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  1. It's thousands of years from now and still Domino's Pizza is in business XD I bet in RJ we'll find a Starbucks too, can't beat coffee, pizza and tunes while sniping a Grineer from an Archwing heh
  2. until Duviri and New War as we have no idea what's coming really. With Orokin wrecks in RJ missions that just are background for now, it may be more Death Orbs coming along, we'll find out in time :p
  3. Why does nobody state the other difference a Prime variant has? Bar stat tweaks, polarity adjustments/ additions and cosmetic look; all Prime Frames have an Energy bonus when in Derelicts or Void touching a Death Orb gives a big Energy boost like you get from Zenurik or Arcane Energize. Why does nobody ever mention that? xD Very handy in those areas if Energy is important and might be more useful as we go on. I know it's niche but it still is something regular variants do not get heh
  4. they should all be open, mine were and I hadn't left Earth Proxima... Venus, Saturn, Pluto and Veil Proximas all open when you reach certain Intrinsics levels. If you are Intrinsic 7 across the board then Veil, Saturn and Pluto have missions open. I think Saturn has Intrinsic 5 required though thinking about it more. Try repeating missions until you have those Intrinsic ranks or higher and see what opens then
  5. you cannot research anything so all the Sigma gear for example, as the Research Console only appears in a Clan Dry Dock but everything else from Rising Tide to customising Plexus, Crew, launching missions and customising aesthetics, Intrinsics and so on; are possible at any Dry Dock; Relay or Clan
  6. Trinity would rock a vampire outfit I think. Her odd skirt section has the sort of style or shape of a Victorian dress bustle. Energy Vampire, Link and Well of Life- very much fit the vampire theme too. Garuda is all Countess Elizabeth Bathory- helm named after her aside. Her whole appearance and abilities fit it too. Wisp has the ethereal look and her movement is very swaying, floating... Hitsu will think of something awesome though, always does :P
  7. MR - Mastery Rank; increases not just your options for gear but increases all Mod Capacities on said gear. Nobody told you this yet. Clan- whilst yes, starting your own is hard work it is doable; I'm one who did just that. I started House Markaneth around MR8 and it has grown into a full Dojo with all essential rooms plus almost all research as I missed Ignis Wraith and there's a couple new items added with Empyrean I still have to do. From experience therefore, it's up to you. Many recommend joining an existing clan until you get the basics down and have a decent progression in the game
  8. my raven themes use- Eros Wings Ephemera and Valesti Syandana to give a feeling of wings and feathering. Even though succubi usually have batwings in some myths they're fallen angels so it could still work :)
  9. How'll you make a "Succubus Octavia"? Genuinely curious as I made her a raven suit :p
  10. Also how come as a cloud, he can't I dunno; pass through stuff like those grates in some Grineer ship missions. You have two levels with lockers covered by a grate. Can't just Dracula-esque smoke through it... makes no sense
  11. xD I think that Hydroid has similar issues. He goes all T-1000 but then goes super slow and burns out his Energy.. still can't glide under stuff because; reasons :p
  12. Do you have a Smeeta Kavat? Reason for asking is this; Smeeta grants buffs at set intervals though her buff chosen is random one of the most desired is a reward booster particularly for resources though it also seems to help with mod drops but I'm unsure myself if it just appeared to be the case.
  13. I'm a Claudija too :p . Wouldn't our OP be on the way to resolution asking Support? If the Inbox is empty and they can screenshot that they have got the quests completed, would that help DE sort out what went wrong you think?
  14. Wukong I still feel is overrated myself. I did the Star Chart as Khora, she can make a lot of missions easier. Take Desertion. Pop Strangledome on the med center and it can protect the squad before you move out. Disruption many ignore her for but Ensnare can and will- grab that Demo unit as you Whipclaw it into oblivion. Wukong has a clone yes but no method of slowing the Demo units. As said many places, part of the fun is in finding your fave and mastering it. Try Nyx in Interception, it's hilarious and Slowva also makes them easy. Zephyr and Ember are much better since both girls had reworks
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