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  1. Phyrak

    Baruuk feedback and thoughts

    I certainly agree with you there My two builds - 15 and 13 daggers. Both annoy me to no end due to what you say above. It is satisfying to see allies with half a dozen daggers on them. Now if those daggers could get a little bit of energy and health regeneration and a way to bring them to power - they would be wonderful. I like your dagger on elude idea 🙂
  2. Phyrak

    Baruuk feedback and thoughts

    Hey there, With Baruuk being out a day now and people starting to build him, I thought some day 1 feedback could be of use in the weeks to come as he gets tweaked and changed accordingly. My thoughts are on making Baruuk more ergonomic to play along with giving him some scaling and greater value than the strange niche is in. The main idea is to add a way to support through damage reduction, energy/health regeneration and armour/shield removal. Elude: A good first ability - I don't really have any qualms about it; except for it to work you need to stop attacking... Maybe let there be a chance, say somewhere between 75-95% for incoming attacks to pass through you as you are attacking. The other issue is that it is a constant drain for a frame that spams abilities. Either give it the Nezha treatment with a long base duration/re-casting in order to regenerate energy. Or Give it the Equinox treatment of Pacify/Provoke. Again, allowing for the regeneration of energy. Lull: A good ability, more particularly for running in stealth and resetting how foes track you. Also allows for some permanency to keep Serene Storm active. Nothing to add here. Desolate Hand: I like the concept of this ability but the cost of repeated casts doesn't do it justice. Along with the damage reduction, perhaps add 0.5 or 1 health and energy per second per dagger which can then be given to allies as a way to buff them and grant damage reduction for the duration assigned to them until a foe is within reach. Secondly, give it the Equinox Pacify/Provoke with a dagger being summoned every X seconds to balance out the daggers being used or given to allies. Perhaps even asign a small cost to replacing the dagger - this would be far more manageable compared to the constant clicking of 3. Serene Storm: I very much enjoy this ability. It looks incredible but that is about it. The crowd control of the forward combo I find a little bit obnoxious - I tend to focus on block or standard combo. Against high level enemies, it is perhaps a worse off exalted weapon compared to others - due to its lower damage and no real way to deal with armour/shield due to low status. There could be a few ways to go about scaling this: - Armour and shield removal per hit from the wave, with the waves increasing the combo multiplier - Adding a passive bleed proc to scale its damage... because you know, desert - Desolate Hand adds combo multiplier based on enemies hit in the area of effect from the daggers Baruuk seems to fit somewhere in-between Trinity and Harrow, being able to support and control the flow of combat. Both Trinity and Harrow are able to scale - either with scaling damage or armour removal not to mention both have ways to heal and grant energy but in very different manners. I see Baruuk fitting in with their support and offensive support play style with the above changes. Agree? Disagree? Something to add? Something to change? Thank you for reading, -Phyrak
  3. Phyrak

    Warframe X Monster Hunter

    Such is why I started this discussion You don't know what will come unless you don't ask - thus, I asked 🙂 from the Subreddit(s), it is mostly positive whereas Warframe is a little on the negative side of it. It would certainly be rad to have a cross over - I could certainly see either lephantis or an eidolon being the boss to take down for MHW. As for Warframe, if they were to send in a pre made model that could work on the landscape; the health and damage would need tweaking and I think we would be ready to go. Finish it with some weapon, mod and cosmetics such as a synadana or armour and we are set!
  4. Phyrak

    Warframe X Monster Hunter

    I frames/rolling guard through it
  5. Phyrak

    Warframe X Monster Hunter

    I have posted to the communities on Reddit with some positive feedback for such things from MH, less so from Warframe getting weapons/creatures from MH We get weapons, MH get armour based of the frames We get mods based on decorations, MH get skins Maybe permanent addition to hunting as another Tenno addressed above - or even as encounters as a plains/fortuna event
  6. Hey there, I have am a player of both game - moreso Warframe (MR 26/3k hours) and MonHunW (HR 46/110 hours). A cross over would certainly work. Decorations/set bonuses and mods make up the same aspect. Weapons have their synergies too. - Long sword = nikana/odashi - Insect glaive = polearm - Dual blade = dual dagger (an unloved weapon class) - LBG = rifle with Hysterix passive - HBG = arch gun with Hysterix passive - Bow = bow - Hammer = hammer - Charge blade/Switch axe/Greatsword = heavy blade - Gun Lance/Lance = sword and shield (not sure about this) - Sword and shield = sword and shield - Hunting horn = ? Gear tree wise; for MHW Base gear - builds into prime Rank 6/7 - 7/8 Armour could match to the first 8 Warframes. Eg. Trinity armour gives wide range, speed eater, free meal, tool specialist. Rhino armour gives defence boost, guard/guard up and blast. For Warframe; we could get decorations as mods. Bow charge + Boosting raw damage (damage without adding elemental mods) Razor sharp for armour ignore/reduction perhaps like beta days of old... Vaal Hazak mod for passive heal Regen/viral damage pulse in an PBAoE. Just some thoughts, Thank you for reading, -Phyrak
  7. Phyrak

    Predators of the Plains (Plains of Eidolon add on)

    I spent a good few months digging through ideas for progression, reward and giving a meaning to playing slowly in a game like this - also with the help of some friends to meter it in a little when I take a step too far
  8. Phyrak

    What Are You Listening To?

    I found out about him from his discussion with Jordan Peterson - brilliant stuff
  9. Phyrak

    What Are You Listening To?

    My dude!
  10. Phyrak

    Predators of the Plains (Plains of Eidolon add on)

    Something I wrote along a similar line some months ago.
  11. Phyrak

    Valkyr Graxx cosplay

    This is incredible
  12. Phyrak

    Coming Soon: Devstream #118!

    Any hopes for a mounted/cavalier style Warframe? Alpha kubrow/kavat? Maybe a flying mount too?
  13. Phyrak

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    My review of Rev; please note it is a little more of a partial rework with a focus on the Eidolon side of Rev alongside thralls being disposable units. Passive: For a Warframe that doesn't seek to lose shields due to his second ability, the passive is certainly lackluster for the small AoE it has. He is a caster based offensive AoE frame - the original passive of heal based on damage works well. Perhaps in addition to this, add "Gain X energy whilst above Y health and Z shields" to further focus this niche of having thralls out to do the dirty work whilst Revenant deals damage unhindered. 1. Seeking Bullets: The Eidolon's homing projectiles Think of Nyx's psychic bolts/magic missiles - Revenant sends X projectiles; gaining combo meter like Atlas. Reducing cost whilst increasing amount of projectiles sent when tapped consecutively. Energy pillars will send out a blast and blast periodically after being struck by the bolt. 2. Mesmer Skin: Kept largely the same with the exception of the interaction with foes. Foes that attack are now instantly entralled to Revenant (up to X thralls (Str)). Thralls are disarmed, seeking melee combat. Thralls are now surrounded by the damaging energy pillar. The energy pillar consumes 5% (eff) per second (dur) - converting consumed health into pillar damage. At base a thrall will last 20 seconds before dying and leaving behind a pillar as another thrall takes its place. Allies kill thralls (much like Nekros' SotD), thralls must lose health to die. Mesmer skin will now regenerate 1 charge per X seconds (dur). 3. Reave: There is a lack of control with the ability. Giving it controls akin to Excalibur's slash dash would certainly make it more useable. With thralls now being properly disposable units. The manner of going to and from cannon fodder seems a little lacking for an overlord. In the same sense of Equinox's 3 - reave now siphons health and shield within the area surrounding Revenant. Holding the ability will now send Revenant towards the destination selected in a more purpose driven manner. 4. Danse Macabre: The adaptive damage is the best part of this ability but it is also one of the most boring abilities in game and doesn't mimic the Eidolon's as much as it could. Perhaps using the Gantulyst's Super God Ray out of his hand, Revenant could be precise with damage applying the new continuous beam weapon changed to this new ultimate. Clicking alt fire allows for placement of energy pillars at the discretion of the player to use alongside the pillars from current and dead thralls - further emphasizing positioning and area control. Use of the beam would follow that of Ivara, allowing for regeneration of energy whilst being strategic in combat. Like any other exalted weapon (for lack of a defined weapon as such, Revenant's hand out be used), it can be modded using Primary mods and effected by Arcanes of that nature.
  14. Phyrak

    What Are You Listening To?

    Listening to Jocko Willink whilst playing survival is an experience - for anyone who appreciates the leadership dichotomy, interviews and live reads; check him out 🙂
  15. Phyrak

    Coming Soon: Devstream #114!

    With melee now having standard sets (or at least it is the thought process to be), will we ever get exalted augment mods? Eg. Flail and shield for Harrow's 3 Exalted lightning for Volt's 1/4 Sided with Augments 2.0 allowing for greater customisation of abilities (perhaps akin to the Rune system of Diablo 3) Is there a future for augments in this manner? Thank you, -Phyrak