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  1. Oh, so it was intentional. Sad, but also sadly not unexpected. This is such a stupid idea. Flechette is literally completely uninteractive once deployed; it should not by any means be able to do the level of damage it now does in the first place, plus Photon Strike is now rendered mostly irrelevant because Flechette does similar DPS, at a much lower cost per cast, persistently, completely-autonomously, with an element that isn't garbage, and is stackable up to 4 times. Good to see that DE agrees with the playerbase that their own game isn't actually worth engaging with, lmao. Also that they're so spineless that immediately after removing the infamously-boring WOF (in favour of the dumbest press-4-to-win ability they have yet devised, yay) they did a 180 and have blighted a different frame's kit with an even more boring ability that scales directly off of level.
  2. Breh I wasn't trying to debate or debunk you (I am not nearly intellectually or emotionally competent for that), I was just stating a fact that I wasn't sure you were aware of. I don't know why you're responding so confrontationally.
  3. (popping this in because it occurs to me that a lot of players might not be aware of this) Warframe's servers actually do compile exhaustively detailed gameplay statistics, ranging from obvious things like the stuff you see in the mission progress tab to usage statistics based on MR to minutiae such as how often players are killed by the laser trap in Void Defense (very, apparently). While I don't know the full extent of the statistics they gather, it is more than likely that if Vauban is truly underperforming in terms of dealing damage, staying alive, and/or aiding his team DE can see it reflected in the numbers they've gathered. It's stated directly in the OP that DE will be using these statistics in tandem with player feedback to direct their handling of the content introduced in The Old Blood.
  4. Huh, these actually are in fact reasonable and would make Mirage more flexible and smooth without completely breaking her. Good job. I'd love this but it'd probably be hell to program.
  5. Something that'd be neat for Vector Pad would be if shooting over it in the given direction would buff the shot somehow (more flight speed, more crit, etc.). I also saw someone suggest in another thread that the pad also deflect enemy shots that go over/near it as a compromise for the people who want it replaced with a shield.
  6. Vauban's Flechette Orb was quietly changed to scale with target level on Friday (it wasn't mentioned in patch notes so it's unclear when exactly this happened) so it's possible that the same happened with Fire Blast. Also, when I was messing with Ember on release, Inferno would actually target enemies offscreen or behind obstructions very frequently, so either they quietly nerfed this (potentially breaking it in the process) OR the LoS check is even more f***ed than I thought. E: Glazed over the part where you said the move was doing different damage to the same enemy in the same conditions. I think the bug reports forum might be the place to go for that. That sounds not right.
  7. I'll chime in to say that the instant detonation on impact actually takes away some of the move's functionality. Before, I could toss a beacon into a Vortex and shift my attention somewhere else for a bit, as all enemies that fell into the vortex over the next few seconds would get taken out automatically when the killsat hit. Now, it just goes off immediately as soon as it contacts an enemy, requiring me to babysit my Vortexes more. It's debatable if this is worth not having to plan out its use in advance esp. for the fine, intelligent patrons of this forum but the change wasn't entirely positive.
  8. It's actually easier to survive with fragile frames than it's ever been, since melee weapons now give full frontal damage protection. You still can't charge into the middle of a room as Banshee but it's much easier to survive with proper positioning. In particular, tight hallways are now cake when they used to be blenders.
  9. I'm guessing the change was made in the Friday hotfix, since looking back through the thread people started to notice that it was doing crazy damage on Saturday (although it's more that I hit the limits of my desire to play e-detective about 2 pages back). Granted, I myself only found it out last night and at that only because I accidentally used the wrong mine while messing around in the simulacrum. It is entirely possible that this is how they've always been and we're all idiots. I'll also note that Bastille and Photon Strike appear to be one-handed actions specifically when cast on the ground (not in the air). I am almost positive this is not how they worked before but then again I would not characterise myself as being very attentive so who knows. Of note is the fact that their animations are very obviously not designed to work with firing a weapon and it looks very bad when you do; whatever weapon is held is waved around offhandedly during the animation leading to the fire tracing some very odd paths towards the targeting reticle from the weapon's muzzle. It's especially noticeable with the Glaxion because it's a beam weapon with a long barrel. I think the idea behind the buffs is sound (make Flechette not complete garbage, free up Vauban during his casting animations) but the execution was really haphazard in an implementation and transparency sense. E: I agree that this almost certainly has to do with the final push to Railjack sucking up all of the team's attention. Failures in communication, both with us and internally, are to be expected.
  10. This. I don't think it's unreasonable against weaker enemies, and it'd be nice for Flechette to at least function as supplementary damage at higher levels, but as it is pretty much anything Corpus or Infested regardless of level just gets blended. Even armor isn't a problem if you bring an Embolist modded for corrosive and just spritz the ball occasionally. Assuming it's not a bug, because it seems very weird to me that such a huge change (assuming it was changed and I'm not just stupid) would go unmentioned in patch notes E: Addendum to my previous calculation: the flechettes also seem to have a very high critical chance and deal double damage on a crit, so it will actually deal significantly more than the 12k per second per orb that I calculated above (although I suppose that is balanced by the fact that not all of the nails will usually hit).
  11. *blinks* Why the hell does Flechette Orb scale off of enemy level? Was it always like that? Am I losing my mind? In any case, it is very possible to create a 25+m radius autokill zone by popping a Vortex and a Flechette Orb into an open area. Enemies get pulled onto the vortex, at which point they are directly on top of the orb and get hit by every single nail, taking massive amounts of scaling damage. This incidentally also renders Photon Strike worthless, as Flechette does the exact same thing but at less cost over a continuous duration with an element that isn't awful against armor. In any case, I am extremely impressed that DE managed to create a new afk frame at the same time as they got rid of one. (I haven't been following this thread so I assume this has already been touched on, and most likely praised as a wonderful design decision.) E: Yep, it goes off of enemy level, in a similar manner to Grendel's Regurgitate. Every 10 levels plus one adds 1 to the damage multiplier. In other words, against a level 100 enemy the damage would be multiplied 10x. Since Flechette seems to fire about 4 nails per second, this comes out to about 300 x 10 X 4 = 12,000 unmodded damage per second against level 100 enemies, dealt completely autonomously for 25 seconds (modded by Duration). Yay? E2: You can also have up to 4 Flechettes out at once, so that comes out to 48k maximum flechette damage.
  12. >Titania still can't do loop-de-loops bad update DE :kappa: also please get rid of the archwing afterburner effects on her, it's annoying and makes no sense
  13. > Random Garuda buffs out of nowhere At least they're sensible and not Gauss "LOL LETS BUFF LITERALLY EVERYTHING AT ONCE" or Vauban "LOL LET'S IDIOT-PROOF A MOVE THAT ALREADY WORKED FINE, BREAKING IT IN THE PROCESS, AND IGNORE EVERYTHING ELSE" I'm not mad, just... perplexed. Does DE decide this stuff by drawing out of a hat?
  14. What are the current plans for Ember and Vauban? Quite a lot of feedback on their reworks has been given in the the respective megathread over the past weeks, some of which is negative, some of which is positive. Does the devteam consider them to be in a good place right now or can we expect significant changes in the coming weeks similarly to Gauss?
  15. The changes people want for Vauban and Ember are pretty extensive; people are asking for Vauban to have his speed pad replaced with a new ability entirely and for Ember's meter economy to be more or less completely redone also they should probably rework Inferno drastically because I really do not look forward to doing pubs once people catch onto it. That's going to take some time to plan out and implement, plus they have a lot of other fires to put out right now. It took them about a month to add all of the buffs, tweaks, and new synergies people requested for Gauss so I'd assume we'll be looking at something similar for the new/reworked frames. They should definitely communicate their intent more actively in the feedback threads though; I don't even want to touch any of the new stuff because I have no idea what changes are on the horizon and don't want to get attached to X thing working a specific way.
  16. I would actually play this. Exalted dismembered limb ftw.
  17. The really hilarious/sad thing is that IIRC back in May DE stated that they were trying to dial back the power creep... then released Wisp and Newkong. Since they're not doing hyper AoE spam anymore (or they weren't, until Pablo got his grubby mitts on Ember) it seems that they're just making frames nearly immortal as a compromise. Tbh I'd be fine if Overdriver got replaced or at the very least got a defensive effect. It's very generic as it is.
  18. I tried Grendel again a bit ago and I really like him, although he has issues. Some notes: I only just noticed that Nourish's icon changes to reflect which buff you're currently going for and that you can rotate through them similarly to Minelayer. Part of this is my own idiocy, but I play on a flatscreen TV with the HUD enlarged a bit for better clarity and I still didn't see this. For once, I agree with the community that a frame's energy costs are too harsh. I'm running Zenurik, Energy Siphon, and maxed efficiency and I still find myself constantly running out of energy due to Feast draining energy very quickly while blocking most forms of regeneration (incidentally blocking most of Nourished Energy's utility). Grendel's passive armor buff is moot right now because eating enough enemies to get significant damage reduction will very quickly drain all of your energy and leave you helpless. Regurgitate is kind of bad. At close range, Vomit generally does more damage at a pop in a larger radius (8m, albeit directional) and has the bonus of immediately ejecting everything in your stomach to conserve energy. At long range, the projectile is very slow and has a mediocre blast radius, as well as disappointing damage. It does (afaik) do more damage per enemy ejected but unless you only have a couple enemies ingested the inferior DPS makes it not worth it over vomiting. On the other side of the coin, Vomit is absurdly strong if you have enough enemies loaded in. I'm not sure if I'd call it overpowered because of the hard limit on its reach (trust me, I have an Atlas pfp) and the time taken to ingest enemies, but it does make Regurgitate look even worse in comparison. Nourish's heal is bizarre and the tooltip doesn't clarify how it scales (by level of swallowed enemy, fyi). Also the size of the heal feels insufficient, and I often find myself just using Life Strike instead. Pulverise would be a good ability but ingesting enough enemies to make it actually useful gives you about 4 seconds of rolling time before you run out of energy and get dizzy. Also even if this was fixed I'm not convinced that just eating all the enemies and vomiting them out wouldn't be better. It's definitely a really fun and unique ability conceptually but I can't actually use it enough to fully enjoy it. Grendel seems to primarily be an experiment with having abilities scale directly off of target level, and at that I'd say he passes with flying colors, and while having abilities be objectively stronger against higher level enemies and vice versa creates some oddities it's still much more elegant and balanced than the other solutions DE has attempted for scaling damage abilities lookin at you saryn. Lowering energy drain from ingested enemies and/or not blocking energy regeneration for the duration (I think there's precedent for this but I can't remember off the top of my head) would fix a lot of Grendel's problems by itself, I think.
  19. (Sorry for the delay, was taking a break from the forums for mental health reasons because I tend to get obsessive over stuff like this) I actually mostly agree with all of the flaws you listed although I think you're understating how even on smaller interception maps like that one Grineer Forest map just how much more smoothly and efficiently the mission goes from being able to transit between points faster. Also while skidding around uncontrollably is definitely an issue it's not nearly as bad as with Tailwind where you're literally locked into the direction you're going for a second or more; you do retain some maneuverability. However, I don't think any of them really justify removing the ability entirely, just polishing it to a point where it's more useful -- increased deployment speed, larger contact radius, longer duration, et cetera. People have been floating some good ideas on that front -- disarming enemies that step on them and giving temporary movement buffs come to mind. I agree that Vauban is fragile but I haven't been finding it unmanageable, although that's probably because I'm a weenie and constantly run Life Strike (which btw is insanely good now). If DE wants to give him more direct defensive capability it'd be better and much simpler for them to simply tweak how Bastille works, since that already seems intended to be his survivability boost. Just making the armor boost more consistent (eg by letting it boost armor even off of ragdolled or CC-immune enemies) or changing it to a % damage reduction instead of an armor boost (as generic and boring as that would be it is indeed a bit dumb to make Vauban's HP entirely armor-based when he has no native health regeneration at all; Life Strike is literally mandatory on him right now) would go a long way. On that note, from a pure development standpoint it'd be a lot easier to polish what Vauban already has rather than create an entire new ability from scratch which will itself likely have issues that will need further attention. (also, slight correction: Tether Grenade does not seem to actually do much at present besides force 2 random enemies into the fetal position, presumably out of secondhand embarrassment, and fill your screen with glitchy leftover tether beams in the process. This doesn't affect your point in any significant way, I just wanted to take this opportunity to whine since it still isn't fixed.)
  20. Considering that Gauss's "readjustment" involved the battery mechanic being trivialised and Gauss becoming invulnerable to most damage for a solid half of Redline's duration, I really hope not.
  21. If you actually think that and aren't just exaggerating for effect then you obviously don't get how hilariously worthless Bounce actually was. All it did was let you jump very slightly higher than normal or very briefly immobilise an enemy, for a whopping 50 energy cost. (E: This sounds way more confrontational than I intended but I'm too tired to think of a way to rephrase it) Vector Pad, by contrast, does in fact let you move from place to place objectively faster than you could without or prevent enemies from moving through choke points and/or speed them towards a defense objective, and is in particular useful for quickly moving between Interception towers. I'm not saying the move is perfect -- the base speed boost is indeed pathetic (you need to at least slot in Intensify for it to be meaningful esp. considering the cast time) and I really don't get why Minelayer in general was given a casting animation -- but scrapping a really unique ability entirely instead of just polishing it so it works better seems excessive to me. Although, like I said, this is an unpopular opinion, given very late (for better or for worse DE has likely already come to a decision regarding what to do about Minelayer and simply has yet to implement it), and I doubt DE's going to listen to one guy who likes pretending he's playing Mario Kart on PoE when 95% of the community hates the pad and wants a shield instead.
  22. I wonder what would have happened if you'd just ignored my (admittedly glib and nonconstructive) comment instead of blowing up.
  23. I agree although Vauban having exactly one ability that is specifically not a deployable ball that sits out on the field independently from him upsets me for reasons I don't understand. E: FWIW the ability is called Minelayer but since only Vector and Flechette even vaguely function as mines that ship has long since sailed.
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