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  1. Alex-4

    Hotfix 18.13.2

    Finally forma does not make weapon completely useless anymore thank you DE Bless change this time is improvement cause let's face it percentage was intended to stop god mode, but it failed to do that due to Glaive combo and we still had near permanent invulnerability only thing that did change was the more annoying way to cast it, but after few days player will get use to it and does it by reflex, so let's face it nothing changed with percentage damage reduction it was still god mode... With 99% Damage Reduction and you get only 1 shield damage was a bit Over Powered its same as completely invulnerable, but 75% cap on bless might be a bit too low, a 90% cap maybe... cause Mirage (95%), Mesa (95%), Equinox (83%) do grant you 75%+ Damage Reduction why cap only trinity on 75% when other can have more? No more Invulnerability ... OK 75% Cap Damage Reduction ...too low
  2. Alex-4

    Hotfix 18.13.1

    DE please clarify was there a recent stealth update that added screen shake to imperator vandal?
  3. Alex-4

    Update 14.9.0

    "How many Credits do i need? I can't see it behind the brilliantly placed-in-the-middle of the screen warframe..." This is getting stupid... DE please stop being stubborn
  4. Alex-4

    Hotfix 14.6.1

    DE please add Option to Display Mods Unfolded On/Off
  5. Alex-4

    Update 14.6.0

    Trinity gets nerf and Nova gets buff. Yeah... it's a Warframe Game no mistake about it... (sigh).
  6. Alex-4

    Hotfix 14.2.2

    Additions: - The number of currently active squads is now displayed in the info popup when hovering over a mission node. finally ty
  7. Alex-4

    Hotfix 14.1.4

    Yes!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS :D :D :D Please make them also leave the channel after certain amount of time if people go silent (otherwise it will gradually overpopulate and be the same) Also Kubrows are getting in the way of shooting ... they need to move away when they are in crosshair Please make Kubrow move or make bullets go though them, they are walking shields for enemies.
  8. Alex-4

    Hotfix 14.1.3

    Kubrow AI is stupid they stuck their heads in crosshair all the time shielding the enemies and attack once in 10 sec (even less often) they don't even fight back when infested tearing them apart... All the Kubrows do is running around the area and maybe occasionally attack, casually ...
  9. Alex-4

    Hotfix 14.1.2 +

  10. Alex-4

    Hotfix 14.1.1

    DE the Grineer Shop (Chem Lab) is still missing the Panel ! Please add ! All other Shops have it . It suppose to be like this!
  11. Alex-4

    Hotfix 14.0.11

    "Odris can still talk though"... - You do know that even if every single thing in warframe will brake Odris will still be functioning (or should i say malfunctioning "Mad Cephalon!!!", plus his "Grineer Noise Radio" sidekick) ...Yeah, the spiteful ones live the longest...
  12. Alex-4

    Hotfix 14.0.11

    Having different damage outputs in conflicts or modifying skills is a bad idea... why not just give tenno Health multiplier in PvP ? Example: Regular Missions - normal health 300- 1000 Dark Sector Conflict, Conclave or Dueling Room x2.5-x10 health multiplier 3500-10000 (so no more 1-Hit Kill) and Tenno won't die after activating Hysteria or Blade Storm just once so there will be a room for strategy and actual fight that last more than "Whom ever hits first wins"
  13. Alex-4

    Hotfix 14.0.11

    i still cant see some mods in first row (cause frame is obscuring them)
  14. Alex-4

    Hotfix 14.0.10

    login yes sometimes when i dont get this: (and even when i do manage to log in I mostly get d/c before mission ends), but play!? that is open for debate menus are in horrific state (most things are obscured by frames) PvP is broken as all our builds are locked by "unranked, lv up system" (Valkyr god mode dominates) ...(P.S. btw love 4vs4 if it wasn't for "unranked" BS) and kubrows are always run and stand in front of crosshair when I aim at mobs, most times my bullets end up in my kubrow who aparrently has a DIVA complex and just loves being in the "picture" , so my bullets don't reach mobs since my kubrow is dead bent on being "live shield" for the mobs so for ur statement that I can "Play" , well honestly i don't think that is much of a play...
  15. Alex-4

    Hotfix 14.0.10

    OMG! How the hell am I suppose to see the missions when Nova's &#! is sitting in the middle of the screen!? DE PLEASE remove frames from sitting in the middle of menu UI