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  1. Huh, well this will be interesting. I'm honestly a bit confused reading that. I don't like the idea of groups manipulating the trade chat (my understanding of what's been going on), but I've always liked that some people are willing to pay more for certain items. For example when a new prime weapon comes out that is top tier in terms of damage. How much people pay for that weapon changes drastically in a few days. I imagine the riven prices for that weapon also change drastically in those few days. So I'm wondering how that will be factored into all this. Seems like it depends on too many things for a reliable baseline. Some people are always willing to pay more, and a seller wants to best price obviously. An auction system would work out nicely I feel. But who knows, depends how it's implemented.
  2. Nightwave is alright to me. It's something to do after the long content drought. And it got me back into it after being on and off for a few months. I have a couple of issues though. Friends- You guys already know about this one, but my problem with it is that it adds nothing to the difficulty. It's the same. I team up with a random, friend them and do the run. Adds absolutely nothing to difficulty except if the "friend" doesn't have my level of experience. I'll see people in trade chat asking to do friend and do the missions and they're Mastery Rank is low. And it's stressful playing missions with them. They want to do a 60 min Kuva Survival with no Life Support and they still think Ember is a high level DPS frame. (Joke on that Reddit post I saw). But really, it's kinda awkward and stressful because they don't have the skills and I don't want to be rude and tell them "Hey, you're not gonna survive this mission unless I carry you with extreme skill and experience I have. And even then, we might fail because of how much you lack". If the point of the friendship bounties is to force high ranking older players that just came back because sweet content finally rained down, to carry inexperienced players, then alright. Good job then, because it's actually difficult carrying these guys. More on the Kuva Survival- You guys are probably tired of it, but I think I have a view point not seen yet. I did that mission twice. I completely it the first time with random people after friending one of them of course. Had an MR 10, and two MR 21. Ah, I'm MR 26 (if you couldn't tell). Anyways, we completed the mission with a lot of effort from me. It was a Frost, Nidus and Oberon for some reason. And me as Nekros. I out damaged the Nidus by over 10% which is a problem but it's alright since only me and him did over 25% each, so we carried basically. The mission was dreadfully boring and stressful for me. Also difficult because I was doing the most carrying. It just wasn't fun, which is weird because why else would I play the game right? Anyways I did the mission again with a long time friend of mine. Same level of experience as me, knows what he's doing for sure. God, that was actually fun for me. Had him on Limbo, a Nidus and a Frost. Didn't out damage the Nidus which is great and everyone was doing well. But it was actually fun with my actual friend. I wasn't stressed out at all because I knew he was gonna cover for me and for the rest of the team if anything went wrong. So my point in this is honestly, don't make us do missions that most people won't play for long periods of time. For example, don't force us to play Defection which probably no one plays. Sortie- Not exactly a problem with Nightwave, but kinda. Sortie today had us play Defection. I was the only one that knew what was going on and how to actually play the mission. They didn't know to press x on them to have them move. Not that I blame them for that. I'm probably the only one that did the little Event when it was introduced. So again, don't have us do these things. It's just harder for the older players because we have to carry. And yeah, I did the carry there. ESO - If it's an Elite bounty, it should be for 8 waves. 3 waves is nothing. Cred Offerings- I guess that's for new players right? Nothing interesting for people like me. Probably just because I'm not much of a Fashion frame guy. The Nitain is nice though. Also, why's the ornament cost so much. I'd be nice if it was less. My problem is that there isn't anything new in there for people that have the cosmetics or people that don't have the cosmetics because they just aren't interested in it (me). But if it's for new players mainly, alright that's fine. No problem really. I think that's my only problems. Which I guess my main problem is that I as someone who has played for a long while, has to carry people and that it's generally boring. I guess I should play it solo, but that's even less fun. Despite all the things here. I do like the event. It's something to do you know.
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