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  1. ivara with infiltrate is the obvious answer here. just walk around and shoot....lasers might as well not even be there. i bet titania would let you fly and avoid the lasers. rhinos iron skin will protect you use ember to kill the dudes from far away take any frame at all....and a cedo....just walk around the platform in the same direction as the lasers and use cedos alt fire so you dont even have to aim. thats just off the top of my head....there are a lot of ways to do this
  2. is it good? not really. certainly not better than rubico. sniper rifles in general arent very useful. the only time i ever equip my rubico p is when i have to for a riven challenge, or if the sortie is sniper only.....and even then i work around it by using titania or xaku or some such frame that lets me not have to use it. theres just too many other weapons that outclass snipers.
  3. if you kill crew ships first...fighters stop spawning, resulting in a soft lock. best policy is to kill all the fighters first...then worry about crew ships.
  4. as far as im concerned, titanias dex pixia is the undisputed king of plague star. corrosive and an arcane velocity...done and done. nearly every mission i wind up with like 70%-80% damage dealt. ::edit for additional infos:: also dex pixia absolutely shreds troop tansport ships (infinite range hitscan with almost pinpoint accuracy....even WITH magnum force). lantern ccs trash mobs all day long. and i also put pull (with greedy pull augment) on her 2 so i always have energy and extra loot......AND pull takes care of mobs to move the counter along real fast. all this while staying totally out of danger flying around. really...titania pretty much owns plague star
  5. lol wut? i have no idea what youre talking about or why you are quoting me as you talk about it.
  6. exploiter orb. best dialog in the game. "And... so I turn, from the tumult of the world... toward home... that sweetest spot... 'neath the circuit... of the sun..."
  7. so wrong. i posted a video that explains how this works earlier in the thread.
  8. this is completely backwards. using oull in the last spot is an immense waste of time....and oull mods. you should never even use up your oull mods. you should have already figured out the sequence before you get to putting oull in the 3rd spot. the way you do that is by putting it in the first position that you do not know. ive been using the same oull mod for the past 15 sisters. when you do it right...they last nearly forever.
  9. exactly....something like inaros (and negation swarm augment) with resonator or breach surge...can kill hordes of infested all day and not even break a sweat.
  10. says the guy who freely admits he doesnt understand the discussion. how do you know if im making mountains out of mole hills...when you dont even know what were talking about? and...which actions am i taking...and blaming on someone else...exactly?.....and who do you think i am blaming them on?
  11. right...im not allowing people to have hypothesis....in a 3 page thread chock full o' peoples ideas and hypothesis. just because i think your hypothesis is bad, doesnt mean i think everyones is bad.....in fact....i outright told other people they had good ideas. but i guess you missed that part eh? and yeah...super chill there guy....you sound like your blood pressure is about to pop a vessel.
  12. look...im not the one who mentioned host migrations. i mentioned speed runs...which one would only do solo anyway. besides that...no player is responsible for host migrations. and no player is obligated to remain in a mission they dont want to play simply because des matchmaking system made them the host. i have my settings so that im almsot never the host. if i could opt out of being host entirely, i would, but thats another thing de decided not to allow...so...here we are. dont blame players for des poor design choices.
  13. well man...i dont know what to tell you. maybe (re)reading the whole thread will help you.
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