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  1. I just tried it on Pluto, Exterminate. Took all my Revives but on 5th 'death' Zanuka did drag Khora off to the Recovery mission as she's supposed to
  2. xD oh worry not, we all miss stuff.. gawd knows I do frequently xD. Like forgetting I had rep and training debt bonds to Gild my Nychus MOA even though I had planned it out weeks ago heh heh heh
  3. especially a little brother 'pranking' him by messing with him. A cousin of mine would do it just to drive his brother nuts
  4. *nods* mhmm but some of our fellow Tenno would call us names for that. My view has always been- it's my money buying this platinum, what I choose to spend it on is my call. Still been laughed at or called names for doing it though... Hopefully though, OP'll figure their solution out and be back to kicking in the Grineer, Corpus and Infested in no time :P
  5. Yet, throughout your post you say- with a team. SO with a Saryn, Limbo you love a lot and Mesa team is very easy if they agree to let OP tag along. OP could Relic farm and save plat to buy Khora as alternative though many of our fellow Tenno would say that plat should never be used for non-slot purchases. There are alternative ways to get Khora if you think outside the box.
  6. If you have it, look at the Nesyr Fur Pattern- the icon has the Persian head as we call it. The purchase page for it in the Market also shows it.
  7. Okay I have Sekhmet on screen now, Appearance and into fur. The only options are:- Vasca Kavat Fur Pattern Hyekka Furless Pattern Maculatia Kavat Skin (Khora Deluxe) Moonless Kavat Pattern That's it. The fix was likely for the default skin as the ruff around the chest, forelegs and shoulders was odd- in Look the skin is still not displaying which is a pain in the butt to be honest. Vaquaera, my Smeeta Kavat has:- Hyacinth, Argyl, Deaeria, Hyekka, Krest, Maculatia, Moonless, Nesyr, Neura, Nexus and Solstice patterns to choose from. Hope that helps somewha
  8. I'll grab Sekhmet and check what she can and can't use for you
  9. exactly right. Khora did my Star Chart with Vaquaera (my Smeeta) and Venari tag-teaming. Still my fave now as she can handle pretty much anything if Solo but I find her a godsend for Disruption- Entangle wraps those Demolist units up like it's Christmas obviously not Nullifier key carriers but anything else and it's going one place: home to mom :P
  10. I cleared the chart with my bae; Khora and her signature weapons. Our OP should be able to farm her by now I think and I only leave Solo to trade or do events like the Naberus Ephemera halloween series around was it 2017? Was essentially the Prelate Boss on Deimos with the lantern we had to keep alight for I think 20 mins or so many waves..
  11. It is possible that skin is not compatible. Vasca has a breed-exclusive skin, Hyekka skin (that weird Sphinx-style used by Grineer Hyekka Masters) and Moonless Kavat skin- Nexus, Solstice etc. cannot be used. Venari also cannot be used though I think the Maculata (Khora Urushi Deluxe) is on all types, posssibly Vulpaphylas but my rep is not high enough to Gild my Sly and find out.
  12. even Harrow? He does have a headshot passive.. would that have any bearing at all?
  13. Kavat breeds:- Adarza - offense focused kitty not used so much at all bar MR gain. Smeeta - the prized Companion as you can configure them for pretty much anything, have stacking random buffs that always benefit and can hold their own in a fight. Vasca - the wild vampiric Kavat you can only breed by getting your Adarza/ Smeeta infected with the vasca virus and use the Imprints to then breed your own. Has medic properties in self-heals and will heal you if you enter bleedout. Venari - unknown Kavat breed though she has a lot in common with the Feral/ Moonless breed we obtain
  14. it's a head style. Persian is a pedigree cat breed of housecats characterised by short noses, wide faces and often a rather grumpy look: the late Grumpy Cat YouTube meme vid star was a variant iirc. Kavats can have a head similar to this - I had one before I gave a poster here the only Imprint of her I ever made as Vaquaera came next and is my main Smeeta.
  15. iirc I used Khora with her Dual Kestras. Venari set up for offense, take a kavat set identically (modern days you can use a Vulpaphyla if concerned pet may be defeated) and have Khora focus on orbs. The Kestras are very fast so can handle enemies and orbs easy. My strategy was basically orb chase so you run to the orb on it spawning, smash it, kill the odd enemy, dash to next orb, smash it, repeat. A speed-focused frame like Gauss, Volt, Khora (many forget Venari active grants Khora move speed buff) are amazing for zipping around hunting orbs as they are really priority to stop you running out
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