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  1. I'm almost sure the enormous rooms in the new Corpus tilesets are a calculated attempt to nerf map nukers without actually nerfing them (unsuccessfully, as always). In older Defense maps like Hydron, frames such as Saryn with LoS-ignoring abilities can quite easily cover the entire map with their abilities and kill enemies in their "spawn closets" as they appear with enough Range investment. I don't think this is possible in the new Corpus map, as it's so wide that you'd need >60m radius to even come close to covering the whole thing. Naturally, this does almost nothing to make nukers less appealing and just makes missions take much longer to compensate for their existence. (@DE if you're reading this: please grow a pair and just nerf frames that don't fit the intended game pace instead of contorting the game around them until they do fit. thanks, ilu)
  2. I'm mostly just sad that I didn't think about trying it on Vay Hek 😭 it's good to fix broken stuff (it was ridiculous that embrace could literally turn off bosses lmao) but i wish i could roll back just to see hek flailing around in a little ball of shame for a few moments
  3. Shadow isn't even slow, it just seems that way because the camera is panned back
  4. Actually, I take it back, there is one change that I think is very important which I've mentioned before: Please do something about Embrace getting enemies stuck on walls, fences, behind doors, et cetera. This is a problem endemic to pretty much all enemy gathers in the game, and it kind of defeats the purpose since the point of an enemy gather is to bring all enemies into one spot so they can be quickly disposed of, but then I end up spending as much time hunting for stragglers caught in map geometry as I would have just killing everything normally. You can release enemies from Embrace by using it on them again, but a) I'm not sure if this is even intentional and b) spending additional energy to stop an ability misbehaving is ridiculous. Also I would like Death's Harvest to be improved somehow, since at the moment it appears to just be a strictly inferior version of Reap (costs more energy, not as persistent, no damage) which feels dumb. Lovely frame, got another forma in him.
  5. ok good work and all but i will now never stop making fun of this game for having a mod description be almost entirely incorrect for nearly 8 years (shock absorber was added july 2013)
  6. i think people complaining about the shadow feeling slow really shows how important viewport design is in visual media as far as I can tell the shadow is objectively quite fast, but since the shadow is larger than a normal warframe and the camera is pulled back it makes it feel like you're covering less ground than you are because objects in your environment look smaller in comparison E: While I'm on the subject, Consume has a brief halt at the end when used as a dash which feels annoying, especially when used consecutively. I would very much like it to not do this.
  7. Had a bit longer with Sevagoth. Got a forma in him and the claws but I'm still taking it slow; mostly used him to farm 41 Neo B6 relics in PoE which has likely coloured my opinions in multiple ways (dont even talk to me about tusk thumpers). More observations: The new mechanics for Gloom don't feel as terrible as I thought but they're still pretty bad. Wanting to have exactly zero enemies in the aura for free lifesteal is awkward but it does make the ability more convenient in objectives without a constant supply of enemies, and having the drain scale with how many enemies are actually slowed is nice in and of itself. It certainly feels nicer than the ramping drain, even though I'd personally have preferred that the ability just be made better to justify it rather than switching to this bizarre compromise. Also, it creates the possibility of min range Sevagoth that relies on Reap being a free-flying projectile to apply its debuff while enjoying free lifesteal which is just stupid enough for me to like. Sevagoth doesn't feel nearly as bad to play in public lobbies as most frames (particularly frames that use kills as a resource), due to the fact that his base form is mainly a support that buffs damage (always appreciated) and heals (again, always appreciated) and he just needs to mark foes to get meter, not actually kill them himself. The Shadow can't pick up items such as excavator batteries as far as I can tell. It can do most anything a standard warframe does (even if the animations come out a bit awkward) so this seems more an oversight. I note that the Shadow Claws have a Naramon polarity on their stance slot despite this not doing anything at all. This is weird, and it makes me suspect that Sevagoth himself was supposed to have a Naramon aura but something in the data got mixed up. I seem to mostly die when I happen to get killed at the tail end of an encounter where there aren't enough enemies to rez off of. And now for the Whines: I am renewing my request to improve Sow and Reap's interaction somehow, although I will say that I do go out of my way to set it up despite it not seeming to do much so it's obviously doing something right. I have accepted that it's not really for killing things so much as softening them up, but it still seems to scale very poorly. I am renewing my request to make Sow recastable. Again, I don't care if it clears the previous targets, I just want to be able to recast it if I accidentally miss a straggler and run past. I am renewing my request to improve Embrace's peripheral coverage. The abilty's cone seems to actually have its vertex a bit ahead of Seva where the enemies will gather, which is logical, but it still feels bad to have it whiff on enemies that are just a bit to the left or right of me. I've gotten used to how Embrace works, though. Despite my whining, Gloom feels like it's in an acceptable state right now, but I would like it to not apply the vfx to sentinels (especially since they don't seem to benefit anyways?). It'd also be nice if Gloom gave life regen to "inert" actors such as defense objectives that otherwise cannot benefit from its lifesteal, although it's not strictly necessary. It would make Seva have more of a solid role in some missions, though. It'd be nice if Consume gave brief invulnerability. Almost all "approach" abilities in the game do so it seems weird that this one doesn't. I can understand if the concern is that it might make Sevagoth too easy to rez, but I think it'd be reasonable. It'd be nice if Sevagoth had some way of rezzing off of bosses. Most bosses in the game do have mooks though so it's not a huge deal. E: TBC my impressions are still pretty positive, especially since Reap is no longer a moron. There are some changes/improvements I'd like to see but I wouldn't be particularly upset if not much was changed about him further.
  8. reread the post, the drain will stay at .75 base per enemy so with 175% eff it'll be brought down to .1875 per enemy overall the ability will cost 25% less at max drain (10 e/s maximum -> 7.5 e/s maximum) can't really blame you since i also misunderstood what they were saying at first lmfao
  9. lolwut am I reading this right that Gloom now incentivises you having zero enemies in its (expanding, mod-dependent) radius for 100% free lifesteal >tests, this is indeed the case so I guess you either want range to make this ability harder to manage (always fun) or for me to just toggle it on and off constantly to manage its range (always even more fun) lmao what a terrible idea Reap changes are nice I guess E: I'll also point out that this doesn't actually make gloom perform any better at all (the slow is still very weak without heavy investment) and makes its gameplay arguably even worse
  10. Just did a Corpus one, I do agree that it's nasty but it's doable. Ish. Seva would not be my first choice. The first obj will probably be the most dangerous because the Shadow's 1 is your only hard CC and you generally won't have the resources to use it until a couple minutes in. My only advice for that portion is: godspeed, and may heaven have mercy on you. Beyond that point, as unintuitive as it is, your best bet is to actually hang back from the objective as the Shadow and use Embrace to clear away the space around it. Embrace is awful up close but if you keep your distance it can scoop up big swathes of enemies at once. Hope this helps, and sorry I was rude to you earlier.
  11. ok e: for posterity, and not to give the impression that I care, I just did a Steel Path mission (i will remind you that I have not forma'd anything on seva, at all; also it was low level but at the levels steel path takes place in i dont think it really matters at all) and got coffin'd 6 times in a 7 minute 30 second mission, an average of once every 1 minute 15 seconds; died once for realisies because the alert level got raised to yellow and i got locked in a tiny room with no enemies lmao also getting coffin'd seems to despawn the acolyte which is Unfortunate
  12. Messed with Sevagoth for about a day. Impressions are mostly positive; I was initially put off because his gameplay really wasn't what I expected but I have come to like him for what he is. I'll attempt to give a detailed analysis but this guy is a BIG beast with a lot of moving parts (3 different moddable components!) so it's taking me a while to wrap my head around him. Haven't Forma'd him or anything yet unfortunately but I plan to. Observations: Sevagoth is the first Warframe in almost 2 years to have less than 150 base energy, ignoring those that don't use energy at all. I don't really mind this; if anything having frame after frame with nearly limitless energy pools was getting annoying. Sevagoth's base stats seem to be deliberately mediocre in general. Below average shield, sprint speed, average health, close to minimal armour. The Shadow, by comparison, is significantly more durable than Sevagoth himself, with very high Armor If you count Seva and his Shadow together then Sevagoth has a total of 200 base health with an average of 330 Armor between them (disclaimer: armor math does not actually work like this). There doesn't seem to be any sort of cooldown/etc. on Seva's resurrection passive, and the Shadow seems to literally one-shot anything it hits while in deathmode, so it's actually quite a reliable way of keeping Seva alive. Because of this, using Rage to generate energy is much safer and more reliable than it looks since if you "die" you can just come back while (presumably?) keeping the energy. There doesn't seem to be much of a direct penalty for dying as the shadow, as swapping to it has no upfront cost nor does dying as it. As far as I can tell, all that happens is that you are swapped back to Seva at his old location (which can indeed be quite penalising in missions where you have to move forward, less so in stationary missions like Defense) and I THINK you don't get the healing that you normally get when swapping back properly? ...Right, the healing. It's only mentioned in his Tips (yay, uninformed players swamping feedback threads because relevant information isn't player-facing enough!), but Sevagoth is healed after reuniting with his shadow based on how long the shadow was out. This makes the shadow quite useful for survivability as swapping to it renders Seva himself invulnerable, dying as the shadow means almost nothing, and Seva will be refreshed once you swap back to him. Because of this I would say that Sevagoth is actually quite survivable -- certainly more than his frail stats would suggest -- on account of him having multiple forms of self-healing, a JoJo Stand that takes damage for him while he chills and recovers, and a passive that pretty much amounts to "you have to die twice to actually die". The drawn-back camera when playing the Shadow makes it feel slower than it is; it's actually quite mobile (1.10 sprint speed, dash attack, extended dodge roll) The Death Well meter does not seem to appear until Sevagoth is Rank 10. Sevagoth is comprised of 3 different moddable components which is kind of crazy. Sow + Reap (or as I call it, the Reapsplosion) dealing % life as its base damage means that it performs uniformly on creatures with different max life, and the only controlling variable is armour. Unfortunately, armour still scales higher and higher per level, so it still doesn't really scale indefinitely. Even with significant Strength investment (>200%) it still struggles to kill even trash mobs at high levels. Additionally, the fact that it deals a % of a target's CURRENT life means it's quite bad at actually killing things unless it's a one-shot. It also makes the ability somewhat self-mitigating since exploding one enemy ipso facto reduces the life of other enemies in the explosion, which makes the explosions generated off of them do less damage; this limits its ability to chain explosions in large groups of foes, although given how stupid Volt and Legerdemain!Mirage are this might be intentional. Sow's DoT is quite trivial by itself but it is fairly useful for sucking up life with Gloom esp. because it ignores armour, and the fact that it ignores LoS means it can do cheesy things like reveal enemies' positions with damage numbers (or just kill things through walls, which is stupid, but I'm over getting bent out of shape about things like this). It can kill low to mid level enemies sometimes esp. in conjunction with Reap but its damage is too low for this to hold up past about level 40. Past that point it mostly exists to fill your meter and suck up life, which I suppose is fine. I think Rage is the way to go with Sevagoth for energy management due to him having a pretty generous cushion against dying. Embrace seems to be best used against far-away foes, since its conical projection means it gathers enemies from a wider area the further you are away. It's not useful for gathering nearby foes since unlike many other cone AoEs it doesn't seem to have any sort of peripheral contact. Shadow Claws seem to have a very poor reach, which is exacerbated by Embrace's lack of close-quarters effectiveness. Because of this, the Shadow seems much more effective as a midrange skirmisher than a straight cqc melee, as gathering big groups of foes from far away and hacking away at the resulting ball o' dudes feels much more effective than weaving through a disparate crowd killing them individually. This is aided by the Claws' 100% followthrough. Things I like: Seva's base design is so gorgeous that it almost seems a shame to recolour him or defile his silhouette with cosmetics. I say this in p much every feedback thread but holy CRAP the art team cannot possibly be given enough praise. 10/10 work. I love the contrast between Sevagoth being somewhat spindly and frail and his Shadow being enormous and monstrous, backed up further by their respective stat spreads. Much like Xaku's irregular stats, it reinforces the idea of Sevagoth being a tormented, harrowed character. Good use of game mechanics to establish characterisation. I like how Sevagoth uses the Shadow as a survival tool. It's a pretty unique form of survival that requires you to constantly change how you play and if you do it right he's nearly unkillable, and it adds an extra dimension to the shadow beyond just being an ult that you hit for teh damage -- you have to use it effectively to stay alive. In low levels where the Reapsplosion is actually Good it's extremely satisfying to get off. So is using Gloom and Sow to continuously drain life from an entire room at once. Shredding enemies as the Shadow is inherently fun. I like the idea of Reap where it follows alongside you and opens up enemies to damage. It makes it more useful in mobile missions and makes Sevagoth more of a team player. Priming strong foes and blasting them for meter is fun even if the reapsplosion itself is kind of meh. Gloom's visuals are amazing and I like that it also helps Sevagoth's team. The Shadow's deranged animations are amazing to watch. Things I don't like: As has been mentioned many times, Reap is a bit dumb and tends to get stuck on walls or chase after enemies in the next room while ignoring those in front of you. Additionally running alongside Reap, which I think is an intended strategy in mobile objectives, often causes it to obscure large portions of your screen. Reapsplosion scales terribly and ceases to be useful at all against heavies past about level 30, and useful against anything even lightly armoured past about level 80 even with high investment. This is pretty bad because I think it's supposed to be the main point of satisfaction when playing Sevagoth and without it functioning his gameplay feels somewhat bare. Sow is kind of boring by itself. The synergy with Gloom is nice as is getting meter but the ability is very much supposed to prime foes for reapsplosion and without that online it just kind of exists as a button you press to get life or meter -- functional, but not fun. Why isn't Sow recastable? Please stop making per-enemy effects unrecastable. Xaku also had this issue at first. It felt terrible, and was revised. Why did you bring it back? Is it to stop players from spamming it to kill enemies through walls? Because I think a more productive solution to this would be to make it not hit through walls. Gloom's buildup mechanic doesn't feel right. It feels like it was put in just to kneecap the ability so Seva has to rely on his shadow more for survivability, which I guess is valid, but the aura itself doesn't do a whole lot besides a weak slow and a bit of meter gain. The pause between dying and coming back as the Shadow is a bit annoying. It's probably not supposed to feel good, and shouldn't, but I feel like it might be causing people to respond overly negatively to it -- worst case scenario where you fail to rez, it feels like you died once as Sevagoth, then died again, which I think in a twisted way leaves the impression that Seva is twice as fragile as he actually is. The Shadow feels cumbersome to play. The claws are slow and have mediocre reach, and Embrace is terrible at grouping nearby enemies, so I have to do a weird kiting thing where I stay far away from groups and use Embrace to pull them into a ball so I can hit all of them at once, which is cool but feels terrible to be restricted to. Embrace, meanwhile, pulls enemies very slowly and as mentioned has terrible peripheral coverage, so it feels bad to use. When used up close, you usually miss a bunch of foes which defeats the purpose, and when used far away, the enemies take forever to get there. Additionally, Embrace has a similar issue to Vauban's Vortex wherein it pulls enemies that are behind walls, leading to said enemies becoming pinned to said walls where they're hard to see and/or hit. It'd be nice if enemies that don't reach the target after a few seconds get dropped or if I could drop grabbed enemies manually by holding the button. Consume's momentum carrying me past the target is Annoying. Sevagoth's ability tooltips are terrible. I have no numbers on the Reapsplosion. I don't know what "Survivors are damaged by Death's Harvest over time" means. Reunite doesn't tell you it heals Sevagoth at all let alone how much. I have no idea what the heck Death's Harvest does, because the description tells me close to nothing, but I'm assuming its just a defense debuff similar to Reap. I think people are overreacting to how much forma Seva needs but the Claws being entirely unpolarised on a frame that already has 2 other things to build feels cruel. Things I want: Make Reapsplosion better in some way. I don't really have a preference as to how, but at the moment the interaction feels very unmeaningful and it leaves Seva's gameplay feeling a bit more bare than it's probably supposed to. There are many ways to do this: increase the radius, make it deal True damage, make it deal more base damage, make it deal damage based off of max life instead of current life, et cetera... Give Reap better AI. No, I don't know how to do this. Sorry. Making it prioritise enemies I'm actually looking at would be a start. Make Reap fade out when it's close to the camera. I like being able to see what I'm doing. Make Sow recastable. I don't care if this clears the prior targets, I just want to be able to reapply it if I accidentally leave a straggler. Improve Gloom's slow so the buildup feels more justified. Give Embrace better side coverage -- ideally similar to Pull where it also hits a small radius around you in addition to the cone. This will make the Shadow feel much more fluid to play. Make Embrace pull distant enemies faster. See above. Make Embrace not affect enemies behind walls, or give it some way of dropping them. See above. E: Also, I'd personally prefer it if Seva's own stats were kept fairly low. I'm not averse to improving his survivability in some way, but I think Sevagoth's survivability happening in spite of his frail stats is part of what makes him unique to me and I'd prefer him lean into that uniqueness instead of being made a generic tank with a supermode that he doesn't actually need much.
  13. I enjoy the chaos of Void Storms but the damage dealt seems a bit excessive for how easy it is to get hit. There is a LOT to pay attention to and it's a bit hard for me to adjust to the mayhem. I note that running into a sink deals 50 defense-ignoring damage that penetrates both shields and armour on top of its other damage, whereas allowing one to detonate naturally does not. This seems backwards to me; I should think actively trying to avoid them by moving around (in a game about parkour space ninjas...) would be incentivised over standing still and letting them explode on you. As it is, attempting to move around too much results in you constantly taking unblockable "chip damage" that whittles you down over time. I personally think and find that frames with high health rather than shields or armour are the way to go here, as it makes weathering those 50 damage chips much safer. I have been finding success with Inaros and Grendel as they can also heal themselves. You seem to be able to avoid voidsinks by running fast enough that their spawning can't keep up and you leave them behind by the time they go live; I think this is intended? It does falter a bit in multiplayer where if the Tenno in the front is too far ahead of the others those behind will get hit by sinks spawning around those in front even if they're outpacing those spawning around themselves. I do note that the mode is very stressful to play. I was doing some runs with my BFF and by the end we were extremely overwound and actually started to fight a bit, which we do maybe once every couple years on average. Though I love me some brutal gameplay and it pains me a bit to say this, I think toning down the difficulty a tad might be a good idea since Railjack is still very much best enjoyed in multiplayer and keeping the gameplay more generally-palatable would make it much easier to find a group willing to play. I don't particularly care about void storms being the NEW OPTIMAL FARM!!!! but opening only one relic for a 7-8 minute mission feels quite silly (I was actually assuming from the get-go we'd be opening multiple at once, and was stunned when I was in fact only prompted to choose one relic!), and seeing "Alloy Plate x 2000" (among other literal garbage) in the rewards after completing a very long, hectic mission makes me feel like I've been pranked. The Void Trace drops feel pretty appropriate for what they are but they don't really drop frequently enough for my liking. Radiant relics are nice I guess but I'd usually rather have the traces. (Also please stop polluting drop tables with blueprints!) New Lotus lines are always great! It's actually funny hearing the new Storm-specific lines next to the old Void Fissure lines; it really shows how Rebecca has grown into the role over the years. I am always here for difficult content in this game and have enjoyed my time facing the Void's wrath even if it might need a bit of tuning to get the pacing just right. Also note that there do appear to be Mechanics to the storms I don't understand yet so it's likely I'll adjust more to the gameplay as I go. SIDE NOTE: I'm loving the unified U30 feedback board, please do this again! :D
  14. Got Seva cooking :D Been quite hype for him and am looking forward to whining loudly when he inevitably doesn't suit my exact tastes. tbh trying to debate in this forum tends not to work; in my experience it's better to just state the facts and your impressions (which, you did) for DE to note and let other people say what they will ftr i am fully expecting the first few days of this thread to be 99% complaining as per standard protocol
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