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  1. Are we able to use the arsenal to change our warframe, weapons, companions, etc. during a railjack mission? I've been dying to have this answered since July.
  2. Okay ima just go cry because this is exactly what I've been asking for since eidolon hunting. If you made eidolon hunter skins for the frames and weapons too, take all my money please.
  3. One of the bugs I've noticed is The "Kuva Zevokk Shoulder Plate" pushes/places the "Ki'teer Sekhara" regalia down to the bicep of the warframe. The second one being that with all the chest plates, Saryn's Orphid skin's breasts noticeably clip through them moreso than her other skins. they're a different shape entirely, weird topic I know. But if it helps in any way I'll note it down.
  4. Its the third orb, steve said one time that the team working on it is also working on duviri. so tbh i can wait for both on that note, sounds like this third orb fight will be epic af.
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