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  1. Space Orks are the best thing GW ever had the idea to add in their 40k setting. Their whole concept is hilarious. We're talking an essentially immortal race that is having so much fun fighting everything they backstab each other so the fun can last longer. We're talking a bunch of idiots who believes in themselves so hard they warp reality and create impossible things that works because they believe it will work. They paint their ships Red because RED GOES FASTAH, they paint their stealth troops in purple because "Did you ever see a purple ork ?" and it works. I think I never saw such an original concept for a race anywhere else. And it's so ridiculous and dialed up to 11 it's actually a very fun race overall and ironically one of the most powerful of the universe of 40k if only they stopped fighting each others for fun. Off topic over.
  2. 40K started as a parody to SF after all. GW just decided to have fun and copy-paste their WH universe (though WHF isn't set in the same universe as WH40k) 40.000 years into the future with a joke book (Rogue Trader) and discovered it was actually a gold mine, and the more f*cked up it is, the better. So they just went all out.
  3. I kind of disagree. Well, I didn't play every frame yet, but as far as "separate meters" go, there's : - Ember. I don't have her so can't comment. - Gauss. Since his last buff he get to 100% pretty quickly and can keep the buff for a good 40 seconds. You literally leave 2+4 constantly active with him. - Baruuk. The meter is a "bit" of a pain to set up at the beginning of the mission and he's not made for anything else than endless run. But once the meter is full, you can constantly use Desert Storm as long as you don't forget to recast 2 and 3 regularly. - Nidus. He's just incredibly strong and it's certainly not his "meter" that bring him down. If anything that allows him to be unkillable AND helps in long run since it also allows his 1 to scale in damage. - Nezha, though his Halo is just a glorified Iron Skin with better visualization. Nothing to say there. Sure, DE loves giving use those "meters". But is that really bad ? All of these frames are pretty fun to use. Personally since his release I think that Grendel is a better Inaros. He got similar abilities in a way, but gives way better CC, better buff to his team and is actually fun to use.
  4. Gram. Useless. It's still one of the strongest melee weapon out there. And its riven disposition is still 5/5. Stop being ridiculous...
  5. Honestly I don't understand how people can be more annoyed at Grendel mission compared to Harrow and Equinox insane RNG, or Trinity and Saryn boss fight that first requires you to farm a specific mission AND THEN farm the boss with drop RNG. With a very basic team through recruitment chat, Grendel is done in one hour or so. That's it. One hour. And you can still find synergies and frame that scales in power. I understand buying Nidus Khora or even Harrow. But Grendel ?
  6. Yeah you need some teamwork. At least you need to recruit players and decides who will play what. You can move independently in the mission once you decided on that, but you need a minimum of coordination : The defensive frame needs to always be the first to the excavator, and in survival all four need to stay in the same room and move as a team from one Capsule to another. Trinity is very very useful to give energy to her team. But healing is easier with a Wisp since it also gives you max HP. Hildryn is nice for both damage and team support.
  7. Yeah. That's what make it fun. Since augments works, you can also bring Frost for the defense objective, Nyx for making the mobs fight each other, weakening rhem with her 2 and staying in invincible state, Oberon for heal and very good damage all around, Limbo for the same reason as Frost but with energy regen, Hydroid for armor stripping, healing and drop on Survival, Saryn for overall DPS, Octavia for scaling damage... One Trinity is pretty much mandatory tho.
  8. Time consuming ? Farming for Equinox is time consuming. Grendel mission are over in one hour and a half at most.
  9. Octavia is the actual best stealth frame for generic purpose mission, and Ivara is the second best with a Spy specialization. But who cares. That Ash Prime pack looks sexy as hell. Carrier Prime + Ash Prime + Vectis Prime. I think my wallet will become Sentient and wage a New War against my Steam purchase.
  10. What skill ? There's nothing hard with this method. You literally have nothing to do but spam the jump button and aerial attacks.
  11. You didn't read my post did you ? The solution is right there. Under your eyes. It will requires some farm on your part, but at least you'll pass it easy. Here, I'll write it down bigger in two words : Use. Wisp. If you REALLY can't pass this test no matter what you try, this is the most foulproof method. Ever.
  12. 6000 hours players should get bored at this point. Nothing strange here ? I doubt I even played more than 1000 hours on any of my game.
  13. Why ? Does Warframe prime access includes new abilities for your Tenno or complete quest with cinematics and specific rewards ? Because that's what Destiny 2 does. Having to pay Renegades to have access to a third of the skilltree is as stupid as if Warframe locked two focus tree behind a paywall.
  14. I experimented a lot with Silva and Aegis Prime the last few days. It got less attack speed and crit chance but more status chance. I've settled for a a riven with Crit damage / Combo duration / Status chance, which replaces both Organ shatters and Drifing contact and open a mod slot. My build is : Final Harbinger (obvious best choice. It forces proc slash and impact btw on top of being very mobile) Toxic 60/60 Primed Reach Electric 60/60 Condition Overload Blood Rush Riven Berserk Primed Pressure Point Without a riven I was using Drifting Contact instead of PPP and Organ Shatters instead of the Riven. I experimented a lot, and PPP in my current build bring about the same result as Organ Shatters. S&A is a monster with Heat+Corrosive since it ONLY procs those status (no IPS at all besides stance forced proc), so it delete armor at a super fast pace and proc multiple heat damage on top of it. It works as well with Gaz but Viral is weaker. On Sigma Octantis in comparison, I would change the corrosive with viral since it's a slash weapon and Final Harbinger gives even more slash proc on top of it. Maybe I would replace Drifting Contact with Weeping Wound as well. So the build would be Viral / BR / Berserk / CO / Organ Shatter / P Reach / Weeping Wounds. Unless you have a riven to replace two mods and slot PPP on top of it of course. Berserk can be replaced with P Fury as well.
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