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  1. AEP8FlyBoy

    Corinth Solstice Skin

    Was just about to note this in a post of my own. Also, when using the Corinth Solstice skin, the Corinth appears to have no muzzle flash when firing. Both fire modes seem to have this issue. Tested the Corinth with no skins equipped and it does not have this issue.
  2. AEP8FlyBoy

    The Baro Rug.

    Baroken Image, my Tenno.
  3. I'm hoping that similarly to Eidolon Hunts dropping a ton of Sentient Cores (which is the direct source of Standing for the Quills on Cetus), that the Orb Heists or the Orb Mothers themselves will be the primary source of Toroids (earned at end of mission or as drops from the Mothers themselves). Hopefully. Because if not, then that'd totally suck.
  4. AEP8FlyBoy

    A message to the people that kept me sane

    "You've been seen." - Lotus Jokes aside, hearing this story makes me proud to still be around today. Feels like a lifetime ago, and the game really has grown up so much. It's grown up with all of us. Glad to hear you bested your demons with the help of this game, and I'm hoping there is quite a bit more where that came from! Cheers!
  5. AEP8FlyBoy

    The Staticor Buff Was Totally Uncalled For

    Someone's been spending to much time in ESO with Statispore Poppers.
  6. AEP8FlyBoy

    Absolutely Fantastic Top Tier Region Chat Moderation

    It's still in the process of being addressed, and Warframe's chat moderation as a whole is going to be getting revamped. (Hopefully sufficiently enough this time and not just PR smoke & mirrors) I agree that it is pretty ridiculous you can get kicked for something like that when literally the guy who said the thing underlined in red didn't get kicked. This is typically why I just avoid Region like the plague right now, at least until the time something substantially changes in how it's moderated and by who / what.
  7. AEP8FlyBoy

    the "beast" of Harindi Crater? or something else?

    There's more to the Vallis than we think. Some of the Solaris sometimes throw the idea around that there's something under the surface of Vallis. Just rumors though.
  8. AEP8FlyBoy

    Who Else Knew Akjagara and Redeemer Were Gonna Be Primed With Mesa?

    Yeah, the Akjagara Prime was teased in an image showcased at one of TennoCon 2018's smaller art panels, I personally wasn't there but that's where I heard it was originally seen. Mesa Prime and her weapons (Including Regulators Prime) look so damn cool. Can't wait for the 18th. : ) But yeah, the Redeemer Prime is the obvious pick for our Primed Gunslinger, I just thought it'd be something else. First Primed Gunblade as well, hopefully it has some generous buffs over the original.
  9. AEP8FlyBoy

    Max Framerate

    Very thoroughly well done, and a good read as well for those of us who like technical stuff! Super excited to see these optimizations hit PC soon. Because I use G-Sync I've always opted for the Max Framerate setting with a refresh rate that's slightly higher, like 150-160Hz capped at 144 FPS to hit that sweet zone for G-Sync, but have noticed some abnormalities with it (some of which you addressed in the post). I'll keep an eye out when this deploys to see if I notice any improvements or otherwise. Very cool stuff indeed. Edit: Already noticing huge stability improvements and a smoother flow of frames to my 160Hz monitor. In the Orbiter and in-mission. Fantastic! I thought my game was smooth before this update but damn, this hotfix has made it even better.
  10. So, I was browsing around the forums for a bit, checking latest staff replies as I normally do, and I ran into something that caught my attention. Not in a bad way or anything. I haven't been able to check the pricing on either of these packs yet, but I'm curious if the cost of the Chroma Prime Accessories Pack went up at all because there's 1365 platinum included with it now. Never had an option to buy plat along with the 90 Day boosters + Prime Cosmetics, so my question is this: Is it still $49.99 like the pack you can get from Warframe's website directly? Or is it a bit more because of the added 1365 platinum? At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter to me as I already have the accessories for this Prime Access, I'm just curious. Could it be because there are just two Prime Access related packs available on the eShop and not the four we have access to on Warframe's site?
  11. AEP8FlyBoy

    Can we have more casual life decor?

    Don't forget actual beds. Tired of rigging my own from robotic lockboxes. : (
  12. AEP8FlyBoy

    Time frame for Nvidia RTX support if at all?

    If realtime raytracing is ever implemented in a game like Warframe, it would have to have little to no performance hit for me to even consider using it. The fact that Warframe's Evolution Engine does not yet support DX12 or Vulkan makes me seriously doubt that anything like this is going to happen anytime soon. Besides, I myself am not really willing to sacrifice 50-65% of my performance (on average) for just some more realistic lighting / reflections. I don't really care about that as much as I care about Warframe's speed / responsiveness. Me and my good ol' 1080 are gonna keep chugging along until I have to inevitably build another PC in the next 3-5 years. Maybe around that time, RTX will be more viable as a system and not a gimmick for a select few games that perform terribly with it enabled.
  13. AEP8FlyBoy

    Why Do Players Hate Archwing?

    Well, I wouldn't say I personally hate it. I just don't like that it so separated from the main game. On top of the ArchGun / ArchMelee categories not having much to choose from, the mods that we use to power up these classes of weaponry are quite weak overall. 10% attack speed for Archmelee, 60% damage for ArchGun, 30% Multishot, etc... Using Archwing in the Plains of Eidolon or Orb Vallis is quite fun imo, but playing the specifically crafted nodes for Archwing... I don't know how to phrase it, but it just feels like a different game almost. I guess just knowing that when using Sky-Archwing mode you can just tap E at any time to return to normal gameplay, especially when finer movement is required, makes Sky-Archwing a bit more tolerable knowing you don't have to be stuck in it for longer than you want. One of the reasons I heavily dislike Archwing Rush mode (even though I've gotten pretty good at it) is because you're flying at such a huge amount of speed in such a narrow set of tiles that you're guaranteed to hit about 20 walls / corners on your way to the objective. A big problem I feel with Archwing is the lack of areas you're actually allowed to use it, and that there are not many modes of gameplay to where you can actually use them effectively. (The Jordas Verdict was a good example of a mode that actually required some active use of Archwing, and it was fun for the most part). --------- As for what I would change about it, there really isn't much I can think of. Railjack is coming soon and that may soon give a legitimate reason to care about Archwing, and to not have it secluded to a mode all its own or a means of traveling fast over the open world areas would be a good start. Reverse Thrusters still don't exist and to stop immediately I've had to resort to just using Itzal's Penumbra. As for controls, I really don't have that big of an issue with it as of late, and I actually prefer the 'experimental flight' setting toggled on. Not the arcade-like feeling you get when you have it turned off. Still waiting for another Fomorian Invasion because I want a chance to farm those new Dual Stat Archgun/melee mods that came out to see if it can make some of the weaker weapons a bit better. Overall, Archwing is okay in my opinion. But I feel that before Archguns become available for use on land, the mods behind them really need to be buffed. And some general control QoL like Reverse Thrust and maybe some more iterations to the overall movement of Archwing would make it more satisfying to use. I'm curious so see what changes they have planned for Railjack and Archwing (as they've said numerous times that they'd tweak Archwing to make it more viable, maybe as even an outside support role for the Railjack Interceptor, or some neat synergies with the Railjack itself to incentivize using it during a mission). We'll see. I don't hate Archwing, but I don't like it enough to use it that often (other than for extreme mobility with Blink) No reason to really go back to those Archwing missions either nowadays.