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  1. Should probably make Titania's passive's ingame description reflect the fact that she does in fact (still) have enhanced parkour. Beyond that, it's lovely to see her finally have a passive that is appropriate for her role and gameplay. Lovely change. E: Also, is there any chance we can have the pretty fluttering SFX on her BJ back?
  2. I'm thinking of a garbage-themed maid frame, whose powers are themed around trash/debris and the disposal and cleaning thereof. Her armor resembles the dress of a stereotypical French maid, but is crudely stitched together from various detritus and broken pieces of other Warframes. She could use debris as a shield, repair other frames using scrap, or roll enemies into a ball and kick them away. She could also directly use the corpses, rubble, etc. generated during battle as a resource. Most importantly, she would be a literal trash waifu.
  3. Really great changes that do a good job putting sanity checks on certain things and making the game more fair without completely destroying what little difficulty it has left. Explosives are no longer miserable to use! Squishy frames no longer die instantly because of bad luck! Statuses besides Corrosive, Slash, and Viral are... uh, still garbage (oops!), but at least the game no longer revolves entirely around stripping an enemy's armor down to zero just to make them plausibly killable. I look forward to seeing both how future and current content evolves from here without the burden of having to worry about extreme edge cases like enemies that have EHP in the billions or that can one-shot Inaros several times over with a stray bullet, and how these revisions inevitably will get watered down to make everything completely childproof.
  4. I think the Mirage+Ephemera change was because they generally want to keep cosmetics... well, cosmetic, with no significant impact on gameplay. Same reason they phased out arcane helmets a long time ago. In particular, having an ephemera of all things becoming an optimal part of a frame's loadout would set a really nasty precedent. DE usually does keep and encourage weird interactions with Eclipse, even going out of their way to restore its interaction with being on fire after the heat damage rework removed it.
  5. Thank you DE for deciding that maybe an ability that lets you fly around completely freely while remaining completely invulnerable and invisible and regenerate health for both yourself and your bot at a very fast rate and stun enemies for your teammates to finish off as a bonus shouldn't also let you move faster than dedicated speed frames in the process. For the first time in like a month, you have my attention. That said, it is pretty disappointing that you tried to pass off what is pretty obviously a deliberate nerf as a bugfix. It shows a lack of confidence in your own decisions which will ironically make your playerbase even angrier because if you don't show confidence in your design decisions your players won't have confidence in them either. Also, while we're on the subject, maybe fix exalted melee damage sometime soon? As much as I enjoyed the butthurt over Iron Staff being turned into a foam bat I think poor Wukong has been punished enough.
  6. Oh, so it was intentional. Sad, but also sadly not unexpected. This is such a stupid idea. Flechette is literally completely uninteractive once deployed; it should not by any means be able to do the level of damage it now does in the first place, plus Photon Strike is now rendered mostly irrelevant because Flechette does similar DPS, at a much lower cost per cast, persistently, completely-autonomously, with an element that isn't garbage, and is stackable up to 4 times. Good to see that DE agrees with the playerbase that their own game isn't actually worth engaging with, lmao. Also that they're so spineless that immediately after removing the infamously-boring WOF (in favour of the dumbest press-4-to-win ability they have yet devised, yay) they did a 180 and have blighted a different frame's kit with an even more boring ability that scales directly off of level.
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