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  1. Hello. Wrong mask, Wrong helmet, Wrong shoulder decoration, Wrong weapon....
  2. Wrong mask, wrong helmet. Please revisit those 4 pictures in my original post. I only need those mask and helmet combinations.
  3. Wrong helmet and wrong mask for me, sorry. Best of luck.
  4. Hello. I only accept full mask male kuva liches. Your lich is female and also she is not a full mask lich. Good luck.
  5. Hello, thanks for mentioning me. We spoke earlier and I suggested to him that if he sell his lich for weapon % alone he might get more plat than selling him for his looks because i only offer 75 to 200 for liches with wrong shoulder decoration.
  6. Hello. Your lich have the wrong shoulder decoration so because of that I can't offer much for him. Please contact me in the game so I can take a closer look at him.
  7. Hello. Wrong shoulder decoration but everything else matches. I will take him, PM me in the game.
  8. Hello. Your lich have the both wrong mask and wrong helmet. Since he is not a full mask lich i don't know anyone who will take it but you can put it on the forum and hope for the best. Good luck on your next hunt.
  9. 🔴 The original post has been updated. Please take a look at it again.
  10. In following images you can see three full mask male kuva liches. Please follow the details in my original post when you're spawning a new lich and if you get one like what you see in images below then let me know . Best of luck to you.
  11. I can't open the link buy I think your lich is not a full mask lich.
  12. Hello, Right mask but wrong helmet. Other people will buy him for sure. PM this player in game he might take it : Hazch best of luck in your next hunt.
  13. Hello there :) I will take him, PM me in the game. I will be online in 3 to 4 hours. Good job and keep hunting.
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