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  1. Tailwind is actually a pretty great ability on paper IMO; my issues with it are that currently the only way to halt your momentum is to wall latch, [which you can only do once the animation ends,] and the only way to interrupt the dash animation is to hit a wall which isn't particularly responsive itself. If you dash down into the floor, you DO halt your momentum after the animation ends, but the animation does not seem to end when you hit the floor so you skid around wildly. Meanwhile, if you miss the wall cling due to the dash animation not terminating quickly enough upon hitting a wall, you
  2. (scribbled these down in notepad in a fairly-disorganised manner) I don't personally think the passive crit bonus when in midair is strictly necessary for her functioning. She already has (dumb, artificial) incentives to stay airborne in discounted energy costs. Also, if it's implemented as a flat addition (please don't) then we will have Kuva Nukor Brain Melter Zephyr which while certainly funny would be a somewhat dumb state for the frame to be in. I was disappointed that there was no mention of making Tailwind respond better to hitting walls and/or generally have more sensibie physics
  3. whenever they go for fun they get flak unfortunately
  4. >nearly impossible I applaud your optimism. I'd always assumed it was literally impossible. I nearly laughed out loud when they showed Sevi's passive. I don't think the similarity is a problem in and of itself but the fact that they made a better version of the ability and gave it to a different frame, leaving the original still worthless, is hilarious.
  5. >deluxes and reduxes >reduxes I am now irrationally anxious that this means we're getting a Zephyr rework, specifically a From The Ground Up ReimaginingTM that leaves the frame a buggy poorly-tuned mess. We haven't had one of those in a while and it's been surprisingly nice.
  6. I'm a bit hesitant to report this, because it's actually not such a bad mechanic (to the point where I question if it's truly a bug and not just an undocumented change), but as I couldn't find any reference to this in official documentation -- neither in-game via tooltips, nor in patch notes -- I feel it is best for the sake of honesty and communication that a dialogue be opened with the devs regarding this "feature". (Please don't send me hate mail if this gets patched out.) So, here is a clip of me dealing lethal damage to level 100 CHG's with what I thought was a poorly designed and ge
  7. I'm also somewhat concerned about what will happen with Lavos after the event.
  8. > Nekros spaceball punch finally fixed Disappointment: Immeasurable Day: Ruined Pants: Off Kraken: Out
  9. add los to saryn's miasma please the salt will be absolutely glorious
  10. Oh yeah this is hype. Making little changes to Warframes in batches like this is definitely the way to go. It avoids frames languishing forever while they're waiting for their "turn", and it's much better than gigantic from-the-ground-up overhauls that often end up creating more problems than they solve. I'm a bit sad about Chroma's weird energy color gimmick being gone but the triple jump is also cool. I know there are haters but I think DE's made really good decisions this year despite COVID slowing the rate at which they can work. If anyone from Digital Extremes is reading this: keep
  11. Xaku is amazing now. Thanks DE for not forgetting about our gender-neutral skellie boi. The expanded range on Gaze is much more comfy and less subject to enemies refusing to enter the circle, and I'm loving the stackable effects and per-part Bullet Attractor. Some oddities: Grasp of Lohk can no longer be cast when your guns are maxed. Possibly intentional to avoid mass-disarming entire rooms by spamming it? If GoL fails to grab any guns you immediately lose any you do have. Probably not intentional, lol. It took a while to get here but I am beyond pleased with how Xaku has turned out. Th
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