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  1. Buddy I'm still farming for Hidden Messages key materials so no
  2. Did you like totally forget cetus and fortuna and railjack and disruption and rathuum and index? And that's just the last year or so.
  3. Would you consider a "second tier" access program for the older frames? I have bought I think all but two of my current primes, which is "every girl frame and like three boys too", but access is one of the few things I have bought from DE that I don't think is really worth the money. You tend to waste some content (titan extractors, duplicate cosmetics or syandanas you won't use bc you have fifty, a weapon you don't like much) and it's a high price point - especially compared to buying the same stuff (sans cosmetics) from trade chat using bought plat. I'd love a stripped down version in general - customisation of access packages a little - but a cosmetic (even just a well-curated standard market one tbh) and a frame from the old sets for £10-20gbp would be a really tempting option, for example - even if it's just for the oldest!
  4. Uhhhh temporary "invulnerability" against some types of damage (more likely a high damage resist) was not what Defy did. Did you forget how to play old Wukong that quickly? If so, seems like the rework hit its mark!
  5. Other than the ropalolyst so far "shoot them til they die" seems to work for everything?
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