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  1. Ahh thank you for explaining it. I think I missed it as I got Gaia's Tragedy after so never saw the original version :)
  2. Thanks for clearing that Hypnos :p I did wonder how I had a Harrow BP in my inventory when I'd been gifted him for Christmas xD
  3. You remembered right, Loki was a starter frame before they changed; I think Volt replaced him? When I started though it was the more recognised trio- Excal, Volt and Mag. I took Volt but I didn't really like him at the time, always been luckier with a female avatar for some reason 😋 I then had Frost Prime from Twitch Prime Loot but Trinity Prime really was my first main until Khora who's still my leading lady. Just wish her Deluxe didn't make her look pregnant 😆
  4. Ivara; Prowl cloaks you and pet. I cheesed Protea this way and Liches as my Smeeta rips armor as I snipe and neither of us are spotted. Added insurance is Adarza as Smeeta clone can alert enemies but you can drop the mod Mischief for say Scavenge so she won't make the clone but iirc the clone is part of the Smeeta it can't be modded out though I could be wrong...
  5. Hmm that could be cool actually. Has Harrow got a quest? I know his BPs drop on us through just playing the game much like Oberon (and gawd I can run a production line of him the ease and amout of; Oberon BPs we get). I know we have the Chains of Harrow quest but did it award us his BP?
  6. 😋 it's DE- much like the Twilight Zone; a place not time or space but a place where normal things don't happen very often 😆
  7. Gara is quest-locked so she couldn't be a starter. I'd pop Ivara or Banshee in place of Mag as a starter; especially as they worked so hard telling us we're space ninjas but none of the starters really have the stealth approach. Banshee, silencing all weapons at least feels more ninja and Iva with her Predator-esque cloaking also fills the stealth assassin fantasy.
  8. Actually nup, I found Archwing missions especially Sagacia and Venus Exterminate were much better as Itzal and Elytron's Auras are very, very frequent and not exactly hard to do either just need to at least be able to play Archwing without being bored 😋
  9. Weell not always user pref. For instance I love Coiling Viper for Whips but Atterax for example has a different polarity in Stance slot meaning putting Viper on costs Mod Cap not add. Sometimes you must use a Stance not suited to your style if you want the cap to be high until it can be polarised then you can switch to one preferred.
  10. I used a Lab Dojo posted on these forums for my base layout. Each pair of Reactors are attached to a cross junction meaning I add one new cross section thus two Reactors should I ever need expansion. Currently my 8 Reactors are powering the Dojo and bar Forma to set the construction of Entrati hall mine has every room in it required with Open Space and a massive hall as additional for decoration.
  11. What was the 'Ora Ora' combo though? I remember the massive amount of happy players when the 'spin-to-win' was completely remade to what it is now but not sure what our OP refers to.
  12. No need to- go to Dojo, Arsenal: Captura then when loaded in simply Leave Captura/ Dojo. Twitch items are successfully added to your inventory Pops up. No reloading necessary :)
  13. There is no Excalibur Prime unless you're a PC Founder. However spotting this, DE released Excalibur Umbra instead which a lot of us think is better than Excalibur Prime anyway as whilst he loses the ornamentation and Death Orb Energy refill boosts on Void missions as is normal for a Prime he has special additional ability I can't share as I spoiled enough now :) suffice to say complete the story to The Sacrifice, the follow on quest after The War Within and Chains of Harrow you will love him
  14. Why does nobody add that Prime Warframes don't just have Polarity and stats difference they also gain Energy refill boosts from Death Orbs when in Void missions? It is a real thing :)
  15. I think the theory is starting a clan before you finish at least Sedna is 'too early' as you have yet to fully establish the Warframe and loadout most efficient to farm resources for the Clan. Personally I made House Markaneth the second the game allowed me and only made one rebuild to follow advice on a lab-focused Dojo. I did it solo too, all rooms, research and have 0 regrets about it heh but do take the Ghost Clan advice as it is way cheaper. Helminth is seen by some vets as 'too early' as it overwhelms new players even some vets struggle with it due to its vast resource sink. So
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