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  1. I should have 20 noggles, seeing as Frost and Mag were never Prime Access. However, I only received 17. I'm missing Nova, Nyx, and Volt. I know Nyx was given out because my brother got his. Neither of us have missed a Prime Access and we're both Grand Masters.
  2. Request #535101 Background image coming through terrain.
  3. I wrote this last year just for fun. Might as well toss it in now. Original lyrics: http://www.metrolyrics.com/o-christmas-tree-lyrics-christmas-carols.html
  4. Maybe this is an oversight or maybe it was intended, but you can use the Latron Wraith to build the Tiberon.
  5. This alert wasn't working last night. I was doing these last night with a conclave rating way below requirement and I was not geting counts for kills. The hyena's would take -216000 damage (give or take a few hundred). So I couldn't further my progression. This happened 4 or 5 runs and I just gave up. My friend was with me and he wasn't getting counted for the kills either. He was also seeing these high negitive damage numbers.
  6. Oh god why? He was bad enough as he was. His notifications always getting in the waywhen trying to recolour or mod.
  7. I never complained about the kubrow colours they way they were before the change. Please don't group me with those who did... As for a fix, I said in another thread they could have handled this better. Maybe by giving us tabs on the colour palettes. One tab for the intended colours and one for the original colours. Make everyone happy.
  8. There weren't. They never showed up right. They came out as a muddy tan. Now that the colours have been fixed to look how they were intended, they are chocolate brown like they were supposed to be.
  9. They added a new colour palette for the browns. They weren't showing the way they were intended to. I know this for a fact because I requested the colour palette and It was made. We now call it Twilight.
  10. There were no deep greens or chocolate browns, though. That did need to be fixed. Also, a lot of the light colours all looked the same. Easter palette actually has a use now. Before they were all so pale it pretty much didn't matter which colour you picked from the set of five in the line. Now you can distinguish the colours. Yeah, okay some of the colours have been made worse, but there are colours that have been made better. The only major issue I have is the fact the Smoke palette is basically useless now. Like many have said, the Gamma black is only a few shades lighter than the darkest black in Smoke. As well as the darkest colours in Fire and Storm (they were a dark red) are pretty much the same color as the darkest black in Smoke. Also, the fact none of the greys don't match right with the grey on Nova/Nekros/Cali/etc bothers me. So yeah, there are some colours I want put back the way they were, but for the most part, I'm okay with this change. Just some of the dark reds and dark blues are a bit too dark. And like I said, I want my pure white kubrow back, yo'.
  11. I really hope you guys can work out how to re-color the kubrows soon. My once solid white kubrow named Glacier is the ugliest green-grey color and a light bluey-grey.
  12. It's not the log-in issues that I'm..well having issues with. I'm having issues with the damn game crashing every mission/every other mission or exiting out of the solar map navigation thing. Also the fact that it's not counting exp for my Kubrow sometimes even though we both never died the entire mission.
  13. The only one of these I would actually buy or wear would be #4. However, seeing as there's still no female shirts in sight, doesn't matter anyway.
  14. Yeah, I'm having issues logging in, too. EDIT: There we go. Finally in, but it took a while. Started trying to log in 20 minutes before my original post.
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