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  1. Nidus is actually not very good at Arbitration. He cannot link enemies that are affected by a drone, and drone-affected enemies don't add to Mutation stacks via Virulence. You want a frame with EHP without having to interact with enemies (Chroma, Lavos, Inaros, etc). Try to stay away from frames that require setup on enemies or wide CC; for example Nova is eh because while she has DR via Null Stars, Molecular Prime is sub-par with so many drones.
  2. The annoying part is that you are free to swap and cast Effigy with the new element (which, STILL doesn't buff allies like it says it does and gets none of the armor it takes!), but EW is locked in. I've no idea about the coding required to make EW swappable, maybe it's just not possible (hope not)?
  3. Khora gets a needed nerf and people immediately jump on OP with the insults. Real classy, guys. Khora was way above the power curve. Other frames can come close at times or be workable, but they usually have downsides like energy cost or ramp-up time. Khora needed a nerf (and TBH it needs to be the interaction with Whipclaw and stat-sticks/rivens, the LOS was less of a problem IMO) because not only was she the best, she was the best by a good margin. She ALSO is effective in multiple categories, not just hyper-specialized. The people mad about this will sulk for a while
  4. Seeing as I am now shuffling elements around in mission (hooray!) I am occasionally accidentally using Elemental Ward while on Toxin or an element that is not appropriate for the situation at hand. For Chroma to be truly adaptable, he needs to be able to recast EW to (a) have it work the same as Vex Armor and (b) have the new cast take into account the CURRENT element, to both be able to correct accidental element usage and change (for an energy cost) on the fly to new situations.
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