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  1. Bet that was the defense mission on Kuva Fortress. Doesn't count.
  2. And, that's why, at this point I'm done with Warframe. They didn't really want me playing anyways, so I guess we're even. The issue is, and likely always be, heavy-handed nerfing, which has always been a feature of DE programming rather than a bug. The absolute terror they express at the prospect of players not playing their game explicitly how they want was too strong. Not only that, but as the above quote mentioned: Necramechs are also receiving the garbage healing amounts that stationary objectives get, despite being both player controlled and mobile.
  3. 🙃 We do not disagree. Unfortunately neither one of us can restore it. The people DE listen to tend to disagree strongly. I'm just trying to bargain for something that I believe is much more reasonable than the current system. I'll accept that it was "OP", because it was, in the right hands, pretty crazy, and made some things way easier than obviously intended (rad procs on Fissures for instance didn't matter, since you could protective dash the objective, same with the nullybubble effect on fissures. 🙃 DE's idea of "fun" has been directly opposed to mine since Old Blood Update, and I'
  4. I still want objective healing to be more tolerable. I'm even willing to go back to buying Prime Access packs that Steve allegedly appreciates players buying, provided you actually make it tolerable, opposed to how it is now. Tolerable would be active healing having some kind of scaling component. The opportunity cost on Trinity, Protective Dash, and Equinox in particular are intolerable. Instead of using Blessing which requires both hands to cast, you could be killing enemies, and likely will be. Instead of Equinox's Mend, you could be scaling up your maim to deal even more damage. Prot
  5. Psst, DE: It's still not in an "okay" state for active healing, set & forgets might be okay, but actively healing (Trinity, Equinox, Protective Dash) are certainly not "okay".
  6. Trinity DR is capped at 50%, so that is working as intended at least. Maybe that's why it bothered me so much: Trinity, Equinox and Protective Dash all require active healing. While most of the other abilities' healing is based on being able to do something else, while those 3 are setting aside time to heal.
  7. That was in relation to a joke about Frost Prime not being an upgrade compared to regular Frost lmao. At least until they completely remove all of the Archwing missions like they said they were planning in the last devstream I saw.
  8. I don't know, he melts pretty quick compared to Valkyr or Inaros 😅
  9. If you do that, you'll also be missing out on some of the gems/minerals from Deimos. Considering you can still pick up an unfinishable Bolarola conservation that takes you into the Exploiter Orb cave, I wouldn't want to hinge my enjoyment on Fortuna/Vallis. And it's a dumb question, since you've probably already tried it, but have you considered switching over to whatever passes for potato mode on console? Assuming you can of course. As Steve has been playing with more and more graphics settings which might have turned themselves on despite being incompatible with current console h
  10. Counterpoint: Frost Prime. ba-dum-tis. I'll be here all week. Releasing a new archgun with Prime Access is so far out of character that I don't feel bad dismissing it as out of hand. But then, this is DE we're talking about, so we won't know until it happens in January-ish. Other things that influence "forum account time" - if you submitted a support ticket.
  11. And, beyond the bolded portion: Vitality Motes are set & forget. You have to actively play to get functionally less healing out of Trinity/Equinox/Vazarin, as with power strength you can also surpass the hard limit of 500hp over 5 seconds that DE has graciously allowed to exist alongside Vitality Motes. I'm sure you always have a team ready to play, but there are others less fortunate than you or I. That and I want my attempts at healing to actually #*!%ing matter regardless of if I'm stuck in solo or not, instead of just S#&$ting out more dps like everyone else cle
  12. Not sure if it'll help for you as they can spawn in multiple spots, but mine were here: https://imgur.com/a/zYqTjxA It's one of those things I didn't find until I gave up and started walking around looking up.
  13. DE has been strangling the game for a long time, that was the point of the list. I didn't care until they touched my sacred objective healing, because while hurrdurr more damage entertains others, being the right person in the right place at the right time is far more compelling to me. The pillaging of objective healing made it impossible to be the rp2rt, because the numbers are so weak when compared to objective health.
  14. Wisp specter can go a long way towards pumping up your damage via haste motes, and giving the objective a little better survivability with the vitality motes. Definitely recommend leaving a wisp specter on your 10x BP. Unfortunately, it does just sound like you're short on weapons that will do the damage you need to overcome them. There used to be other ways to play, but DE didn't like people being able to delay the loss of objectives via Protective Dash. If you can catch me online, I can probably help you get some of the mods you feel you're missing. Beyond that it's just going to be fin
  15. tbf, the one person saying it probably represented something like 125% of the conclave playerbase. Other things that made no sense this year: Self-damage was removed, which included a nerf to the Zakti, it didn't deal self-damage, but as noted: it definitely self-staggers now. Objective Healing got buried, all because someone used Venari to heal Scarlet Spear, which was an "unexpected use" despite Venari's heal working on objectives being listed in the tips. Limbo + Exodia Contagion no longer works as it once did (but it has apparently reared its head again in the form of that dumb
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