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  1. Eeeeeee! ^^ This is the first time my RP character has a musical theme! Thank you, @ShrimpOverlord! I especially like the beeping part from middle onwards. It makes me feel like that Palutu hijacks into the song and goes like "hold my circuits I make some tweaking here, BEEP BOOP BEEP here you go I made some micro adjustments that humans can't even hear you're welcome" xD
  2. "Move on, fast. Estimated time window for closing is 6 minutes plus minus 2 minutes. Radio silence, now." So now Palutu would get their first look - literally - inside... what might be inside this elusive galleon? What kind of tech hid it? Too bad the Cephalon wasn't in the Delta squad, but it would only sate their curiosity only slightly faster. And also, Gamma squad was where they would be most effective.
  3. "Your observation is correct," Palutu says. While it was possible that there was a provocation attempt happening based on the earlier history, the operative had a point, and facts always overrode interpersonal flavors. "I modify my earlier request. Instead of providing me audiovisuals, please prepare for that I may take over them if I see that necessary. That applies for situations when there is certainty of not having our cover broken by this connection, or that the cover is already broken. In order to decrease visible signals, I request physically jacking my datamass into Operative Dov's systems so signals are easier to conceal."
  4. Appended data on Operative #640. Rename: Operative #640 --> Operative Takar. "That is a good idea," the Cephalon replied. "Little is known how to detect this kind of communications by means of technology. I still do recommend keeping it sparse to avoid attention. I am not sure if I can access that kind of communication, but I am with an operative who can pass the message." Them. Finally. Were those humans finally able to read the internal parameter that indicated a Cephalon's preferred pronoun? Palutu has been understading that humans were incapable of seeing such light-constructed things. This needed more study. Maybe this was just a lucky guess, or then habit of some humans to refer unknown parties as "them". Moreover, there was this possibility that the humans were able to read it all along but they just taunted the Cephalon by sticking on the polarized "him"/"her" vocabulary. But more that on other day. Appended data on Operative #638. Rename: Operative #638 --> Operative Dov. "Affirmative. Operative Dov is caring about transportation of me, Cephalon Palutu. Operative Dov, please inform me next time you reveice Operative Takar's mental message, so I can verify whether or not I can receive it. If not, please relay me any vital information." ...different plane? Wait. Palutu had heard only rumors... about a mathematican... "Translation though dimension of higher magnitude than four?" they inquired. "I need specifics to be able to estimate how to utilize it. Most importantly, can our plane detect events on this different plane?"
  5. Then let's make it so that Palutu advises also the Delta squad! I'll correct this.
  6. Good news, on PC there is visual marking implemented. Namely, in addition to the sound, the Demolysts are also marked with pulsating red color and later a proper map marker.
  7. On the other hand... do you want that Palutu also broadcasts to the Delta squad? The Cephalon's advice is relevant also to them. I just originally thought they talk to Gamma squad.
  8. GAMMA AND DELTA "Engage cloaking tech on your stealth crafts," Palutu advises both Gamma and Delta squads. "Also disable all emissive sensors." By this the Cephalon meant sensors that rely on reflection of produced radio/sound waves, such as radar and sonar. "Non-emissive sensors should not increase detection risk by any notable margin." Passive sensors included cameras, microphones, thermometers, and other detection devices that only collected data and did not procude any signals, at least not signal that couldn't be cloaked by basic stealth systems that would cloak any mandatory electronics. If needed, Palutu could also use their white noise generator to bring extra cover. "Upon reaching the critical area, we also shall enter to radio silence in order to minimize our signal input. Prioritize visual signals over other communication methods as long as possible. "
  9. Thanks! 🙂 I think one of my first inspirations for machine RP characters has been Baymax from Big Hero 6: He truly acts like a robot (specifically a personal healthcare companion robot) and frequently runs at situations he isn't designed for (stealth missions pfffth), and he just tries to cope those while trying to fulfill his main objective (keeping humans around him safe and healthy). Yet while he is definitely an artificial intelligence, he also manages to be a true personality and be an endearing character, which is only fuelled by his "misaimed" programmin (snatches someone who is about to fall off a racing car only to calmly remind them about seat belts). Well, Palutu isn't nearly as sweet as Baymax is though xD
  10. Just saying, I'm having a blast writing Palutu. 😄 Being a programmer by trade may have an effect. I kinda model Palutu as a tiny person in a tiny box somewhere far away, and they can observe and interact with physical world only through sensors and machinery. This kind of limitation is fascinating to me. While Palutu does have their personality and human-based thought patterns, they also have kind of "software augmentations" with their decision processes (such as seeing Dov's bright ship and not being sure if they are getting their visuals right --> run diagnostics to check it, and also evaluating if they should snap back at Insali). Lot of time in my narration those software augmentations and their "human thinking" intermingle, just based on what I fancy to write at the moment. In addition to the limitations, Palutu also comes with computer-based skills such as being able to compute things FAST and to digest digital information in matter of milliseconds. As said, I've thought for a long that RPing a machine being sounds really interesting, due to all differences they have compared to humans or animals.
  11. GAMMA Appended data on Operative #639. What in the deepest Void. For now, out of three, two operatives expressed little ability to co-operate on the top of distinct anti-Cephalon stance. What made Aurum and Argent select those two to work with Palutu? They had to have redeeming qualities... or then the duo had severely underestimated the vitality of overriding the systems of Half Light. Thank goodness Palutu had their backup copies stored... While humans were not Palutu's specialty, they knew better than start to argue. It would just waste time, as those beings relied on inefficient sound waves instead of digital data packages. There was also a chance that the synchronization might work after all, as disliking a party did not necessarily equal profound inability to co-operate. "We expect the departure in 6 minutes," Palutu says, effortlessly translating their millisecond measure into integer minute format that would be optimal for human neural structure. "This is a reference to the 30 minutes time limit given by Operative Argent. I suppose your ships have went the basic maintenance routine of the Relay staff." Which wasn't something that Palutu themself would qualify. On the other hand, the staff had only limited time for each ship. Well, at least each ship would have fuel, and Palutu would make their checks on their own once they would be onbeard. "Operative Argent gave you summary of your mission objective. I shall elaborate. Your mission is to bring me to marked nerve points so I can override commanding datastructure, one nerve point at a time. This will take non-marginal time, meaning those nerve points must be protected from forced shutdown until I am finished there. Please note that my ability to assist depends on sensory data I scan across the ship via sensors attached to the datamass and also sensors in your equipment. If your visors include augmented reality support, I shall add waypoints and map data for easier information sharing. I may even be able to highlight enemy signatures and other auxillary information, should my sensor data input be sufficient."
  12. * Palutu hijacks a drone and flies after the team * "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit."
  13. GAMMA Visuals of Operative #638 connected. Audio of Operative #638 connected. WARNING: Saturation of vision higher than nominal levels. Troubleshoot? <Y/N> Y Troubleshoot completed. No visual impairment detected. Presence of highly saturated objects identified. Closing troubleshooting. Wow. That is one colorful Liset of 45-A series. Definitely custom-painted. Could it have any other custom features? Palutu also troubleshooted their audio input only to realize that the air wave frequencies were also highly saturated with this instance of... music? Yes. Dedicated repetitiveness and rhythm indicated music. Palutu started producing both visual and audio filters to their systems. Appended data on Operative #638. This one appears much more co-operative. Good. Synchronization would be possible. And synchronization would enable effectiveness. Probably visual and auditory noise wouldn't be an issue with Palutu's systems. "I leave it up to your decision, the transportation of my datamass. The more efficient you are, the better. I will also create suggestions for your routes, should I get enough data for analysis. I should be able to track terminals of virtually any type."
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