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  1. Totally different purposes. Nidus is extreme tank, team health regen, high ability damage, good single-target team buffer, solid CC. I've got mine to the point where I can facetank multiple level 160 gunners/bombards without even using Parasitic Link. Probably the most unkillable frame in game once you get a few stacks (not a problem with Insatiable). Ivara is stealth with great CC, good exalted damage (with or without augment), good team invisibility buff, probably best invisibility in the game. Go-to pick for Spy missions IMO, or any stealth Riven. Octavia is buffs buffs buffs for the entire team, great CC, infinitely scaling damage that bases damage based on incoming damage from enemies. One of the strongest frames in endless missions, bit clunky to play, you'll be teabagging like it's Halo 3 to stay alive. I personally love Nidus, so he's my pick for endless/high level stuff. Ivara is fantastic stealth, Octavia just ain't my thing (but she is incredibly strong).
  2. Grinlok. Even with a really good crit chance/multishot riven, the output isn't terribly impressive. But man, it feels good to old-school pop heads.
  3. Hmm, I can't find the tweet. Is it a reply to one of her tweets? Even without evidence, I'm feeling a Thursday release, her forum post indicates they do NOT want to do another Friday, especially for such an important update.
  4. If the UI stuff is delaying deployment, just leave that for later PLEASE. UI is nice, but I am dying for Umbra/Sacrifice over here.
  5. IIRC TSD was an 11pm release or something, don't remember the day. Fairly certain DE is much more prepared now, especially after the Wait Within fiasco.
  6. I couldn't even fall/stay asleep due to Sacrifice last night. In bed at 10pm, got maybe three or four hours of sleep until 8am. My dog snoring like a Grineer Galleon's cannons didn't help either, but I was just too damn excited.
  7. Well, tomorrow is the most likely day, IMO. Three hours behind DE and I have tomorrow free, so fingers crossed Sacrifice is out when I get up. One can hope.
  8. In-game right now just to sell rivens to get plat for dat sweet ninja mask and wait for possible red-text. This wait feels even worse knowing it could be any moment.
  9. I'm worried about the update being late in the week, due to DE usually doing Twitch drops over the weekend...still hoping today though. I feel like today/Wednesday is more likely than Thursday/Friday.
  10. Whoa. "Howl all you want, you won't bring him back." I think we're gonna lose Ordis 😕
  11. Upcoming notes. Final teaser today. Time for a cautious hypehypehype.
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