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  1. I did it with an Ember and Ignis Wraith, regular Ignis will do and pop it Sinister Range- made the mission laughable as I didn't have Infiltrate on Ivara at the time :)
  2. xD like me with Nova. Loved her look.. not a Scooby what to do. Not so much a scrub since a friend explained Slowva and Speedva but it was kinda funny to look back on xD
  3. The invite should be acceptable on the main screen too as that was how I recruited two friends into mine- though the invitee and inviter must both be online for it for obvious reasons :p
  4. to add to Reaper's advice- do not ask in Region as some players will give harsh comments. Recruitment channel is for things like asking for team-ups, Lich/ Sister hunts, SP or Arbi runs.. Alliance and Clans.
  5. All the talk of Kubrows has me debating trying for a Lotus fur pattern one now.. As has been said, Kubrow eggs are actually too easy to farm. I personally got more running Earth's Exterminate mission (not Mariana) than any other and plus side it's very fast. If you go for the Sabotage remember to not complete it until you check the whole map- reason being Sabotage has a hidden timer to extract the second you complete the task (only exception I noticed is a Void one) so clear out all nests before you complete the Sabotage main objective :p
  6. I needed specific frames for a couple actually. Limbo was a godsend for the two chase ones, Titania for the speedrun collect points and those platforms, Zephyr for the early parkour test as her longer aim glides skip areas, Ember for the archwing to platform then kill everyone as her new Inferno cheesed it, Wisp for the Defense ones etc. Sometimes it is much more productive to take the frames suggested by the Wiki than just any old frame on half at least.
  7. It isn't gone no. It's like Baro- a random chance that refreshes once a day. Master Teasonai sells it but you need to check with him daily to see when he offers it like the Kubrow skins that right now the name of escapes me. Each time it is offered, you have 12/24 hrs to gather the resources farmed on Plains of Eidolon before he may change it out of stock orr change what exactly he will trade you it; for.
  8. I mean even a newbie just starting out can buy Nidus Prime Access and on completing the tutorial up to Vor's Prize at least.. as that gives Foundry and Market activation components- have all that stuff at MR0
  9. What nobody has told you though is this:- Anytime you receive either - Prime Access, Prime Vault, In-Game Market, Twitch Drops (Either via Amazon Prime Gaming or won by random draw made by the DE staff hosting the official stream), Tennocon drops, Lich/ Sister of Parvos items; Mastery means nothing as they bypass the MR requirements. For Kuva/ Tenet weapons you need only go to your Foundry on Vanquishing them and you'll receive it. Just make sure you have the weapon slots free. All others I mentioned with it come with slots provided for you.
  10. aww you're more than welcome and Alyxis gave better advice than I ever could as I'm totally a catfox person xD. Good luck regardless out there
  11. VIP is the Eximus, Assassin, Boss and Lich/ Sisters in the game. Bosses possibly get out of Sunika's attack but the other types aren't so fortunate
  12. I was simply saying my Ivara makes every Spy too easy, she just jogs too the data and home before her pizza is baked. Or is that your concern: that Spy which Ash, Ivara, Loki and though I don't rate him: Wukong are designed for- is too easy if you can take anything and still get perfect data capture? I can kind of see why that would be a concern
  13. ahh I see, my tip then sort of fitted as Infiltrate-focused Ivara is invisible which is your stealth requirement covered and would find all those nifty alternate methods without risk of losing the objective.. but you're right in that the new Corpus Spy are kinda A-B
  14. orr just use Infiltrate Ivara with high Ability strength and every Spy is cake :p
  15. I'm with you on that- I like Gabii for leveling melee and Telesto for ranged though I can bounce about heh. Sagacia is it on Neptune? I use for Archwing as whilst many recommend RJ I find that the Mobile Defense is more efficient and my AW gear levels up just as fast but without risking a crash as I boarded a ship - happened a looot in my Earth Proxima missions *nods*. Hydron I just found boring as heck but then I am predominantly a Solo player heh
  16. Cross-save would mean it doesn't matter what you buy it on- it all gets stored together. So, purchasing on PC then uploading that save to your Xbox when you can replace it; still gives you the Prime Access
  17. We're alike as I too, prefer to go slowly; explore the whole mission map and try finding new stuff like a new vent in Void missions (found some neat containers above the room with pillars and multiple laser discs on a trip through Oxomorco last time), but the speedrunners just want it done last month so in, complete, home for breakfast...
  18. now now now Alyxis, you know the rules- Region, Q&A, Recruitment and Forums are the only place to ask for Trades :p I'm kidding but from the PSN EU Region I can tell you that it's aggravating how everyone will use Region for everything. Wanna join a Clan? Recruitment... naaaah I'mma ask Region. I mean really then they get uppity when we politely, first- direct them to the right channel. It's like DE made them for fun with majority of players aye smh
  19. Invis needs you to dodge or roll in time which spin2win doesn't do though...
  20. I think that's what Resonator and Mallet are for. Think about it, soon as you cast either your tune begins. Usually we cast Amp then Mallet then Resonator and Metronome behind- full tune plays and you can get her buffs by performing exact actions.
  21. It varies, you will know as you receive an in-game notification to tell you it has been approved and the next major update it will appear. I recommend putting the Clan Emblem either as a sigil or shoulder regalia so you see it instantly when they activate it
  22. I have an Ivara with 750 Energy and her Prowl ticks down just around 1 point per second I'll give below for you:- Energy Siphon, Preparation, Primed Vigor, Primed Flow, Umbral Intensify, Umbral Vitality, Transient Fortitude, Hunter Adrenaline (if not using Hunter Mods on pet and/ or weapon can swap), Fleeting Expertise and Infiltrate. All Mods max except- Primed Flow ;(R8), Umbral Intensify (R5), Umbral Vitality (R9) or Transient Fortitude (R8). Energize and Rage Arcanes If you activate Prowl only when facing Mutalist Alad V; it will last the fight just make sure your weapons are Silenced either naturally (I use a Daikyu as Primary and Ballistica Prime as Secondary) otherwise the weapon firing will break your Stealth. My Operator is a Zenurik-focused one if that helps at all :p
  23. the only way to transfer from one to another without violation requires a friend you know, you trust and has the creds. Trade to your friend all tradeable stuff like Prime parts and mods. Switch to new account. Friend now trades your stuff back to you. That is the only way to trade stuff between your accounts that will not see you banned as your accounts are only trading with your friend and not with each other. Requires communication and planning though; inventory-taking of what and how many of each item is being traded.
  24. ty for the confirmation, all help appreciated
  25. not true some bundles do deduct if you have parts such as the Stalker one or the Kuva Collection as they can have bundles within bundles
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