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  1. You can certainly play that way, but some of the solar rail junctions will require certain quests to be completed in order to progress to the next planet. Being able to access the following planets will require the listed quests below. Venus: Vor's Prize Mars: Once Awake Jupiter: the Archwing Europa: Stolen Dreams Saturn: the New Strange Neptune: Natah Pluto: the Second Dream Kuva Fortress: the War Within (immediately on completion of quest) Lua: the Second Dream (immediately on completion of quest) You may be able to bypass the junctions if so
  2. Whenever I get this one, I go to a mobile defense on Venus. One of the consoles is usually indoors, I stick to the wall and shoot enemies as they show up.
  3. It's also possible to use a forma and not add a new polarity at all, although there isn't much reason to do this. The game usually gives you a warning it you try to do this.
  4. I think I found something that looks like a feature, but since I don't see it mentioned anywhere, I'll assume it wasn't: TYPE: In-game during Railjack mission on Switch DESCRIPTION: Pressing X while on the Forward Artillery position causes the FA gun to be replaced by what appears to be an Apoc turret gun. Hitting X again returns back to the FA gun. If you leave it on the turret gun when you get off, the next user of the FA position will have the Apoc equipped instead of the FA, leading to confusion. REPRODUCTION: Hit X (normally the swap weapon button on Switch) while in the fo
  5. The white indicator (which is a result of the effect of pilot rank 5) is pointing out the derelict in the mission, and you are correct that it dips from rotation B. Points of interest appear to be side objectives marked in yellow OTHER than the Corpus capitol ship in the area, i.e. active ice mines or robot factories.
  6. I recently submitted a clan emblem myself, and the turnaround was only a couple days. However, DE did not send me a message saying it was accepted, but when I log in to the Warframe website and check under Account Management>Clan Settings>Change Clan Emblem, it says it was accepted and will be added in the next major update. If you haven't recieved any other notification, you may want to check there.
  7. You may need to go to your Twitch account and check under 'drops' and hit the 'claim' button
  8. Also double check to see that the boss you want are actually a reward for the bounty you're doing.
  9. With regards to countering the energy spike, there are a couple of other ways other than what you listed. I've seen people use Oberon's Hallowed Ground to make allies standing in it immune to the magnetic status, or using a well timed Covenant from Harrow to make the team immune to the pulse entirely. Since we can't always rely on the team, I just bring a max rank Arcane Nullifier to make myself immune to magnetic status.
  10. It goes great with any warframe with a grouping crowd contrll ability, such as Khora's Ensnare, Mag's Magnetize, or Vauban's Bastille/Vortex. The idea is to group enemies close together so you can easily create a blizzard of surge sparks with melee or explosive weapons, magnifying the damage dealt.
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