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  1. How ironic that there was an exploit for the Exploiter orb...
  2. I am quite enjoying the new system as it's been saving me a from *lot* of unecessary button-pressing mostly from not having to be constantly pressing the "equip melee/weapon" keys so much. I would quite often have my melee weapon out for Dispatch Overdrive and stealth-killing purposes but then would always be switching weapons when I came up to objectives/traps/sensors. Before the melee changes I would often switch to Operator to destroy the obstacle then switch back and found that to be a little faster and less annoying/fiddly than switching to a different weapon and back again. Now I can just shoot it without thinking about it. Easy. The thing I'm struggling with now though.. is that I really want that Dispatch Overdrive buff (and also the Exodia Brave energy regen)... Which requires that I be channeling to activate it. So the problem with with new system is that: 1) Every time I switch in and out from my melee weapon the game cancels the channeling. Requiring me to reactivate it. 2) If I decide to keep my melee equipped and use that and only that, then every time I do an aim glide (and I aim glide a *lot* for better jumping control, latching onto walls, etc.) then the channeling gets cancelled again. This is leading to a lot of extra fiddling and button-pressing trying to reactivate the channel *every* time and it's not always very clear to me if the channeling is even active or not (because of all the lights and FX going on). I feel like I'm guessing half the time whether or not it's even on. In any case a simple fix would be to have a toggle in the options menu to have channeling active until cancelled or something.
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