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  1. then use the Valence Fusion. Valence only works with pairs but it enhances the bonus by adding the two together. How it works out the end value, some clever people on the Wiki and here took time to figure out but it can be a great thing to know. My Bramma had 25% Toxin, second one had 45% Toxin- combined it gave me 52% Toxin. Third Bramma saw mine total at the cap of 60%. Getting the 60% off-the-bat requires praying to RNGeesus and hoping he takes pity on you- can happen but Valencing is much more likely to occur.
  2. Alad's Amalgams are essentially Sentient hybrids so Ropalolyst being the source of the Sentient matter kiiinda makes sense; Orokin created the Sentients and Corpus are a descendant line from the Orokin who may still have old texts to use
  3. My Lich killers have been Ivara and Khora. Now many will say oh Sisters are different, Sisters like Rad... not if Khora made them as she creates Toxin Lich/ Sisters; aside from this with a Panzer Vulpaphyla; gives her two sources of healing being Vulpa and Venari use identical mods in loadout choices and Khora is never credited with just how fast she is- couple that with a Whiplash focus it can annihilate even a Sister in few swipes. Ivara's my regular Lich huntress as I use a Daikyu rivened and amalgammed to kill them in barely five arrows. Panzer again, partner and focused around Infiltrate for move speed; she like many great modders, can put down even the lv.100 bodyguards in one single headshot. Ultimately you should choose what you like best just make sure you know your strategy and you mod to target the Sister's weakness, not focus on shielding from her strengths and you'll come out on top.
  4. I see Loki and raise you Ivara; cloaks you and Companion, efficient and killed every single Lich with a Daikyu- Loki isn't as essential as many make out.
  5. It's Phase 2, the second Vessel. Phase 1 is just Grineer, Phase 3 are golems and final phase is Inaros himself
  6. I can't check PSN as I purchased it before Tennocon sadly so cannot tell our OP with any certainity if it is or isn't available as it just says I bought it... pity really
  7. Just use a Kavat or Vulpaphyla; Vulpa if you don't want to worry about having to stop to rez as they are superb at armor stripping thanks to Pounce and Swipe with Sharpened Claws.
  8. Steam won't help a console player however, it's for PC players like yourself. I wonder if OP would be able to find out by ticketing Digital Extremes directly, Microsoft or both and explaining it to the Support teams about it...
  9. I always play Solo as speedrunners drive me nuts :p . I always have felt Hydron was overrated myself and, honestly kinda boring but would still advise our OP to try them all to find their personal favorite
  10. You wouldn't think so if you tried Conclave or Lunaro as both modes are full of bugs, glitches, client crash fests and that's provided enough care to take part. PvP exists in other games, in Warframe sorry but it's not even a thought for 90% of the playerbase
  11. I did that with Limbo for the two MR tests as we need to 'capture' six targets. Limbo was best for me as once in the Rift I could totally ignore the Grineer- it was just me and the objectives. He's rather fast too tbf xD. But just showing the OP your point and it's proven success
  12. tbh Gabii is better for Survival leveling as it racks up melee which still long-term is much better and easy enough to go 20-30 mins at. I prefer Telesto, Saturn or Neptune's Exterminate for Primary/ Secondary leveling but best is actually Spy if you have the frame for clearing all three as each successful data hack can bounce all your loadout in one swoop.
  13. Gabii is still my go-to for melee weapons and frame rankings for that very reason :p
  14. odd are you sure you weren't claiming the other Prime loots instead? as Loki's skin we got free gave me a regular normal Loki but Tennocon I had as advertised
  15. I'm on it regularly, the DE Warframe Official Discord is operational it updated us on the newest Sisters hotfix
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