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  1. UltimateSpinDash

    Warframe Soundtrack: Get your digital copy now!

    About bloody time... Seriously, the first track alone is incredibly epic.
  2. UltimateSpinDash

    The War Within: Hotfix 19.3.2 +

    Are you kidding me? Because this isn't funny. Riven mods, right now, only serve to occupy veterans, screw up weapon balance and provide the devs with an excuse to put even less priority on fixing underpowered weapon CATEGORIES, instead leaving us to do it ourselves. You put a cap on the amount of Riven mods we can own because "creativity", then you start selling slots for them and blame technical reasons for another hard cap? You know, if you desperately needed a new type of mod for War Within, you just released the Operators. And they have 100HP and way too little energy. They feel like Warframes without mods. And the fact that stats like -100% (and less!) projectile speed were possible further proves this whole idea wasn't thought through. So please, remove this nonsense from the game, refund everyone who invested in it, and pretend it never happened. I for one won't use them for a plethora of reasons, and this whole slot business only cemented that decision.
  3. UltimateSpinDash

    Valkyr Prime Arrives November 22!!

    So you're doing away with the week delay between primes? Can't say I'm against that.
  4. UltimateSpinDash

    The Silver Grove

    So about Titania...
  5. UltimateSpinDash

    Primed Seration

    And this is why this game's community is unpleasable. I do think that integrating Damage Mods into the weapons just gives us free slots on makes us even more powerful when we may already be too powerful for most enemies.
  6. UltimateSpinDash

    Primed Seration

    Well, they could give it a different scaling like they did with Primed Pistol Gambit. But since "mandatory mods" are under the surgical laser already, I highly doubt it. Though it wouldn't be the first time DE does contradictory things (like removing arcane helmets then adding arcane enhancements).
  7. UltimateSpinDash

    Is Fleeting Expertise Useless Now?

    It's only different on Warframes with continuous abilities.
  8. UltimateSpinDash

    Is This A Good Loki Prime Build To Run With?

    I've been building Loki wrong for such a long time...
  9. UltimateSpinDash

    Telos Boltor Needs A Buff

    Since they seem to be going for a Boltor Set on Arbiters, I hope for Telos Boltace. Not just from a cosmetic standpoint, but this is also perfect for introducing set bonuses.
  10. There are still Syndicate Weapons, Oberon, Trinity, Equinox... did I miss someone? If you are going to do high level stuff, bring something or someone that can heal you!
  11. While all the things said about taking a heal frame, certain syndicate weapons or Health Restores with you are valid, I do think that damage over time effects should only be able to reduce your health to say, 1% (similar to Survival missions when you run out of air), but not kill you unless you get hit again without shields or by an attack that bypasses shields.
  12. UltimateSpinDash

    Proposed Multishot Change Mentioned In Devstream 59 [Megathread]

    That was fast... It may change some builds around, but I don't think it will kill weapons that already have no ammo problems. You will have to remove it from weapons like the Amprex, Gammacor family etc. though.
  13. UltimateSpinDash

    The Reign Of Forma Is Over!

    How was there no reaction to T4S Rotation A: Rare Fusion Core 5 Pack for Uncommon Fusion Core 5 Pack. yet? It's T4, and it already doesn't drop R5s as frequently anymore, so why the downgrade? Or am I missing something and they only replaced Forma from T4S A with uncommon cores?
  14. UltimateSpinDash

    New World Ordis?

    Wait, Ordis with Stalkers voice? I need it!
  15. UltimateSpinDash

    Warframe Prime Time #83: Tonight At 7Pm Edt!

    Mystery co-host... Glen? Please be Glen.