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  1. That's a fair enough reason, I was just making sure their wasn't any late-level shenanigans I didn't know about.
  2. Ah, alright. I was just worried there was something I was missing... I've gone higher, but not that much higher...mainly because I'm not that masochistic and they eventually want me to start scanning for Samaris. I know I should...but I really, really, hate that...
  3. It doesn't fit either though. We learn in The Second Dream that it was Margulis, not Lotus, who put them into stasis to protect them from their uncontrollable powers...from hurting themselves and those around them, much like they did to the woman in Ember's flavor-text...who I think actually becomes the Ember Warframe later, but that's purely speculation. This came before The Great War, as they ultimately become weapons for the Orokin after Margulis' execution through the continuation of her research...ultimately leading to transference technology. Margulis, apparently, never lived to see the Tenno used in this way...and she had already placed them in stasis. Their ability to control Warframes came after they were already put to "sleep" and through the process of transference...where they could harness those abilities. Lotus actually makes some vague comments as Natah about her time as Lotus actually being the work of the Orokin...and I'm starting to wonder if they programmed her with Margulis' memories so that the Tenno wouldn't rebel after they killed their mother-figure. The Tenno themselves seem pretty mentally messed up, but Lotus replaced the only individual who cared for them after they returned... Regardless, as you say, Ballas then tells the Sentients about them...but by that point, Lua was already in the void and unreachable to them. I believe it's implied that the Lotus actually placed them into the void...rather than Margulis, but I'm not certain. As for the Sentients having some sort of method, that would water down the betrayal of Ballas. The entire reason his betrayal was so great is that they didn't have a method of taking them down permanently, hence why they lost the war. They could take the Tenno down...but they'd be back, having learned from their previous defeat. They took the strengths of the Infested and enhanced them with lucid minds. The Sentients were helpless, smacking their head off a brick wall until Ballas ultimately gave them the information they needed. Even then, it was too little too late...and the Tenno won the war, destroying Hunhow...well, downing him. The only thing that makes sense is that Lotus valued the Warframe itself, and perceived it as a individual...which would make sense, if she knew how they were created. .............that said, yeah......the lore is kinda vague and muddled. Lots of holes and things that just don't make much sense.
  4. Why would you want to get to rank 60? ...am I missing something important?
  5. That definitely makes sense and would explain it. Indeed... It feels so awkward now.
  6. Capturing animals is hell, but you can skip these and still finish the Nightwave events. As someone else pointed out, the fishing quests are ridiculously easy...
  7. As someone who previously preferred the holding of E to perform the charge-attack of my Caustysist...yeah, it's really easy to accidentally do it now and I have absolutely no idea what they did to cause this issue. I'm now actually starting to want to lock it to the 3rd mouse button simply because of how awkward it now feels on the holding of E. It's different...something is off.
  8. The Sentients boarding Mirage's Orbiter wouldn't have mattered, as the Tenno have been in stasis on Lua. We also do know what happens when a Tenno's Warframe dies due to the Stalker's discussion with Hunhow, who says, " "Sever their heads, yet they rise again. Someone has hidden the Tenno essence, their truth, from you." The entire point of Hunhow employing the Stalker was to attack the Tenno on Lua so that they couldn't simply rise again...as the Sentients are incapable of entering the Void for prolonged periods of time. This makes it very obvious that when a Warframe dies, it has zero impact on the Tenno themselves...supporting the theory that we, canonically, just jump to a new husk. This is also why we were so brash against the Grineer Queens...and why Ordis was so distraught over what was happening...as the Elder Queen was attacking us directly. She had no care for the Warframe itself, she wanted our physical form...and sought to implant herself within it. What she was doing is something the Sentients can not...else they would have used that method, rather than employ the Stalker.
  9. Something like that would certainly go a long way towards ending the altercations between players...but, ultimately, the system itself needs an overhaul. Even for the bare-bones foundation, it's not going to cut it in the long-run.
  10. I don't believe it's the RNG driving players away...but the lack of unique liches. They focused on appearance, but there's really only two different liches...with slight variations brought about by quirks. Personally, I'm not all that interested in the Kuva Weapons...so this was, more-so, about what neat enemy I'd create next...but I've already experienced both to the point of nausea after six Lich take-downs. With such a small pool of weapons, there's really not much incentive for me to speed through them anymore. ...now, if they add a Kuva Miter or Atterax...I suppose I'd be back to grinding it out in a more speedy manner, but I'm taking my time with my 7th. Edit: This is a pretty bare bones system...I didn't expect this to be what kept everyone going, but a teaser for what's to come. Granted...some of their design choices lately make the Tenno out to be terrorists, but...maybe we are supposed to be the bad guys after all.
  11. The issue with that is you're going to, without a doubt, have many, many, times where you accidentally shoot or slash the mote/reservoir. That makes for an incredibly clunky and inconsistent opt-out system that differs depending upon what weapon you're using...making it even more inconsistent.
  12. I mean... We choose whether or not to create them, meaning that all Liches are now a direct result of the Tenno wanting a shiny new weapon...unleashing the hell of a violent and powerful warlord onto the solar system just to get it. More than enough seem to favor avoidance tactics until they're good and ready to down their Lich, giving them time to terrorize the masses far longer than what should be permitted. We then choose to trade our converted Liches to other players so that, after they've developed a cordial demeanor and helped us out through thick and thin, our Tenno buddies can brutally murder them to obtain their kuva weapon or whatever ephemera they might have. So...is it really out of our character to force them into brutal combat for our personal amusement...hell, we could even have Nef Anyo televise it for the masses so that we can make a pretty penny off the fights, have the entire solar system betting on who's Lich murders who! Sounds like something Nef and the Tenno would be quite keen on, considering... If they're going to make us the actual villains of the story, go big or go home, right? Orokin 2.0, the children have inherited the golden throne!
  13. The space turnips thank you. That's basically what's being asked for here, well...the OP wants a more long-term opt-out within the options menu whereas I believe a more versatile in-game opt-out akin to Limbo would also be of benefit for those who've expressed that they desire to opt-out during certain builds and the like.
  14. Once again... If you're putting them anywhere but the middle of a corridor and at the mission objective, you aren't optimizing for the sake of individuals who want to opt-out. If you're putting them into the middle of corridors and atop objectives so that players automatically encounter them, rather than having to go out of their way, you are optimizing your efficiency but simultaneously contradicting those individual's desire of avoidance. Two conflicting ideals. It's not a case of tactical planning; it's a case of two conflicting ideals. You're being intentionally obtuse. Apparently, being a smug knob is becoming increasingly popular too. ...but by all means, explain how you can satisfy both groups: A: Those who want them in the most easily accessible locations, such as the middle of hallways and atop mission objectives. B: Those who do NOT want them in easily accessible locations, such as the middle of hallways and atop mission objectives. These are both in direct conflict with one another.
  15. Now I can start working towards selling this Redeemer Riven...
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