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  1. Pls do something about updating game by warframe servers it’s frustrating my net speed is faaaassst way fast but it shows kbps wile updating only this game aaaaahhhh
  2. i did everything like verify then optimize it...its an issue with their servers also its not only me there are many more and what do u mean by open support ticket, i didnt get it?
  3. its jus frustrating...enough is enough...no need for reworks, bugs fixing and nerfing the game if your updates are so bad to install it stucked at exact 294.5 mb 58 % why i have to face this issue every time de launches an update i cant play for a whole day... again i can download whole 33gb game from steam in 20 min but your stupid not even a gb update took days srsly guys pls rework on this issue
  4. i just tried cuz today we get 12 mb update and it didn't work 140 mbps speed nad this is what i get 10 kbps speed for warframe update now
  5. unedited want to bring my infested party so here is a big large proud infested kubrow , my favorite frame nidus and direct from emissary +fortuna +cetus clothing label operator i call it "lords of infestation"
  6. this type of stupid small 6gb update pissed me off.... i mean i am more comfortable to download whole game from steam but warframe 6 gb update was a dead end, also after a day passed... i opened game start update it was fast as usual so my point is WHAAAYYYYYYYY i wasted my 1 day and blamed my net i am fealing sad for customer care guys ....this is a big problem everytime an update comes i guess i have to be prepared(its all like vauban rework)
  7. yesterday i activated my 6days affinity booster then the update launched, i cant start my game cuz downloading new update has a speed of 35kbps max...i uninstalled my game re-download 33gb game from steam and it downloaded within 35-45 min and it again stucked at new updates i.e. 6gb update with downloading speed of 35 to 100kbps max...i optimized cache thrice i verified then optimize again but the speed is poor also at the same time my net speed i checked is 142mps both download and upload i need help! game runs smoothly on my pc i have 140gb space on my pc drive even though this ha
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