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  1. Lol. I guess it is. And oh the only things is noticeable is all enemy is lifted when i hit them. My riven is - slash +cc +attack speed And this is one of my strongest melee but because of the speed i barely use it. With that speed if i got buff from other frame (valkyr or wish etc) the weapon is broken. Cant use it. .
  2. Solo with revenant u can go fishing while do the thermia and comeback with mission completed
  3. Maybe with riven -100% heat .... idk some weapon have innate forced proc My ignis build with corrosive +heat or viral+heat
  4. use revenant and your strongest melee + naramon build around heavy attack or CO. prefer 100% combo efficient melee riven.
  5. oh so its 1.2 * (99,3% of 1,2) = 120 ? is its multi or add ? ah man the math give me headache. if this normal. ok sorry. pls delete this thread mod
  6. i got a riven : the weapon become unplayable u will stuck with reload animation for 120 sec. i try hydron/ sim stuck with animation reload for about 120 sec space the ammo will stuck at 0 i think around 25 sec then it goes up again. pls fix
  7. If u want easiest way. Use wukong and fly.
  8. Yes i do solo all the time. Limbo max duration. Range 100-130. Nd most importantly Vazarin. 17 wave around 40-50 minute. Depend map and luck. Space i never like rj. So i dont do space but i think it can be done with limbo too. With teleport if rj get attacked. And max duration so plenty of time to go back to oplink. oplink cant be heal with vazarin. So u have to gruard it with only limbo and survive 17 wave ground and space. Oplink can be heal with sancti magistra only. But u have too sacrifice paracesis. And paracesis for me is important because of sentient adaptation reset. If DE update oplink can be heal with vazarin. Then u can doit with any frame u want. --------------- But if u want solo for only 3-5 wave or even maybe 7 wave ground ( with defensif frame). It can be done with anyframe for 3-5 wave.
  9. Yes i do solo all the time. Ground. LIMBO. Max duration. Range 100-130. Adaptation. Vazarin. 17 wave 40-50 minute. Depend on the map and luck. For space i think it can be done with limbo too. With teleport if rj get attacked. and max duration for safety get back to oplink. I Never tried it since i dont do rj.
  10. Lol its smart move DE choose. Im sure frame will just get bugs, and the best part is, Community will never know if the bugs is intended or not XD Like if your frame cant move or cant open door or cant switch to operator. Loading screen loop. Animation broken. All bugs u named it. The frame will have it.
  11. thanks pls fix 1. visual bugs / its is a bugs that client not showing any progression (scarlet spear) 2. objective point indicator stay in ( disruption / mobile defense / mission that have multiple objective ) event after u finish the objective and extract was show 3. make vazarin dash can heal the ground link. 4. balance the ss, like ground mission should be easier cuz space time should have many ground team to progress
  12. De should balance this out like. Ground should be easier so maybe more people will start doing it ?
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