. My theory was that banishing a decoy with that augment running would just give Loki a 50% DR for decoy's duration as long as you don't get nullified. But I'm sadly not able to test that out, since the key mod doesn't seem to work outside Conclave. (Don't know if it works in it either, as I haven't been able to get in a match. You know how it is)
  3. Makes frames that don't have innate knockdown resistance or ones like Rhino and his Iron Skin from not being knocked around while playing the game in the most efficient way possible. I don't see why not. And I honestly doubt they'd nerf it when there are plenty of ways to circumvent self-stagger.
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