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  1. More ideas: Weather warframe. Either drawing inspiration from weather phenomena or... a weather forecaster. "Predicting strong thunder storms." * boom * Or a rain dancer? Opera singer, to be Octavia and Banshee's buddy. Either a pretty grown or a nice suit (or both). Powers revolve around crowd control and amazing arias. Less of a theme but one more idea: a pair of non-binary frames (as DE tends to publish two male frames and two female frames at a time, to keep the numbers). One could be for example agender, one could be for example bigender. Their pronouns would be "they".
  2. Some theme ideas: Computer virus/glitch. A warframe who intermingled with Orokin/Corpus computer systems a little too much, or was designed for information warware. Flickery pixely looks. Can fry anything computer-related by ease, also can draw info out of nearby terminals to figure out enemy weaknesses and thus boost damage. A warframe with a large dinosaur-like tail. Grab it, whack it, smash it. South American native theme (Aztec, Inca, Maya...) Maybe even a feathered dragon of their mythology? Possibly some kind of solar/fire powers, hidden knowledge, science. Visuals would be colorful and awesome at least.
  3. Warframe Gear Idea: Ballistic Exoskeleton Arms AKA let Warframes to just throw things!
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