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  1. This isn't the first time designing a mode to appease players that hated it might have ruined something good for me, but I think this one hits the hardest. Staring at the Avionics screen and realising that there's no reason to equip anything, that shields no longer matter, that the experience has been simplified but not changed by the breach alterations, that fire suppression takes 8 ranks to shave a minute off a 5 minute cooldown, was the most disappointing thing I've experienced in all seven years as a player. My maxed rank Maxima in a 3 rank slot now increases shields by about 300 points - equipping it in an unranked slot grants me a whole 50 shield. I didn't need that many ranks in Hyperstrike BEFORE the damage changes, one-shotting fighters at half rank. Now I can put more ranks in it, because I don't gain much from equipping Maxima or Conic Nozzle or upgrading Fire Suppression any more, but there's no reason to. Why build anything? A max rank bulkhead hardly matters, none of it does anything, none of the utility mods matter. Everything that wasn't "building the railjack exactly like a tenno in the ground game ie never any utility or variation or shield mods" seems to have gone from avionics. I am DREADING starting a railjack mission. I thought it was the best space game I'd played in years; this has left a sour feeling in the pit of my stomach. Oh - and I notice no fix for the near-universal exploit of hiding the Railjack inside the murex, thus breaking pathfinding for sentient attackers? Is this unreported because players like it too much? EDIT: Just wrapped on my first railjack mission since the update. The health of enemies on foot has much improved, they no longer require broken guns to kill effectively, and loot in general is higher. Everything else is either a wash - like the interface, with its improved aim indicators and its new bottom bar for the tactical menu that overlaps the fast travel point for the forge - or distinctly worse. Drift maneuvers are pointless, I didn't notice when I was just boosting instead. Weapons still don't affect crewships meaningfully. The railjack feels less like a capital ship worthy of its name. The role of side gunners is reduced. Hazards just never happened. Brushing a boarding pod with a gun destroys it instantly. All threat and tension has gone from the missions. They felt like running low level exterminates. And that's solo, dread to think what it's like in a squad. Stop listening to the most vocal critics of every new update!
  2. For the love of all that is holy please let me put the Omni in my gear wheel before a mission, sticking it in whatever free slot is not only inconvenient, it can clear the infinite gear wheel and force me to reselect ALL 56 GEAR ITEMS that I have equipped. Other than that and everything that doesn't work reliably yet, railjack is incredible.
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