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  1. Mausolon is amazing yes. Protea's Dispenser and Lavos provides ammo for every type of weapon including archguns, which makes Mausolon very viable as a main weapon incidentally. Trumna's Alt-fire is outdamaging my Mausolon's tho. But it may very well be because my archgun mods are not as good.
  2. Oh it absolutely does. On the other hand I only got and rolled a Riven for it because I liked it so much. It's already an extremely good weapon without it. Crit Damage Riven just made it absurdly strong on the alt fire. But honestly, 3 60/60 (Viral + Fire), Shred, Serration, Multishot, Crit Chance, Crit Damage and it's already a very solid weapon with an extremely powerful alternate fire. The Riven is just the cherry on top I invested on because Trumna is my current favourite gun. I did invest 6 forma on it too, which is the most I ever used on a weapon, and I used -Recoil on the Exi
  3. Right now, with Helminth, you can make Banshee works. It requires Helminth which is not ideal AT ALL, but it exists. I replaced her 4 with Defensive Pillage from Hildryn on mine. She gets absurds amount of shields from it. Combined with augment for 1 and sonar, rest is almost exclusively duration and just enough power for 100% armor strip from her 1. It works. It's a very specific build, I'm not gonna argue about that. The fact she need Helminth is also a problem, she really shouldn't. But with this build she's absolutely able to tackle any Steel Path mission without any danger of dy
  4. Trumna is bloody amazing. The best automatic gun in the game IMO and by a very large margin. It's slow to reload but you can just throw a Synth mod on your Sentinel and never bother reloading it ever again. It got a huge 200 ammo magazine. Fire rate is a bit on the low side, but Primed Shred, or even base Shreds is enough, and there's absolutely no downside to adding more penetration to it. Main fire mode is basically a Zhuge Prime but better. The bolt explodes on impact so it deals a bit of AOE damage, but with penetration added to it, the bolt first deal damage+explosion on the fir
  5. On a lot of weapons with long reload I actually use the Kavat/Kubrow mod that reload weapons that aren't used. IIRC it's on the Synth series mod. Synth Deconstruct in particular is still useful for your companion so you're not completely wasting a slot either. On weapons like Trumna it's very good. They have a large pool of ammo, and the mod effect reload a % of the ammo. So a quick two seconds of melee replenishes them by a lot.
  6. When did you do a Kuva Survival for the last time ?... In these, the timing of the Support drops is extremely precise. It's basically set up so you have to defend only one Support at a time. If your squad is efficient, a new support will drop around 10 seconds after a Kuva Siphon is finished. A Limbo with max range WILL mess with your ability to get support from enemies in these. In the first place, max range Limbo is freaking unecessary and annoying besides very very specific mission. And even then, small range/long duration Limbo is much better overall. Limbo is a frame that is spe
  7. Trumna is a beast. IMO the best primary gun atm. The alt fire can just nuke anything. The new weapon, the Cedo, is probably the best gun for applying status in the game at the moment too. Very good combined with any melee. Overall, melee is in a very good place altogether, but many guns and secondaries are just meh. Gram Prime is still an excellent weapon.
  8. Actually, max level nuker frames benefits your team on affinity farming. A Saryn in ESO speeds up your leveling quite a lot. You get less affinity than if you kills enemies yourself, but on the other hand, if you want to level a specific weapon, a Saryn will kill a LOT more than your weapon and thus gives you a lot more affinity. It's quantity vs quality basically. I do think that using nukers in maps like long survival is rude however. I just hate when I'm playing Kuva Survival for a long time and there's a guy killing everything on his own. Survival is already boring, so if I don't even
  9. The point of these is... they are fun to use ? No, really. It's a bit different to what we are used to, and they actually have a very decent array of abilities and weaponry. They are seriously tanky as long as you have energy and deal a very good amount of damage. Also, the Mausolon is freaking awesome, grinding the mech just for the Mausolon is worth it IMO. I even use it with frames that can replenish archguns ammo like Protea and Lavos due to how freaking fun this gun is. It even comes with a Gravimag directly installed so you don't even have to farm Fortuna for it.
  10. > Warthunder > Competitive Pick one please. A game this bugged, unbalanced and messy isn't competitive. It's barely functional as a PVP game. On topic, honestly, Warframe can be enjoyed by anyone. The diversity of frames and weapons means you can always enjoy a slower pace if you want to. Nobody will ask you to play Gauss if you're not one to run everywhere at breakneck pace. Frames like Grendel, Harrow or Ivara can play at their own pace.
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