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    13.4.0: Serro + Psa!

    Red text: http://imgur.com/BY9WO7B Love the snide commentary.
  2. Opyt

    Update 12.3.0: The Grustrag Three

    The Snipetron was removed from the game, and replaced by the Lanka. They even said it wasn't coming back iirc. Primed Chamber looks like the kind of mod you say "Oops." over later on down the line; especially since it stacks with Charged Chamber. It was also from the event where they didn't set a time limit on it. They just outright said "Complete the objective." and then some folks took it upon themselves to get WAAAAY more points than they needed to deny the Primed Chamber to others. The "Wraith" title is probably going to stay unique to events, because they're mostly just a reskin with slightly increased damage numbers. The Brakk and Detron weren't merely reskins with a slight change in damage numbers. And while the Strun Wraith and Wraith Twin Vipers are considered a "whole new weapon"; they don't play as different weapons. The Brakk and Detron are "whole new" styles to play with. It would be like finishing the tutorial and only being allowed to use the Skana to kill Vor. My point is that the game isn't going to be ruined over other players being able to get (not getting, ability to get, because I still have someone on my list that can't get Hate to save anyone's life) another weapon. It's not detracting value from your game to allow them to have more content. I also don't understand why it matters that someone else can have the same weapon; it's not like the Brakk stands out on your hip. It's just another sidearm (although according to DPS sheets it's also the hands down HIGHEST DPS sidearm, it'd be like locking the Acrid pre-Damage 2.0 behind an event). If you're looking over what people are wearing then you're not playing a shooter or action game or whatever, you're playing "Hello Kitty Dress Up!" I also think there's more to the "Wraith" title than you realize.
  3. Opyt

    Update 12.3.0: The Grustrag Three

    I'm kinda disappointed in all the people saying "Thanks for wasting my time". Are you not enjoying the game because now OTHER people can get gear? This is the second time I've seen it. First it was "OMG GARME IZ RUNED! PRIMEZ IZ BEAN TRAYDED!" And now it's "Brakk iz availzabible to evaryonez! GARME IZ RUNED!" - it's not that bad. It was also something that was going to happen anyways. If you didn't know it was going to happen, then maybe you ought to pull your head out of your third point of contact. When they put the Detron (which, by the way is what I WANTED out of the SAME EVENT) in, did you seriously think the Brakk wouldn't be coming in shortly after? They have also said that none of the stuff was "exclusive" to that one event. And it all boils down to this: if someone else being able to get an item is effecting YOUR fun, maybe you should reconsider what you find fun.
  4. Opyt

    Update 12.2.0: Castanas!

    I don't understand this "Pay to Win" nonsense. As far as the "primed warframes" go; they come with one more polarity slot (o, hai thar forma.), gold trim, and the explodey-crates (__BUT ONLY IN THE VOID__) give energy to teammates when walking near them. The weapons are typically better than their "non-primed" counterparts, but, big deal. I wasn't watching the forums when trading first hit; but wasn't buying mods with platinum ALSO "pay2win"? Seriously. It's not "pay2win now" simply because prime bps and parts can be sold. And if you don't feel like buying/selling anything for platinum, then make it clear when you go to make a trade. It's not rocket science. They're not saying that the only way to get the pieces are through trading. You can still get them out of your void missions, and someone will have to. I'm a little confused at how people are selling the equivalent of an entire warframe for 20 platinum, and it's something that could have been handled more gracefully. Then again, the reason a Frost Prime is "going" for 20 platinum is because maybe that's the cost of a Forma, which is the only non-cosmetic (read: relevant) difference outside of void missions. In the end, it helps people that desperately want primed whatevers get them, or if they've been chugging away at the Mag Prime, they no longer have to go 30 minutes to finally get that systems blueprint or whatever. It's not that big of a deal.