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  1. First of all, let me just say this, I was one of the 51% Catchmoon Crowd, though I did diversify quite heavily in loadout from mission to mission, changing things up to gain Mastery or when the Catchmoon wasn't great but it was definitely my go-to Sortie & 50+ mission weapon. But this thread isn't about the Catchmoon, it's about how anaemic the rest of my loadout feels after this update, now I know for a fact that enemy levels have increased in general with The Old Blood, doing missions on the Kuva Fortress and the 50+ nodes now spawning amongst the regular mission types but god damn I've pumped 5 forma into my Zarr and its struggling against Lv30's whereas before it was popping them like it's hot. I'm seeing double, sometime even single digit numbers popping up from the damn Pyrana Prime when I'm doing my Murmur-hunting, and that's when you know something's wrong. I honest to god, think that something has changed between this update and the prior, this game isn't a power fantasy anymore unless you're Saryn or one of the other top-picked Warframes, and even then I notice it's taking longer in general to kill things. So in short, I think something has changed with how damage is calculated, or dealt in general, and is forcing those of us that would've ordinarily jumped at the chance to bring something other than the A-game, back to bringing the A-game.
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