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  1. Bonewidow is very disappointed It is fun but that's all meathook is just one-target cc and can't cast with shield maiden. damage is useless and hurling did not cause any staggering or knockdown shield maiden is most useful but it can't recast for a while when it brake firing line is just weird. just gathering costs 50 energy and no damage no following debuff and it's casting speed is slow for current performance exalted ironbride is hard to hit enemies and damage is bad especially compare with arquebex it isn't devastating at all, it can't cleave through opposing rank
  2. Now spectral scream overcome 'useless' status but there is few more things that need improvement Damage frequency should increase cuz this ability is similar to beam weapon and more frequency makes dynamic chain More frequency do not mean damage buff currant damage is very fine When using spectral scream, you can't use and weapon there are similar abilities : Danse Macabre, Sol Gate Do you realize? they can amplify themselves spectral scream needs same function Finally about augment : afterburn Spectral scream's base damage become double but augment's didn't
  3. Bullet jump and double jump roll the body and you know it is quite weird with wing
  4. Current parazon's problem - parazon finisher's condition is too limited - low advantage of parazon kill Condition relief of parazon kill - can perform parazon kill while status effect (currently you can't perform parazon kill while enemy is burning panic motion) - if enemies open to parazon kill, they remain 3 sec after their health become 0 ; like kuva larvling. It is not desirable for an unit in this state to remain above a certain number. therefore, the maximum number of these unit should be limited, and the further occurrence would require the deletion of the oldes
  5. I want to open Neo relic but there were only interception so I do it alone cuz im solo player I dont even capture 4 but 2 so I can wait for reactant But it is not enough mission was fail while I wait for reactant And cuz im waiting for reactant, the mission takes 25min while I open 3 relic my void traces are gone :( Interception fissure need more chance to drop reactant
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