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  1. (PSN)Claudija's post in How do i leave a railjack in a drydock? was marked as the answer   
    well there's the actual exit ports; from the Pilot seat face away from window, go through doors into main hangar and continue through next doors. This is the Engine room, head down the ramp and stop at the bottom where the Forges are during RJ missions. Turn to look back at Ramp and you should see a walkway that turns left or right depending on which side. Follow this to a wall. Turn one way you see two crewmen with a device, turn the opposite. Walk up and "Exit Railjack" pops up. Press Activate button (on PS4/5 this is Square other platforms vary and PC custom keybinds vary) now after short cut screen you should be on either a platform looking at your RJ or a ramp leading up towards the consoles that control it's loadout and crew assignment (Relay only has this one) and Research (Clan Dojo Dry Dock only)
  2. (PSN)Claudija's post in What's after venus proxima? was marked as the answer   
    they should all be open, mine were and I hadn't left Earth Proxima... Venus, Saturn, Pluto and Veil Proximas all open when you reach certain Intrinsics levels. If you are Intrinsic 7 across the board then Veil, Saturn and Pluto have missions open. I think Saturn has Intrinsic 5 required though thinking about it more. Try repeating missions until you have those Intrinsic ranks or higher and see what opens then
  3. (PSN)Claudija's post in Full hunter mod set equipped but not getting full bonuses, why? was marked as the answer   
    I can spot your issue- Venari is an exalted weapon like Valkyr's Claws or Garuda's Talons. Whilst she uses mods for a Kavat she does not count otherwise. Take a Kavat or Kubrow instead of a Sentinel, put the Hunter mods on them as we now can put the same mod on both Venari and a Beast. Hunter Synergy, Command and Recovery iirc pop on a beast and see. If your bonus bar does not increase pop a ticket to Support as it definitely should.
  4. (PSN)Claudija's post in I have a question about how people feel about people who RP their character, even if other players are not RPing.. was marked as the answer   
    I really recommend doing them, as majority of playerbase will have and will be using it, I sure would as it is the lore from which our RP is born :p
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