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  1. Wisp specter can go a long way towards pumping up your damage via haste motes, and giving the objective a little better survivability with the vitality motes. Definitely recommend leaving a wisp specter on your 10x BP. Unfortunately, it does just sound like you're short on weapons that will do the damage you need to overcome them. There used to be other ways to play, but DE didn't like people being able to delay the loss of objectives via Protective Dash. If you can catch me online, I can probably help you get some of the mods you feel you're missing. Beyond that it's just going to be fin
  2. tbf, the one person saying it probably represented something like 125% of the conclave playerbase. Other things that made no sense this year: Self-damage was removed, which included a nerf to the Zakti, it didn't deal self-damage, but as noted: it definitely self-staggers now. Objective Healing got buried, all because someone used Venari to heal Scarlet Spear, which was an "unexpected use" despite Venari's heal working on objectives being listed in the tips. Limbo + Exodia Contagion no longer works as it once did (but it has apparently reared its head again in the form of that dumb
  3. Yeah, I'm mostly disappointed in the initial "balancing" decision. I'm pretty sure if they had just removed the 5 seconds of invulnerability from Protective Dash it would have been fine, because with low objective health 60% isn't that much, it was the combination of 60%+invulnerable while healing. Enemies can do well over 60% of the objective's health. Hell if you're fighting Stalker in the wrong spot on Venus he can practically one-shot the objective with his exalted sword waves. I'm still in the bargaining stage, which is why I'd tolerate something as low as 20% over 5 seconds (a mi
  4. I agreed that it was "unpleasant", but disagreed that it was only "unpleasant": you didn't go far enough for me to completely agree. That's okay though. You can't bullet jump/dodge when you're reviving which is where I got glassed the most. I was getting constant vertical swings, and had no luck on the RNG there lmao. The crystal that you have to pop disappeared from sight and I couldn't find it after I died like twice.
  5. Disagree: despite turning bloom off, I cannot read the symbols on the Synth Weave (mine is 1 off 2 on pips), the sword and the dagger are very similar in appearance especially when they scale the dagger up to be roughly the same size as the sword on the icons when travelling through the maze, and I still don't know what I'm looking for on the Orokin Legem as the correct symbol looked nothing like the symbol I saw in the little diorama. And then there's the poorly broadcasted boss fight mechanics. The instagib sword swing. The getting glassed as soon as you respawn. The fact that it sw
  6. Eurasia has always been at war with Eastasia. -- Jokes aside, I think it's been 139.99$ for awhile, Transaction ID: --- Purchased: Dec 18, 2018 @ 7:57pm Mesa Prime Peacemaker Pack - $139.99 Subtotal $139.99 Tax $9.80 Total $149.79 Mesa Prime Peacemaker ("Full" which is Frame + Weapons + Accessories)
  7. I don't know, I assumed that when I said % it was understood as % of "target" max health. So the objective with a lot of health would receive the same amount of healing, as a percentage, as the objective with less health. Prior to these changes Protective Dash did exactly that, though you also had people just dashing twice through the objective over the course of 5 seconds and healing the objective fully. You can still get that effect from the Kuva Fortress Defense mission. What happened there was that you could refresh the duration on the buff (which, you notably cannot do currently) whic
  8. Objective healing still doesn't scale with objective health. And this still bothers me.
  9. Yeah, that's where the compromise of flat+% comes in. The current game does NOT have flat numbers. As a result it is not a good idea to use flat numbers. Balancing the game you have against the game you wish you had. Yeah, everything is interconnected, which is why it's so jarring when something isn't connected. Objective healing as flat numbers is completely disconnected. The numbers are not connected to anything, and, in the case of Protective Dash, it doesn't increase. At all. Period. but, and I'm going to keep hitting on it, EVERYTHING at the very least scales based on m
  10. Excavator not having the same health is PRECISELY why percentage would be better. 2500hp over 5 seconds would substantially heal an excavator on Pluto, but would heal less than 10% of the defense objective on Sedna. The progression isn't baked into the mission, the healing effectiveness is baked into the progression. 20% over 5 seconds would be wildly more effective than 4% over 5 seconds, in the example I suggested (5%, 10%, 15%, 20% would be the progression on Protective Dash, and then add flat amounts [so 25-50-75-100 flat+respective%]). You're right, it wouldn't be "progression" du
  11. I disagree very strongly with this stance. The purpose of wanting the percentage is so that you can expect a reliable result. Sure with flat numbers you get a ""reliable result"" but the result is hilariously bad and obsolete by the time you gain access to them, hence why I described it as peeing once in an empty 55 gallon drum and calling it full. The progression for healing with Protective Dash is tied to the focus school leveling, using the example of "20% over 5 seconds" that I suggested earlier, with 4 ranks for Protective Dash having it be 1%-2%-3%-4% would mean you would gain
  12. We've run over this before. I'm not necessarily after the original numbers. I'm after tolerable numbers. 500hp over 5 seconds (100hp for 5 seconds is the only reason it's "a lot of 5s" there). A low percentage at 20%+500 over 5 seconds (4%+100/s) would work far better than "500hp over 5 seconds" on the basis that once you get past the inner planets (being generous and going with Mars/Phobos), the healing is completely and utterly pointless. Going down the list: Equinox requires defeating Tyl Regor on Uranus. Protective Dash requires beating the Neptune -> Pluto junction to u
  13. Doesn't matter what the problem is in regards to the weapons, their brilliant solution was to instead remove the efficacy of healing stationary objectives.
  14. Or, and hear me out, they could explain these systems better than the current explanation of NOT AT ALL, instead they are relying on players to explain their systems.
  15. Healing has always been secondary, but it wasn't until this year that they have completely gutted the ability to heal objectives. That "second stage" happens pretty quickly if you're solo, as you can't cover everything by playing however you like. Instead it lead to me beating Steel Path by following the meta, instead of by playing for fun. I've never found "MOAR DAMAGE" to be all that compelling, and as a result I've fallen out of love with Warframe in its current state. It's no longer possible for me to play how I want to, and instead if I want to be able to accomplish things on even the
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