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  1. I dig it - it's looking good (Saving full feedback for later once I wake up)
  2. Frost could have his abilities cleaned up a little - gaining the tap/hold function as with Vauban's newly assimilated 3/4 His 1/2 could use it Then his 3 could gain a hold function applying an ice armour from the augment of his 4, thereby freeing up a new his kit for a new ability and giving him a little more freedom to grow a little bit as well as being a good defence frame Excals 3 needs some work - maybe a survival skill with damage reduction which has probably been suggested before Trinity needs a refresher - change her 1, triple her 3 or make it toggle also making it scale a little better with strength Maybe unpopular but nerf her 4 just a little rather than making it an I win button for survival - maybe go DnD style and give her domains that she can focus on to be offensive, defensive or utility support
  3. Any chance of Trinity and Revenant getting another look over? As for melee; an option to keep the nikana out of the sheath would be nice Splitting the polearms would also be good - staves, bladed staves and halberd/spears for the families of the weapons. Currently just polearms seems a little lack luster for how different they can be Will arch weapons ever be standardised as to be able to use them in day to day missions rather than using them on a cool down/low ammo chance drop? Using them as a two slot weapon could certainly help with more weapon choice and allow them to be more frequently in the day to day - as it stands they're weaker than our ordinary weapons and could use a buff if we can use them as often as out normal blade and gun
  4. Just a thought. Vauban struggles with survival if you mistime your Bastille or get a stray rocket to the face. Perhaps alongside the passive armour buff which appears like it occurs only in the area of Bastille - why not apply a layer of damage reduction on top just for Vauban so he can survive at least one larger hit as well as the armour from Bastille. Just so he isn't forced to be stuck to one stop and in and around corners. After all, Vauban's base stats aren't the greatest compared to other frames - an extra bit of damage reduction will really help him in later levels
  5. Hey there, As the title suggests, could link be buffed or tweaked in some way? 75 energy for 12 seconds feels over tuned - yes, link is a very strong ability but the cost compared the duration feels weak. Could it either be tripled to 30-40 seconds or be made into a toggle ability. Perhaps even letting power strength increase the number of foes effected, if not over powered. Thank you for reading, -Phyrak
  6. Some melee questions; With melee 3.0 on the way, will scythes gain size to be real reapers of the battlefield? With the new mode for channel, will there be new links for Hok's zaws? Will we get new zaw strikes - axe head, greatsword blade, two handed nikana etc. Animations wise - will there be a stance or an option to keep the nikana outside of its sheath rather than auto sheathing? Will we be able to use archwing melee weapons on foot like with the heavy guns? And a general question; Are there any plans for assimilating the arsenal between normal and heavy/archwing weapons? With thanks, -Phyrak
  7. A suggestion for moving forward. When Nezha got tweaked (no new powers or new passive, not worth calling it a rework) @[DE]Pablo did a great job on telling the community what was wrong with the power, the mindset behind the change and the power itself in its new state. This allowed the community to appreciate form and function of changes with absolute transparency and communication from the dev working on it. This I believe is how this should be addressed. - a list of statements or phrases that can be accessed in game that are banned. Some will indeed go without saying. This list will also allow those who bait people into being banned to be called out and for the community to have some understanding of what can and can't be said within reason. - if possible too, I at least find it useful to see which mods are online at the time. On discord I find it useful to see what is being discussed with who is on so I can gain a better understanding of how a person thinks, in turn allowing for better learning of a person and greater discussion to be had. If we got a chance to get to know the mods a little, things may be a little less tense when things go awry.
  8. I guess I come from the mindset of trying to bring out the best in people and let discussion be both key and cornerstone to growth. Such is why I write a lot of concepts, reworks and tweaks for frames. Not to mention seeing what augments the community want to see for their favoured frames - not only on this community but also on the subreddit. Communication is vital, whatever the topic - be it an issue, a hope or something to be added to game in the future by the devs. I can certainly agree with the manner of exhaustion from the game with this playing at the back of my mind. Such is what saddens me. Warframe is known for its caring community and how we help one another; be it grinding, giving away mods or even sending a little gift here and there. That's the best example of paramount, honest communication. Bringing action to allow that culture to cultivate is the other issue, for that is how this issue will be stopped once and for all. A communal goal of positive culture just as how we did the mustache and cancer treatment for the community over the past few years - that culture is key.
  9. Consider me intrigued Particularly with what is to come with full release Edit: A few quick thoughts, Will there be a separation of weapons into different families coming? Eg. Guandao and Orthos are both considered to be polearms but the Orthos is closer to a staff than a proper spear - would it be possible to divide weapons where necessary or will that only be with stances, again referring to the difference between the polearm stances. As a lot of the polearms are closer to staves than what could be considered as a polearm (not to mention Spears have been requested for a while now). Secondly, Due to Channelling becoming a toggle, considering Exodia Brave (?) - will the energy regeneration break through the toggle/ or do we need to rely or orbs for the purpose of energy rather than a separate bar? Finally for Nikanas, Can we have an option to keep the blade out?
  10. Any plans for a hunting mode in the future? We have conservation but nothing more serious. Considering Ivara and the Cernos Prime flavour text, along with the Kubrows - hunting seems a part of the tenno culture but we don't have missions for it. Perhaps even having weapons, armour or syandanas to make from the kill. Thank you 🙂 -Phyrak
  11. Thank you for the information @[DE]Steve. A few questions: Considering the blurring of the lines between ranged and melee play, will there be a benefit to being a dedicated player of ranged/melee as much as there will be to juggling foes in the mix of plays? Will there be an option to keep dedicated melee rather than mixing them? Eg. When I have a full set of primary, secondary and melee - E is my quick melee and F is my switch to dedicated melee. When in dedicated melee, left click becomes my attack button rather than E. Will there be a way to keep this without the mix up play style for those who enjoy slower or methodical play? Final question which is a little off topic; Will there be an AI/stealth 2.0 overhaul in the future? At current, AI seemingly know where you are when you get spotted or they're searching for you. Stealth being part of a Ninja's kit would mean we have some counter play to being spotted (not mentioned invisibility because it is OP for stealth runs). Joey Zero released a video speaking of stealth and potential tweaks to it - with how well fishing and conservation has done in players enjoying the slower game modes compared to Sanctuary Onslaught. Perhaps a Hunting Sim style game to introduce stealth 2.0 and allow us to use the parts from the kill to create weapons/armour and syandanas. Thus the slower the mission, the rewards need to feel rewarding too for taking the time to track and kill a beast (see the Hunter:Call of the wild). Thank you 🙂 -Phyrak
  12. A few questions: Melee 3.0 - can we please have an option to use the nikana out of sheath or have decisive judgement to do so? Will we get an heavy melee weapons like we did with the Arch guns? Will there be heavy ammo drops brought to the main game? Could we get branching augments/augment slots? Eg. Volt's discharge: Currently has capacitance If volt were to get another two or three augment for discharge; a place to tweak and change how the power works (much like update 8/9 days) in slotting the preferred augment(s). Such would bring in build variety - perhaps even expanding to every where that can be modded to give most mods a place. Let those players who love the exalted system use it through augments. Eg. Harrow with flail and shield, volt, ember, Frost and zephyr all having some form of exalted spell caster style. Perhaps a bit of a pipe dream but I do certainly love such a play style. Thank you 🙂
  13. I found out about him from his discussion with Jordan Peterson - brilliant stuff
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