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  1. Here are two things I can't never unsee about the operator once I noticed them. Operator lose all hair while transferring: The first time in a mission you transfer to operator, for a brief moment, the operator has no hair. Does transference burn their hair, but the operator can grow them back a second after that😳? or did the body get transferred first, then the hair? Operator is Excalibur? In your operator room, whenever you transfer back to warframe, the operator slowly teleports back to their seat. However, for a brief moment, it is Excalibur!!! that gets teleported to the seat and turned to the operator. Are all operators an Excalibur in disguise😯 ?!! or operators need an Excalibur to transfer, because operators can only transfer to a warframe not a seat?
  2. modify a bit to avoid that, make it something between Darth Maul's light saber and Thanos' sword!
  3. Thanos Double-Edged Sword (from Avengers Endgame) is one of the coolest weapon. Could DE add it to the game? Why is it cool? 1 it's huge, taller than Thanos 2 it spins like a helicopter blade potentially cutting anything in the way. And it blocks laser beam while it spins, as shown in the movie when Thanos Vs ironman. 3 it is a throwable. It can fly like a glaive and return to Thanos' hand.
  4. there are many ways to add visual clarity, Sister make everything else appears darker, bluer or less saturate, or Sister has some glowing aura around her or under her feet, or sister doesn't teleport, or have some UI guide to her position (vertical and horizontal line drawn towards her, or a sniper scope on her).
  5. Graphic chaos when Sister Appears. With all the weapon effects, shield bubble effects, ability effect, it is very hard to tell where the Sister is and where the hound is. Especially, Hound and the Sister has very similar icon. To make it worse, the Sister teleports all over the place. which make it even harder to track her. I had to ask my teammate to mark her sometimes. I appreciate this update's new cool visual effect, but they are not distinct enough. Some ability effects looks very similar to others. Image Hound's Equilibrium Audit effect, Tenet Envoy shoots and Sister's abilities in one screen. When I get shot down, I have no idea which part of chaos killed me. Please, make it less chaotic!
  6. Hi, I played through Venus and Mercury on steel path. Now plains of eidolon is locked, How to do I continue to Mars? I tried to play a bounty mission in plains of eidolon, but it is still locked
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