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  1. I hope that was a joke, I personally don't miss him, he's the guy behind most nerfs on the Helminth system and has pretty much always commenting first whenever DE staffs sent any sort of messages... not only is that influence the people to think a certain way towards updates (extremely biased) I must say but also unhealthy for his own being....
  2. You got me at the first half, not gonna lie XDD
  3. If you don't have time, I will make a video and send it directly to you, I would rather not sharing with randoms, since they are the cause of most nerfs of all my favorite stuffs in this game...
  4. Sure, whenever you free, let's go on a mission, let's see if I'm lying or not, I will not shoot or hit a single enemy and still gonna survive until enemy hit 1000, or even more, depends on how much energy you have staring at the screen, I also don't use Octavia, So? You want evidence, I offer evidence, now let's see if you gonna pick up the gauntlet or not....
  5. Leverian is like lore pieces, check those Warframe out in market, there's a leverian button
  6. It's funny because I can afk level 1000, I'm not gonna say how I do it, not with Octavia either, I'm just gonna let that fact sink into you and how you consider stuffs "broken" from now on...
  7. It's funny how you consider trivialising Disruption is broken.... Oh so I use naramon dash through enemy and make them permanently locked in finisher animation is not broken? Saryn and Mesa can kill target whenever they want, have bigger range, and doesn't require the target to have a finisher animation, you do realised Ash can't use finisher on most infested right? I'm just saying...
  8. I'm not gonna lie, this is stupid and ridiculous, as broken as Marked for Death may be, it doesn't need a "maiming strike" nerf where it literally become useless and you KNOW it's gonna be useless DE! You don't just read through 5 different ways of nerf and say: Yeah people gonna still use this. Considering M4D doesn't even work with most Deimos Infested, rendering it useless, it also very niche and rarely seen in a mission and if we're talking about Endless it is still inefficient... I've waited SO LONG for single target stuffs to finally have a place in this game and just when I thought
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