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  1. Nidus is a great frame for very long mission or things like Arbitration. His damage scales very well as he piles up more stacks, and he's basically unkillable once he got his momentum going. He can buff allies power strenght, get DR from enemies, CC, heal, and deal pretty good damage. He's also quite energy efficient since his 1 return energy depending on the number of enemies he hits. I don't play him much for short mission like Kuva Liches, but he's very strong in perturbation, survival and the like. Saryn is extremely powerful but IMO she's ruining her team fun just like Mirage with 3rd Augment or Mesa in a defense mission. She just hog all the damage and kill. I only use her in ESO for focus farm or to level a new weapon fast since it also helps leveling your squadmates weapons faster.
  2. Toxin is better IMO. I'd go with Toxin or Rad personally. This way you can mod them with either Corrosive + Heat, or even Rad+Corr+Heat in the last case. Toxin can also be modded for Gas or Viral.
  3. The Lich system currently have two main issues : - The murmur grind is far too tedious. I think Lich should spawn way way more often to makes it at least a bit more faster with the trial&error way. - No way to opt out of the system. At least they gave us the weapon type on the Larvling which is a good thing. I did stab one of my larvling accidentally yesterday while trying to get a Bramma. That was 3 hours of farm mostly wasted afterward. The lich grind itself is incredibly tedious because murmurs fills up slowly and Lich appears one at a time at most in a squad.
  4. Titania is the best frame for this challenge by the way. But a number of them work. On top of my head, I can mention : - Titania 1 and 3 - Nezha 4 (be careful not overkilling) - Vauban's Bastille (not sure that Vortex works) - Inaros 3 - Zephyr 4 Any ability that can lift a target works, in short.
  5. I'd love a warframe with a Heraldic theme. A support/offensive warframe that carries a Banner to rally his squad. Main design would be knight-like. HP and armor should be reasonably high. No shields or almost nothing, a bit like Grendel. As for the abilities go : Passive : Noblesse Oblige : Each elimination gives 15 armors for 5 seconds to you and allies in affinity range, cumulable 10 time. 1st Ability : Self-buff, duration based. Something simple for a 1st ability. 2nd Ability : Active ability. Deploy a banner that grants several buff to squad in a circular range. Each time an ally or yourself gets a kill, the buff increases until the cap is reached, but a damage counters continues to go up. As for visual effect, after the banner is deployed, the Warframe carries it on his back. Energy cost for upkeep should be decently low. 3rd Ability : The frame grabs the active banner and send it in a straight line to enemies in front of him. Damage scales depending on how much the banner is charged with 2. 4th Ability : Summon a bunch of energy swords that hover over the warframe head and seeks enemies in front of him in a cone-shape.
  6. Take tanky frames, preferably those that have downright invincibility or means to heal themselves very fast for most of those missions. Titania with Life Strike on the Diwata can work for instance. Gara or good frame with a decent mix of DPS/tankyness works, any invisibility frame, Rhino, Nezha, Trinity... most of those are very safe bet. Just try not to use squishy frames that are extra reliant on CC like Vauban or Mag to stay alive. They really don't fare well in arbitration because... The drones that makes enemies invincible are immune to ALL warframe power. You can't stun them. You can't control them. You can't damage them with any warframe power. All you can do is shoot them. It's one of the reason why so many people use Acceltra in arbitration btw, that gun fire fast minrockets, accurately and do huge AOE, so just spamming it in the drone's general direction is enough to deal with them for some time. For your first few Arbitration mission, Rhino is one of the safest bet and is a frame you probably already have.
  7. Sybaris and Tigris Prime coming back is good news for me. I already have both Oberon and Nekros, and I got very lucky with Trinity Prime drops from other players, so don't need her unvault for now.
  8. I like the idea. A sort of Code Geass way basically. I'd go for an AOE in a cone-shape, that makes enemies lose a % of true HP, scalable with power strenght, but not range. Sort of an equivalent to Revenant 3. Maybe make it synergize with Chaos.
  9. Clearly not. Trying to kill lich even without knowing the combination make murmur progress far faster. And with a good frame and good weapon, Lv5 Lich aren't a problem at all. /laugh in Revenant.
  10. You should aim at MR16 anyway at the very least. It's the max level required for equipping Riven. It kind of suck dropping a MR16 Riven for a weapon you lack and being unable to use it.
  11. Akarius ? Quatz ? Acceltra ? Chakhurr ? Fulmin ? Quellor ? In order : an autoguided rocket launcher, a fast firing weapon with an electric AOE on reload, essentially a WH40k Bolter, a precision flintlock rifle with an AOE on impact and higher damage on headshot, a silent shotgun doubled with an electric automatic rifle, and a minigun with a very very satisfying alt fire.
  12. I like Nyx, but I agree she needs tweaks. I use her as a pure tank with Assimilate and syndicate weapons that gives energy back. Overall I think that : - Her 2 is fine. It's an improved version of Seeking Shuriken. The seeker part isn't as good but her armor strip is awesome. It even removes Ancient infested aura and remove all shields from corpus. - Assimilate should be her base 4 and should not need an augment. The damage absorption should be several time better and closer to what Equinox does. Or transform into a true damage ability. Currently even if you absorb 200k damage with it, when you relase it you are lucky if you get the surrounding mobs at half HP. It's ridiculous. - Her 1 is useless. - Her 3 is not good enough. It should turn into a hard CC, with all enemies in range fighting each others at the very least. But I'd rather change it outright. IMO they should change her 2 into something that strips armor/shield and give it to her. A copy of Hildryn's 2 basically. Her 1 and 3 should be changed. I'd replace her 1 with an equivalent of Molt for Saryn or Gara's 3 or something. Turn the selected enemy into a target practice. And about her 3 I don't know... With the changes above her survivability should be already way higher, so the 3 could be an AOE damage ability maybe ? Or a team buff ? Maybe adding some actual synergy could be nice too.
  13. Am I the only one that suffers from this bug ? It's extremely annoying and it seems I'm the only one that get it.
  14. Why would you fix and rebalance a frame that already works very well with a variety of build ? Primed Frame are rarely a huge improvement. They got a new skin, some polarities (she got a free V polarity), and a slight stat buff. Only frame that actually need a rework receive one. Wukong was an exception, not a rule. AFAIK Atlas Zephyr Mirage and a lot of other frame got a similar Prime release without anything changing. Seriously why do you even want an Ivara rework ? Because you can't rush extermination mission with her ? Sure. But she's still the spy queen, and she's awesome in survival, defense, free roam activities (conservation, mining...), enjoy several damage boosters, scale well with higher level enemies, and can even do Eidolon. Hell I'm doing railjack mission with Ivara now. Stealth and Redeemer Prime makes a very safe and short work of the invading enemy crewmen, and being able to blast the central part of a crewship without having to kill a single enemy saves a lot of time.
  15. Still no Octavia song fixes ? That should be high on your priority as far as bug squishing go, DE. Other than that, a lot of improvement this time, and Jellyfish prime is here !
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