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  1. same here but a 1060 I was happy to finally try this Nvidia PhysX... 10 years old AMD user here...
  2. exactly... Why am I even allowed (or you) to enter the giveaway if Italy isn't in the eligibility list ?? ... meh
  3. Are we talking about the same update with Mag/Volt/Mesa reworks?
  4. Nothing about Scarab Swarm not working :/ https://forums.warframe.com/topic/631503-inaros-scarab-swarm-barely-working-for-clients/
  5. Nothing about Nezha's Blazing Chakram not showing its healing blast FX (for clients only) ? :(
  6. Meh, it's still 7 seconds...Damage is irrilevant when you have to change your whole playstyle to use this augment..Ugh
  7. Sorry if this is not the place but Vaykor Hek's base stats are incorrect on the website. 98.500impact 426.625puncture 131.250slash While in the game: 78.8impact 341.3puncture 105.0slash Cheers
  8. I dislike people like you.... What did you achieve from all this? PS:Child in Africa could've eaten those Forma.
  9. Fixed instances of Excalibur’s Radial Blind animation repeating if players are interrupted by knockdowns or when using Slash Dash or Radial Javelin while casting Haha this one was hilarious to watch
  10. Did these start yet? I can't log in the game at the moment DOUBLE DROPS, RESOURCES AND AFFINITY DAYS – MAY 21-24 FREE ATROX GENE-MASKING KIT – MAY 21-24 BUY ONE GET ONE SALE – May 21-26
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