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  1. Desperately need a way to literally get rid of a Lich. Had the displeasure of accidentally mixing him up with a capture target. The icons are both red and with how fast pace the missions can go, I easily mix up the red icons with targets, liches and downed teammates. Especially when you are running a mission over and over again and you fall into the habit of clicking on the red icon that's running away because that is what capture targets do. After that, I am locked into the Lich weather I meant to grab it or not. In this case, it was a mixup of the same color icons, and now I am forced into having to deal with a Lich that I have no interest in at all. I gain nothing from the Lich, I have the weapon it offers, and I have no reason to want them at all to convert them. Basically, I am now stuck wasting my time getting rid of something I don't want, wasting the mods that I already had to farm via RNG, and the horrible grind for murmurs. It's pretty awful. At this point I feel like I am being forced into having to play through the Kuva Lich Electric Boogaloo just to get rid of it and move on. Sure I could ignore it but I honestly get so annoyed with them constantly talking to me that I can't help but just feel disinterested in playing. I get the incentive is to make you want to take them on, but if I gain nothing by doing so, it's just another thing that causes me to become disinterested in playing Warframe. When there isn't much for me to do but farm Lich weapons or maybe some Railjack, I guess I feel like I need to step away and wait until some kind of Kuva Lich Removal system is put in without sacrificing my mods/time. At this point I'd even be willing to pay in Kuva or Platinum to get this accidental Lich out of my game so I can enjoy it again.
  2. Hello! Just wanted to bring attention to the fact that some of my friends and I no longer have mastery for some of the Mk1 weapons, which we have had in the past leveled completely. I know a Google search showed that this has happened before around August of last year, but it seems to either still be an issue, or has decided to pop up once again. I am unsure if others out there are having the issue, hopefully it isn't just us. Otherwise I am going to be relatively confused because, last I checked several months ago before Liches were around, I only needed mastery for like, 5 things. So if anyone else out there is having this issue, I'd appreciate a response. Edit: Spelling
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