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  1. The problem is that some clans have Dojos with multiple floors and rooms already. Many of which have been decorated and mapped out in a specific way. In order for some clans to fit this Railjack room, they would have to manually go through and delete parts of their Dojo to do so. Which is not something many of us are willing to do. Especially if some Clans have spent literally days/weeks decorating and arranging things in order. The only resolution right now for people in that situation is to keep building straight hallways in a random direction until they can. Some Clans have had to build upwards of 5. Unfortunately, if you don't have the plat to rush the rooms, you have to wait 12 hours for each hallway to build before connecting another one. On top of that, you have to wait a literal day just to delete the hallways if you change your mind or DE "fixes" the space issue.
  2. I can only pray this is a bug or oversight that will be fixed at this point. I am not going to build 5 freakin' Hallways to fit it. Without rushing, that's more days of wait time. This wouldn't be a problem to temporarily fix with Hallways if the rooms didn't take an ABSURDLY long time to destroy and build. But right now I have no desire to build 5 hallways in a random direction to fit this building. Especially if there's a possibility of it being bugged. I wont spend 3 days deleting Hallways if this is hotfixed. That's pure insanity. The room removal time is ridiculous and one of the reasons why some of my friends and I dreaded having to build this thing. We already had a massive bug with our Dojo where we couldn't delete any room and had to have a ticket open for a week only to go back and forth with the person answering it for them to realize we needed help. (And it still took them a couple days to actually figure it out too.) I refuse to go through that stuff again. I can only imagine the nightmare some larger clans/dojos have to go through now. Edit: To the message above. @Bullfrog321 That isn't a solution, that is a problem. We know about that already... XD
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