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  1. Current converted lich appeares at random And remain for a moment, only use their weapon They can's kill one enemy in high level mission So we convert lichs for trade or they just don't bring good weapon. For us, converting lich is similar to 'Lich Trash Can' I want converted lich can be valuable ally There is a simple solution Make converted lich just like warframe spector You call them by using gear item, they give ground when they run out health, they use not only their weapon but also their ability, they can be hold position by interaction
  2. Need waiting squad function when starting railjack mission with your own railjack. Need mission vote when restart another mission so that those who want quit can go back. Need additional match making when restart another mission with not a full squad.
  3. Neutral combo should stay completely still and first attack of neutral combo should be fast enough it should consist of simple-shaped combos Forward Tactical Combo should make brief so that you use this combo focused on distance-closing open Forward Tactical Combo's follow-up hit and Neutral combo's large hard hit should be only Neutral Tactical Combo Forward Combo should be completely movement-free not a single combo can interrupt movement I feel insufficient in the number of combos especially some forward and neutral tactical combos
  4. Tenno fly, tesla nervos roll, they can't follow tenno Suggestion : when ability activate tesla drons float nearby vauban and emit to enemy if they close enough Tangled enemy by tether coil get caught in the terrain Suggestion : tether coil try to pull enemy frequently Photon strike is not good enough for the cost I'd rather use a weapon than use this ability Suggestion : make it strong enough Bastille is ambiguous Suggestion : separate base range of bastille and vortex and increase bastille's range. change armor to damage reduction that apply immediately as certain value and duration that apply when you go out of bastille needs at least 20 sec Using or charging fireball while using weapon is cumbersome Suggestion : make own animation of chain fireball just like landslide single fireball should be one-hand ability but three-chain fireball should not be one-hand ability change vexatious potential that use fireball and weapon at once to convenience and stylish action
  5. Vector pad itself is quite good but deploying animation is too long so it can't serve as agility assist It should be more powerful match to it's heavy animation.
  6. 전 이거 원문 읽는것만으로도 미쳐버릴려고 했는데 다 번역하셨네요 ㄷㄷ 수고하셨습니다.
  7. tesla nervos drone needs it's original design.
  8. Have you ever think about Banshee rework?
  9. All the vauban's CC is trap type. That means you are not safe out of trap area ofcourse. We don't want to stuck in trap area and DE either. nobody can't shoot you? If in defence misson? It is same thing slow nova in defence misson. That kind of hard CC is usefull only we don't need to kill enemy and such situations is not common. So i think vauban need misson capability outside of trap zone and my idea is survivability buff.
  10. deals extra damage to enemies that are incapacitated? damage amp buff? there is actual glass cannon. vauban needs survivability. my suggestion is that : every time you make an enemy in a state of incapacitate, you gain damage reduction or armor buff that you can stack up.
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