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  1. thats not a bug. its just bad rng. sometimes you get a ton...sometimes you get nothing. sometimes you get swarmed by bad guys...sometimes you can stand there all day and not see any. i suggest bringing nekros...seeing how it goes for for 5 mins...and then either stick around if its ok, or go back to fortuna to reset and try again. ive gotten 15 in 10 mins...and ive gotten 0 in 20 mins. you just gotta keep trying. also...dont forget...you need to let them put up those spiny pole things...and leave them alone. those are what call in more enemies. you want to get your alert level to max
  2. maybe. if they cant figure out a way to make it not terrible...and they keep forcing it more and more...def. yes.
  3. i also wish railjack was expanded.....to its own separate game. its disjointed, incongruous, and completely out of place. its already a separate game in almost every way that matters. id love to never have to see or hear about it again.
  4. if youre a WARFRAME player, dont even bother with railjack. there...fixed it for ya.
  5. happened again. this time it was during eso....panzer vulp had died and was in sentinel form...i went through the the conduit, when i came out the other side...no vulp. and again it was as if i never brought it....wasnt listed under my name or anything. is anyone looking at this?
  6. i was doing an infestation survival arbitration just now. about 10 or so mins in....my panzer vulp died and was in sentinel form hovering over me....then the host left, after migration my vulp just wasnt there anymore. it wasnt dead or anything...it just wasnt there. it wasnt even listed under my name...was like i never even brought it with me. put a pretty big damper on the rest of the mission and i had to bail early, since the vulp provides some nice utility. its an essential part of my builds now as i can (normally) count on it sticking around.
  7. hallucinogenic gas. the main enemy changes from whatever normal enemies would be there...to machine elves trying to keep you from discovering the secrets of the universe.
  8. eh...my only issue with them is that theyre called "nullifiers" but they dont nullify abilities, they completely turn them off. it seems to me that their bubble should simply not allow abilities to work inside the bubble. they shouldn't effect parts of abilities not touching the bubble and they absolutely shouldnt turn abilities off entirely. i dont see why garas splinter storm gets turned off and i loose all my damage ive been building up simply because some nully dropped down on top of me out of nowhere...the proper way for this to work would be for splinter storm to just not work
  9. came here to report this as well. also using the new rendering. this only happened right in this spot and only when i looked in this direction. was on a corpus ship during an arbitration. this is where it was....just up on the right hand side of the image on that platform there
  10. the old one was better just by virtue of it not being laggy and glitchy, and being way faster to get out of. the old end of mission screen was maybe 5 seconds before you could get out...now, i gotta look at that dumb screen with its pointless "stats" for upwards of 20 seconds before i can exit out....i hate it so much.
  11. my general rule of thumb is that for saryn you want to maximize range, while not going too much over 100% str. reason being....you want more spores. to get more spores you need range. to keep those spores...bad guys need to stay alive for a little bit. if your str is high...after a short time the dmg will kill the bad guys before they get a chance to spread the spores. of course...if youre doing high level content/steel path...upping the str is fine since those enemies are chonky bois. but....over all....you want the bad guys infected and spreading spores BEFORE they keel over....if they
  12. thats a good tactic. i bet it works pretty well. my only issue with it is if they see you first and get in the dargyn youre sol. theres no way to get them out again. with titania if they get in and fly around...or are already flying around as in those drone missions...you can razorwing into the air, and spellbind them right out of the dargyn, then you can turn off razorwing in mid air and shoot them as you glide.
  13. i followed McClouds advice and used titania. was really easy. the wording of the challenge should be changed though, as its wrong. it doesnt mention anything about not killing them in the dargyn...just about killing them before they hit the ground. they dont have to ever be in the dargyn at all. simply lifting them off the ground with spellbind is enough. i imagine vaubans bastille would work also. might even be better as its easier to get them all suspended at once. anyways...thnx for the help.
  14. ok so, i know this is somehow my own fault, but i cant figure out why im not getting this. riven challenge: "kill 3 dargyn pilots before they hit the ground while aim glide[sic]" ok, sure...no problem. i go out to the plains....hop on my arch wing....zip around looking dargyns....find them...make them chase me...i fly up really high in archwing...then jump out and aim glide all the way down while killing the dargyn pilots. nothing. i killed like 9 of these guys and didnt get credit for any of them. these riven challenges are usually pretty specific and what they say is what you
  15. this isnt a thing de can do. cross saving would require sony to allow it...which they wont. you could log onto your account on pc...buy things through steam....and then have access to them on your ps account, cutting sony out of the loop. why would sony let you do that?
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