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  1. Problem 1. Takes too much time to kill sank enemy 2. Can move while submerge but speed is meaninglessly slow 3. Can pull enemy but hard to see enemy cuz point of view is stuck on floor 4. Can pull enemy but they stuck easily by tileset object 5. Allies are hard to know if there are enemies in water or not Dilemma of problem 1 Significant damage with hard CC is not good Dilemma of problem 2 Move while invulnerable stat is not good Solution <Subdivide submerge level>, <Sink enemies by half> 1. Half submerge Gain damag
  2. Is there any plan to warframe rework?
  3. If you have a goal other than to eliminate fighters and crewships, the pilot is head for that destination first, so they leave the battlefield for the elimination of the fighter and crewships. If there are any fighters and crewships left to be killed, I hope the pilot will fly near by the battlefield for the elimination. In eliminating special targets, the Reiljek crew needs to destroy the core exposed to the outside. I want to have the system that when the core is exposed, the pilot will move to the point where it can strike, and the gunner will destroy the target.
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