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  1. Foolish mortal knows not the looming wrath of us Vauban mains Same goes to all others who think he is "just fine as he is" HERESY I say. H E R E S Y. He's fallen from his former godhood by the ignorance of meta
  2. Sure, I do conclave one time and you nerf my main again
  3. Passives: Idea 1 - This is at least a better passive than what he has now, or anything that others say in relation to armor based passives. I like this, it helps him scale better in high tier levels such as Sortie 3s and ESO's for example. Idea 2 - This is taking from Chroma's main identity. I know Excal has the Chromatic Blade augment, but that's still an augment and not the innate property of ability. At least put this theme as part of his minelayer; Remove bounce and replace it with a gas grenade. Remove Triplaser and replace it with something procing viral or cold damage, like a coolant cell or something, at the very least just flat out and completely remove both triplaser and bounce entirely. They are trash, end of story. Skills: Tesla: This is a good change, this is how you make one of the worst abilities in the game(don't lie and say it isn't) into something actually useful. I like this. Minelayer: This, at the very least, needs to happen. Nobody uses this, nobody. This is a joke, and only used for memes. It is useless and the base duration of Shred needs a buff from 4 seconds to be in line at 8 seconds with Concuss. Also the base armor strip from a weak 40% to at least base armor strip of 50%. Bastille: Ehhhh. Again, Vauban doesn't need a damage type is based on energy color mechanic. Vortex: To elaborate on the augment idea, each enemy increases the chance of it sucking in all incoming enemy fire by a certain small percentage. Thus this actually gives the player a reason to use this more often outside of just spamming Vortex in an attempt to crash your team mates due to their potato PCs
  4. Why bother putting those "Changes/fixes" on Vauban? The passive is even worse now
  5. Vauban needs more than just another bandaid 'rework'. He needs an entire overhaul, examples can be seen in a few threads I've read about him in the feedback - warframes and abilities section of the forums
  6. That's what I'm thinking. The Acolytes showing up is awfully coincidental...
  7. Welp, looks like I can't use Vala Sugatra anymore.
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