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  1. The arcanes are missing something incredibly important: the reason people weren't using their primary/secondary to begin with is because they don't kill fast enough, so you're nerfing melee without understanding why melee was dominant to begin with. It's going to be really difficult to proc your "On Headshot Kill" or "On Headshot" arcanes using something like the Acrid or Baza which have low base damage. Weapons that are already weak (two such examples listed above) in the base damage department will also not be able to take advantage of the new mods.
  2. Is there any chance you'll look at the lackluster state of stationary objective healing? The stance you took two years ago was far too much of a knee jerk response to an unintended effect in Scarlet Spear (Khora's cat healing the op-link) and it could use a revisit as the only thing capable of doing any appreciable healing to stationary objectives with thousands of health is Wisp, and even then only because of the Set & Forget nature of Wisp's Reservoirs.
  3. They may be easier to "control", but at 500 total they're not worth the time spent coding the nerf, I maintain that % is just as easy to control, as you know what the value will be when you heal a target with 65000hp at 1%/s (Spoiler: it's 1% of 65k, which is 650) and the only time it gets majorly out of hand is when DE puts more 0s on the end. I seriously doubt anything will be done about it. I just wanted to pop in to say "Maybe one day you'll pull your head out of your ass long enough to see how atrocious this design decision was.", which at this point I know they won't do. As
  4. Or, even easier to solve: have the healing do percentage of maxhp instead of flat amounts that quickly get overshadowed by objective health scaling. The big reason Protective Dash was a problem was the two-hit combination of 5 seconds of invulnerability WHILE healing for 60% of maxhp. Instead of removing the invuln, and just scaling down the percentage, they (and I've said this for just under a year at this point) completely neutered objective healing to force people to play the game as dps go brrrt. Before the healing changes you had 3 options. With those awful changes they vastly reduced
  5. Yeah. Keep hoping they'll go back and fix this decision that I regard as boneheaded, but it seems like they're counting on everyone just moving on. They might not remember. But I still remember. And I am still disappointed in DE for making this decision. Scaling health on objectives ✅ Scaling enemy damage on objectives✅ Scaling enemy health & armor ✅ Scaling healing on players ✅ Scaling healing on mobile objectives (read: rescue target, sortie defense, etc) ✅ Scaling healing on stationary objectives ❌ One of these things is not like the others.
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