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  1. it doesnt matter lol i just wrote it because it was on my mind and figured i might as well drop it in E: Also I'd be fine if it was made to only target enemies in the general direction of your view (would certainly pull it back from the brink of being World On Fire Except Gun) but at the same time I think it'd have to be rebalanced significantly in that case which I'm not sure fits within DE's timetable at this point as they've already spent an unusually long time giving Xaku TLC also for what it's worth I do like the dynamic of Lohk covering the area immediately around you while your
  2. I'd be fine with Lohk and/or Gaze having a slight power boost, from 50->60 base damage for Lohk and 50%->60% base armor strip for Gaze. (bolded for convenience of DE staff since it's an actual suggestion). This would reduce what seems to be the accepted Ability Strength threshold for Xaku to function in high-level content by a sixth, from 200% to about 165%, which has more reasonable build demands but still serves as an investment gate and would (hopefully) not completely unbalance Xaku for weaker content. I still personally think having it hit any significantly wider radius would be a
  3. i wonder how much the issue with GoL's guns targeting Gazed enemies is negatively impacting peoples' perception of its strength will be interesting to see how things shift next patch where thats fixed (along with gaze having better range and lohk being easier to max out) E: Since I'm here, why not have Deny refund some of its energy cost on hit, similar to Virulence? It's not really an original idea but it would offset the ability's disproportionately high cost and even give Xaku a way to regain energy if the player can consistently get net-positive casts.
  4. I'm finding Xaku pretty poggers for hunting Liches solo. Their armor stripping, bonus weapon damage, and scaling damage from GoL let them do very high damage to liches and their thralls, and their CC and passive (along with VU) keep them relatively safe from lich weapons and many of their abilities.
  5. Oh, these are really nice changes. I already liked Xaku but these will make them even better. The change to Bullet Attractor is brilliant. I'm really impressed with the decisions DE's made around Xaku so far. I'm a bit sad that Grasp can now just be spammed to max your guns because it was really satisfying to nab a full complement before but this will be much more user friendly (and also probably more practical for high-range builds that require a large amount of guns to deal maximum damage). Accuse being recastable is nice but I do wish there was some way to release thralls and start again.
  6. Quick note which might be known already: You can work around Grasp of Lohk's guns targeting enemies trapped by Gaze by brainwashing them with Accuse before Gazing them, as Accused enemies are not targeted by the guns. It's still a pretty severe design flaw with the ability that will hopefully be addressed (having to use an ability only on targets affected by a different, also quite expensive, non-recastable ability to avoid it interfering with a third ability which itself needs the first ability to function properly is pretty awful and not what I'd call a solution) but it will hopefully improv
  7. I mean... this is probably the trajectory any community-designed frame would take, for better or for worse. The fact that people are asking for GoL to do EVEN MORE damage is funny. At least the range is fairly limited and it respects LoS? (but stay tuned for updates on that I guess) Bit late, but after playing with the new Xaku and liking them enough to commit to Forma'ing them I might as well give my opinions. OBSERVATIONS: Deny's damage is now plausibly useful although it's still hobbled by its narrow trajectory. Even still, it's quite good now for pinning down tough enemies
  8. today on WAFARM FEDBACCK FOURM: "ability that can deal 15k-30k raw d/s entirely autonomously for 12 seconds, just as a baseline with no mods, is literally unusable" anyways I was pretty intensely incorrect on how Xata's Whisper functions. - The damage is in fact dealt in a separate instance, and thus does not in fact interfere with the base weapon's status balance. - The buff is in fact multiplicative, not additive as with most elemental buffs. (note that the preceding has already been noted by others within the thread; I just feel that I should acknowledge that I had my facts wrong
  9. Guardedly optimistic for the upcoming Xaku changes. Check back in a week for me inevitably throwing a temper tantrum over some minor tweak that I personally didn't want.
  10. lol right? i was just in berehynia for like an hour and even against level 50+ grineer and with no ability strength investment at all the guns were killing the trash mobs for me just fine (which i think is what the ability is intended to do) heavies were obviously more stubborn but i don't really expect or even want to be mowing down literally everything automatically, no less with default ability strength wouldn't be upset if the damage was increased a bit tho because 200% ability strength being a baseline for high level stuff is a bit excessive
  11. Messed with Xaku a bit. Haven't forma'd them; this is strictly from a small amount of time playing a bare-minimum setup. I can't speak for any sort of high-end builds with them (although that's not going to stop me from trying, huehue). I might expand on these observations later after spending more time with him but I want to get my thoughts out before this thread inevitably decays into chaos. Observations: - Void damage is mostly a novelty; its actual benefits are very niche and its drawbacks include being ineffective against one entire enemy faction and a significant amount of another
  12. I usually laugh at people who assume bad faith when looking at patch notes, but is there any benefit, at all, to the player in making bait defense take longer? Why? I hate saying this, and I'm trying not to overreact over what is honestly a pretty minor time increase, but it seems very obvious that it'd just make the mission more tedious and unrewarding for the time invested. Again, why?
  13. The system sits a lot better with me with the recently-announced balance adjustments. The only remaining complaint I have is that you seem to have missed Nourished Strike. It provides nearly equivalent functionality to Roar, which makes it somewhat odd that it wasn't given the same treatment (although, it's not quite as versatile so Roar could still probably be said to be competitive simply because it works consistently on all abilities, does apply to Bleed damage, and doesn't interfere with your team's element distribution, and also has a slightly longer duration to boot). Looking forward
  14. Sorry if me referring to you obliquely upset you; my intent wasn't to belittle. I do stand by my stance that some people saying they're totes not gonna use roar but imma cut you if you say it shouldn't be on the list are at the very least not being honest with themselves. If that upsets you, the most I can say is that I regret that you're upset. I mentioned Nourished Strike as similarly odious in my initial commentary, although that was a while ago (I couldn't even tell you which page it's on lol). Nourish isn't quite as bad as Roar imo due to it not affecting Bleed procs (which ar
  15. except im not claiming that if it wasn't broken you wouldn't want it, im claiming that if it's as dubiously-relevant as some people are sayng (i kind of want to go back through a few pages and repost every single permutation of "roar is pointless because we do enough damage" as le ebin flourish but tbh it probably wont be as impressive as it is in my head) then a) shouldn't we want an ability that is more relevant, and b) why are people so vehemently defensive about it, specifically, being on the list, such as the guy a few posts after you writing multiple somewhat-heated paragraphs about an a
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