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  1. You can cast Tidal surge while in Undertow liquid form and enemies previously drowning within Undertow will be pulled along by Tidal Surge But it spills some enemies sometime
  2. there is few self-feedback 2,3,4's Dot frequency is good enough so they need just more base damage buff 4's corrosive damage also occur status effect ; decrease armor when move around as sandstorm you can ignore simple terrain 3 should hold enemies much more longer by increase pulling strength or lengthen height of sandstorm or lower enemy rising strength or some of them
  3. i want nuke ability for him recall all sandmen around him and explode them by hold 1 affected by ability strength and range
  4. turrets of drop ship is too hurt and their hitbox is too small it is unfair
  5. passive revive require 'time' instead of damage desiccated enemies take double damage from his other abilities and sand shadows 2,3,4's Dot frequency increase to 4 time per sec sand shadow's capacity increase up to 7 sand shadows come from killing enemies trapped by 2,4 3 don't decrease your speed anymore 4's spread range affected by ability range
  6. Thert is so many source of heal but 'that' seems too powerful healing factor
  7. I also think this breath is too weak Damage frequency should be double Damage and energy drain grow by time I think imidate damage is not matchinh to its concept
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