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  1. i didnt say to buff everything and none of that is relevant to my post anyway. my post is bout the supposed reason for the nerfs....not the nerfs themselves. de has made the claim that they want primaries and secondaries to feel as powerful as melee ALREADY feels. none of the supposed buffs to guns will do that...and all they are really doing is making melee worse.
  2. so were all going nuts over the coming changes to melee....and theres lot of discussion about it already. im not going to say a whole lot...except for this. de has made a bold claim that is very obviously a complete and utter lie. "We want Melee to be fun and powerful as you rip and tear your way through the solar system but we want players to have that same level of fun and power with Primary and Secondary weapons should that be their preference." "...that same level of fun and power" "SAME" if that statement were true....all they had to do to correct this issue was to
  3. it may have been addressed in the rest of the thread...but apparently some people still dont understand what a reskin is the fact that they have better stats...is the exact reason why they ARENT reskins. by definition...a reskin is exactly the same...except for the skin.
  4. well...thats simply inaccurate. they very definitely are more than reskins...they are entirely new weapons with entirely new mechanics. the kuva nukor is easily the single "best" weapon in the entire game. it wholesale slaughters entire mobs instantly even on steel path...and once they get to a level where they dont instantly disintegrate...well then it applies multiple status effects for condition overload. ill give my wuclone a kuva bramma and then just stand there and laugh since he never runs out of ammo. kuva weapons are not just reskins. im not even sure why you would think th
  5. as the title says....why cant we just have the option for everything? seems silly, especially considering all the augments and helminth possibilities, that we cant just pick and choose how we want these to function. i just started to use celestial stomp on wukong...which seriously needs to be swapped. why on earth would i want to tap an ability i almost never need (casting the twin ability) and then hold for the ability (the stomp) i actually do want to use all the time? thats the one that needs to be quick and responsive....let me change it. if we can assign these settings for some abil
  6. what? nothing you said relates at all to what i said. all im saying is that there are multiple visual and audio cues....xaku can simply stand there while the player takes a moment to look at the timer...he wont die if the player glances at the timer for a moment. i dont know what youre on about with octavia or burst weapons, or bleeding fingers, or macros, or fetishes.....nothing you said makes any sense at all....and certainly nothing you said is relevant to my statement.
  7. im sorry....i have no idea why you quoted me. what does your statement have to do with mine?
  8. if you cant figure it out with: the very obvious visual difference 2 icons timer and the audio that plays when its over... what makes you think piling more cues is going to help you? maybe you need to practice paying attention to the game? its xaku...you can stand there and do nothing while he kills everything around him with impunity...you have a second to peek at the timer.
  9. if this frame looks cool to you...great i sincerely hope you enjoy it. but for me personally....she looks like easily the worst frame in the game by a huge HUGE margin. right out the gate, the design is inconsistent with warframe.... the kit looks pointless and ineffective....who is this supposed to appeal to? a terrible janky looking k-drive ability (because we all just LOVE k-drives) AND zephyrs old awful ability that was changed because it was so bad?
  10. since its not actually a stasis pod anymore....why does it still have the function of locking you out of using ANY pets while incubating? that doesnt make any sense...and is a gigantic pita. nearly every build i have uses pets for some specific utility or another, none of which sentinels can do.....considering how useless sentinels are its pretty annoying to have all my builds screwed up for 24 hours every time i try to breed a new pet. is this just a case of leftover spaghetti code from before they changed it?
  11. youve been playing for 8 years? then i think by now you know the deal, de are ultra hard case zealots about these things. i give you between 0-0.01% likelihood of reversing this ban. you will serve as a warning to others....which is exactly the intent.
  12. indeed. therein lies the core the of the problem, and yes, i knew that. i meant why should anyone care if people loose a bunch of plat. eh... as far as im concerned...rivens as they are now are just loot boxes with extra steps and the whole mechanic should be illegal....but...i digress.
  13. but this isnt about maximum numbers at all. its about relative numbers. a prime weapon should not EVER have lower stats than the normal variant with the same exact load-out. its simply not logical.
  14. firstly....this has nothing to do with the initial issue of riven disposition....this is just a general riven thing. secondly...i dont know where youre getting these ideas from. why would damage need to be removed entirely? i dont think youre following what im proposing here...as what im proposing does nothing but add more things to the pool of what rivens are capable of, im not talking about lessening anything at all. as it stands right now....someone could have a melee riven that is (these are off the cuff non balanced examples only for discussion...not real numbers) +75% heat d
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