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  1. Hi, today I claimed my twich prime gifts but they weren't in my inventory after relogging in thinking it was a latency bug. What should I do ?
  2. thank you all I will be using your advice to help me progress
  3. I would think that you could use heat for armor stripping
  4. Hello, I am trying to make myself a kuva loadout and a few days ago I got a kuva nukor lich I got a 53% heat on it. I have seen guides on internet saying toxin should be the optimal choice but does heat make the kuva nukor any good ?
  5. Spend the plat on a warframe slot and the rest in weapon slots
  6. She is great but you have to have good mods far better ones than flawed mods my advice is to progress with a frame such as excal and when you get better mods and you undestand more about how the game works you will be able to play her
  7. so I got this mewan riven for how much should I sell it for and How can I sell it trade chat doesn't seem to care and no one on warframe market will notice it
  8. Thank you all for your help I appreciate the time and effort you have all taken to help me
  9. I know all of this stuff but it doesn't work
  10. hello, so I recently started to hunt eidolons and I need a better amp ( I currently have the 1 1 1 amp ) I am aiming for the 2 2 3 but I can't get cetus wisps I go around every body of water and I can't find any.
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