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  1. ahh ty for that as when I last played him around his launch, it didn't count :p
  2. I use warframe.hub personally as that lists every single timer active at any moment even Baro visits and updates in real-time as well
  3. I see Terry all the time because.. strange as this sounds; I'm not hunting it. I'n out hunting Vombs for pigments rn, but anything as it was Condrocs before that for crafting- Terry showed up each trip and I made 3 trips as I miscounted my Condroc wing tally. Sometimes best way to fool RNGeebus is pretend you really want something else and that will almost never show up yet, Terry will.
  4. Ahh it seems I mixed up the menu cursor with reticle. In mission now my odd star cursor is not present it only appears on menus. Apologies to everyone it really did seem to change yesterday but here in Telesto, Ember's holding the Prisma Tetra and my menu cursor is not on screen bar menus, this is my error having checked it right now. Menu cursor we can change on console, crosshair we can only color edit... Apologies again everyone
  5. really dumb question... on claiming the drop have you completed a mission? The game seems to unlock and add it to your Inventory once you return to your Orbiter from any mission (so running a Capture being usually fastest to complete is ideal) as whilst closing and restarting WF works I find the mission completed method much better.
  6. oo note here: Pistol crosshairs when using a Glaive still seem to prefer the white ring design when I used Pathocyst+Furis earlier but the Prisma Tetra did use the crosshairs I shared with you how I set it. When using the above advice to change the Mission item colors I do want to share DE's advice which provided with the UI Coloration states they recommend tweaking this in an actual mission so you can see it in the field and know when you have it exactly how you wish
  7. OP:- How long does it take for your "clan emblem" to be accepted. Not sure what your post is about but the title notwithstanding we all answered the OP directly attached to the title. If OP meant something else entirely they really should have specified that in the OP itself.
  8. exactly right. I had notification it had been received, then accepted and added to the update list. It activated around Lavos' release with an in-game mail message from the staff using Teshin I believe and it's been there since.
  9. Yes we can change the crosshairs shape, at least if using a controller. 1 Go to Options 2 Select UI Customisation 3 Select Controller Cursor You can then freely choose one of 12 styles for your crosshairs You can change the cursor color here too.
  10. But do his statuses count towards NW now? I mean he'd be ideal for those "kill 150 enemies with Corrosive damage" types but last time I took him his Rad combination was not counting towards that tally
  11. Letter means their advice you need to have done yesterday; it is that serious and urgent
  12. yup them lil' pests love jumping me mid-wander and too late I blast them into oblivion xD
  13. sounds like RNGeebus hates both of us... so fickle that one too
  14. go get 'em :p as much violence as possible as Regor is a major #$&(% xD
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