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  1. i've always liked Ember myself and her rework is a lot better with Immolation replacing Accelerant and Inferno replacing World on Fire. A HitsuSan Ember outfit? My wallet would hate us all xD
  2. Heh I would if she came back but not seen her since Chimaera and these blank messages popped up... super odd
  3. At least I'm not alone, as I saw these after I completed Chimaera Prologue. Weirdly my Doppelganger appeared once before The Sacrifice, once during The Sacrifice but not since. These blank messages showed up after it stopped showing itself and Chimaera was done. Asking DE in a support email in case it was outside as in a compromised account but so far they've not replied... it is weird though
  4. Awwww no fairs you could make her a rocking outfit if DE would let you... If you did give Khora a smexy new outfit would you make a Hystrix and/ or Dual Keres to match? Khora has those two and the Kerata Syandana as her signature items if you wanted to give her a complete new look 😊; bet she'd look smexy heh
  5. Khora as my main girl would look awesome under Hikaru's command. Titania has two Tennogens though not from our Hikaru yet where Khora has only one alternate by lukinu_u.... though would DE let you edit Venari?
  6. So twice now Ordis tells me I have mail even the notification appears yet the sender is apparently myself. It gets weirder, on neither occasion has anything been sent just a blank message. Is it some new feature test or a bug as receiving a note every couple of days from myself apparently with nothing in it is kinda annoying. What's going on?
  7. not for me, I thought of levelling my Amp so did that... didn't unstick the stupid door...
  8. Great, except I was on Iliad to kill The Sergeant - a Corpus tileset and faction-held mission. It does not solely affect Grineer at all. Mine came at pretty much the start some 1,204 - 846m from the Assassination target.
  9. Recently, you guys at DE started making lighting cooler and more realistic and it does look nice but you also really made weird adjustments to how a lot of skins work. Banshee's Immortal skin is richly-saturated and looks really cool, goes with any syandana... yet the helmets all have the weird de-matting look so that none of them work with her Immortal skin. So why is this persisting? Also, who made the call to change Garuda's skin from matte? If I try using a nice, rich, blood red theme her outfit looks all silvery and metallic. Pre-lighting changes she looked vampiric- rich black and blood worked with her theme but now if you try setting it that way she becomes too silvery. Light colors work great but really not her gothic vampire theme is it? Restore her dark, matte finish please as this current lighting cramps her style It might seem trivial but don't you guys think how detailed you gave our customisation, this would be something easy to fix? Even Garuda's Tennogen skin in this scheme gains the exact same weird metallic effect; regardless what Captura I use. Majority of your skins are very cool, they work nicely though would be great to recolor Mirage's white forearm guards and Valkyr's Bastet helm retains the annoying dark grey main color.... Just please, see what you guys up there in DE think. Perhaps there's some way to give us a toggle? So on its this style, great for lighter color schemes; off and this darker Stalker-inspired theme gets darker. Thanks DE for everything 😊
  10. I have his Leonessa, the cute collar he gave is just adorable and looks epic on either Valkyr or Valkyr Prime. If only DE had told him he could use Gersemi - then HitsuSan could really have made us the perfect outfit for her.... mmm perhaps that's why heh; jealous that no other suit would match up 😋
  11. ooooo that's cool as heck, really make the Gallatine and War aesthetically better 😋
  12. Oooo Oberon looks sharp and dapper in his new threads, though I do wonder how they give him almost no link to Titania despite the source pair being married as Fairy Sovereigns in A Midsummer's Night Dream 😋
  13. 😋 worry not the; Royal Dopey Rank is mine you've a loooong way to go
  14. How come they put a melee challenge on a ranged weapon?
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