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  1. yeah....he doesnt state why hes failing, he probably doesnt know. as i said initially...my guess is hes taking some sort of damage. ANY damage from anything at any time will cause a failure. it could be something as silly as a barrel explosion near by or some aoe damage from an enemy. the thing is that hes actually failing it...not that hes not meeting some requirement or other. under the criteria of the challenge, the only reason to fail so soon after starting the mission would be damage. rhino would stop that...but rhino is a bad choice to scan the target, and he doesnt have rhino anyway.
  2. this bug is still around? the poe sortie mission phase where you have to kill 100 enemies in that odd camp by the water...the one thats outside, but you cant archwing to it (for some unknown reason) and you have to go through the cave....even though...again...its outside. well....the enemies dont spawn making it impossible to complete. this is an old bug that still persists. pretty annoying.
  3. what? no. not only are squadmates not required...but you kinda should do it solo anyway. ive done this exact challenge like 6 times...and this is the easiest way ive found. why would ivara need other team mates to make her invisible? oh...i see...youre misunderstanding the challenge. "without using abilities" only kicks in once the target has been found. thats why i said to immediately go invisible upon entering the mission. if you are already invisible once you locate the target (map marker appears) then it doesnt count...you just cant use an ability AFTER the target is located. ::e
  4. garas armor coming off has always been a thing. its even part of the description of the ability. "Gara's armor splinters into a maelstrom of shattered glass that slices enemies and impairs their weapons." it doesnt make any sense to have a toggle to keep it on...its not on....its flying around killing everyone on the map. also...its not a bug.
  5. came here to report this exact bug. and yeah...its not just the graphics....the actual beam goes the wrong direction. makes it impossible to shoot. i was able to do the nightwave challenge by lining up enemies directly in front of the k drive and then firing the weapon. that seemed to do the trick...but it was a huge pita. dont know if it matters...but i was using the velocipod skin on my k-drive.
  6. ivara makes this challenge trivial....and you have her so.... i imagine youre doing something to take some kind of damage and thats why youre failing, trying to open crates, shooting bad guys, i dont know....dont do anything at all. youre only here to scan the target...not do the mission. ok..... max duration and use continuity and flow. if you have a preparation mod...this is the time to use it. leave your companion home or make sure they wont try to kill anything. find an exterminate mission with a target to scan so you have as much time as you need. you can do a capture....but i
  7. im the only member of my clan and i built the dojo and the dry dock and the railjack...all of it...100% by myself...and all before they reduced the costs (which they are going to do again). and i didnt use any plat at all. so...yes, its entirely possible. with that said....its gonna take a long time. like...a LONG time to do it that way. warframe is a marathon, not a sprint. theres no rush to do anything. take it one step at a time and eventually youll get there. my advice to anyone going this route...do your research and plan out the steps, theres things where you can kill 2 birds with
  8. meh. i think all that needs to be done with sorties is a rework of the rewards. complete 3 missions (sometimes long annoying ones like ambulas or 8 waves of disruption) and you dont even get enough kuva for 2 rolls? nonsense. i think a possible improvement would be to let us choose the reward, like opening relics. when the sortie is finished everyone gets to choose from the entire pool of whatever tier you get. so if you get the common reward...you can choose if you want the kuva, the endo...whatever is in that tier. of course a bit of balancing would need to happen...as ever
  9. lol. 33 days? relax tenno. in over 600 log-ins ive only seen it once.
  10. yeah....thats what everyone dose...but no familial bonds have been for sale since the event started....at least i havent seen any and ive been checking like every 2-3 hours.
  11. so yeah...we just failed the sortie because we were supposed to kill 100 enemies in 4 minutes....but they didnt spawn in. we spent the 4 minuets running around picking off the very few that did show up...less than half of what we needed.
  12. all of me does not care what any of you thinks.
  13. look everyone. i think you all got the wrong idea here. i do not care at all in the slightest if you think nidus doesnt need a rework. i dont care. DOOOOOOOONT CARE. i didnt anywhere in my original post ask if anyone thought he needed a rework...did i? no...i said i had ideas about a nidus rework. whether you agree with my notion that he needs a rework or not...is 100% irrelevant to a conversation about what a rework for him could be, or should be. you think hes perfect? you think he doesnt need anything at all? awesome! woo-hoo!!!! go you. this is a thread about my ideas on wha
  14. youre picking a sarcastic remark i made, one that i explicitly mentioned was a sarcastic remark....and responding to it as if it were a factual remark. so...yes i am serious.
  15. is the perfect way to let me know not to read the rest. thnx for the time saver.
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