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  1. Hate ? Underpowered ? Try a heavy attack build with it. The slash procs easily go in the 50k+. It's easily one of the most powerful melee right now. I generally agree with you, especially after putting 6 forma in the Trumna and finding myself struggling to play any other gun, but many of the older weapons are still extremely good. Hell the Kuva variant was a refreshing way to make people to revisit weapons like Hind or Karak.
  2. Yet Ash could utterly trivialize Disruption with MFD. Mark a mook, fatal teleport, everything die including the disruption target. And Saryn/Mesa were lightyears behind that build. Lightyears. It was completely and utterly broken. Even Khora requires you to build your whipclaws and combo for her 1. Seriously, the simple fact that Tesla Bank was the same ability, but weaker and requiring an augment should have rang alarm bells in your heads. MFD was too strong.
  3. No it wasn't fine lol. When you can nuke entire room simply because you use Savage Silence or Fatal Teleport combined with MFD, the ability wasn't "fine" by any means. When one guy can hog all the damage and kill of his team by simply pressing two buttons and not letting anyone else play, you can't call that "fine". Ash with a Fatal Teleport build can already one-shot for 1m+ damage any enemy if your melee is built for it. The addition of MFD on top was ridiculous. Overnerfed ? Maybe. But the nerf was OBVIOUS and you really really need to be blind to not have seen it coming. Sto
  4. Of course people are complaining about Marked for Death. Guys... this ability was beyond broken. Even with the bug removed. Wish Ash you could get 99% of the damage and kill of your whole squad in lv300+ content by yourself. OF COURSE it would be nerfed. It was beyond busted. Also it made abilities like Wisp's 3 or Vauban's 1 (WITH AUGMENT NEEDED) looks downright bad as it was simply better in everything.
  5. Since Helminth I experimented a bit with Banshee but the best build I found was Pillage in slot 4 combined with the augment for 1 and Sonar. I don't use savage silence at all because IMO it doesn't fit the Horde shooter gameplay, especially with other players in the lobby. Build is mostly duration, enough strenght to remove 100% armor with 1 and some range. Pillage is definitely the best ability I tested on her, the others being Breach Surge and Null Star. Null Star requires the augment and lower range, and is quite energy hungry. Breach Surge isn't efficient enough. On t
  6. I have a 50% range high duration Limbo I sometimes use in Arbitration Excavation, but that's about the only reason ever for me to play Limbo. Oh, I guess he was also fine in my team during Scarlet Spears since most players were using Mesa and freezing the Sentients was very useful. Overall I dislike Saryn and Mirage a lot more than Limbo. And I hate Khora players that use max range 4 but don't use the whip.
  7. Second ability, the Resonator. I just never used it. I always use 3 for the stealth and the multishot on my weapons, and I use 1+4 together all the time. But I absolutely despise the randomness of the Resonator, and the augment is not worth taking 1 slot for me.
  8. I tried Breach Surge on Ash but it wasn't a good idea actually. Marked for death or Tesla Bank are way better. Breach Surge doesn't work well if you only hit one enemy. On the other hand, I highly recommend an ability that is often overlooked on Octavia, and that's Rest&Rage from Equinox. Not the Rest part, but the Rage ability. You need brillant emission color to have it with the subsumed version. It makes enemies faster and more vulnerable to damage. It synergize wonderfully with Octavia's 1. Enemies attack it faster and get more damaged at the same time. I planned
  9. Each subspecies have their unique mods, just like Smeeta Kavat is different from Adarza. You can find them on the wiki if you search for each species.
  10. Why would a new player wants to get Xaku anyway ? It's not tanky. It requires forma to even work at all. It requires Corrupted mods. Void Damage is bad and will offer nothing important for the average player. A relatively new player will wants to get frames like Rhino, Nova, Nekros... Also, compared to Hildryn, Xaku is very easy to farm. Hildryn requires very high Solaris standing AND farming one of the most annoying boss of the game AND you need Diluted Thermia to even start the boss fight, which is tied to the Thermia event. We recently got pretty easy frames t
  11. I believe there's a bug that comes SUPER frequently and I didn't see it mentioned anywhere despite being game breaking. Apologies if it is already reported. Basically, it happens when you throw the bait to open the Infested "Mouth" right before the toxin phase in the tunnel. Very very often, one player get the bait, launch it at the "mouth" and... nothing happens. We're just stuck here.
  12. Wouldn't Breach surge works even better tho ? AFAIK it transfer the damage of the killing blow to enemies around, with a direct multiplier instead of a "portion of the damage". Granted it requires to subsume a Wisp.
  13. Only third ability, the sort of "ray" procs it. And it's garbage. It concentrate all shots in the center mass of the affected enemies instead of the head where most players are aiming. It's actually LESS effective than using your guns yourself without the proc.
  14. For a "hasty" fix personally I'd see it that way (copying what I've said on reddit) : - Tweak Void status effect so it focus bullets on the head of the target and maybe give a damage boost a la discount Mag 2nd ability. - Tweak 2 so it actually deals freaking damage with proper scaling. Or even better, make it a pseudo exalted so it would scale off your weapon mods. Khora already do that. Why Xaku wouldn't ? - 3 can stay as is with void status effect fixed. The Mind control just make you less targeted so it's fine IMO for a solo player purpose. And the armor strip is nice. Yo
  15. I've tried him a bit. I think he's actually really survivable with the combination of Passive and his 4. I've tried in simulacrum against a bunch of lv125 gunner and honestly there's not many bullets that hits me. If you can kill enemies quickly it's fine. You can also use his 3 to creates chaos in the enemy rank and stay alive that way, it's better than both enthrall and mind control in that regard, because it target a whole group of enemies. Damage wise he is absolutely pitiful. I thought his 2 was supposed to scale ? Where is the scaling ? Also he needs way too much investme
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