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  1. Seja bem vindo @[DE]Phil! Segura a onda Octavia, o Necramech ta chegando (não tem edição, efeitos da cena de captura)
  2. having the same issue, even playing solo or when party members are not in dojo
  3. I am only getting amber stars from deimos vaults too Normal missions are dropping cyan stars
  4. I'm so happy my clan won the pc first place moon clan <3 TY DE
  5. TYPE: In game DESCRIPTION: I am trying to decorate my dojo and sometimes it gets stuck in decoration screen waiting for me to choose the decoration but I can't choose because the game seems frozen, chat works but nothing else do. VISUAL: decoration UI stuck, can't press ESC, can't choose decoration, but can talk in game chat REPRODUCTION: pressing "1" more than once in decoration UI or clicking other keys at same time EXPECTED RESULT: Functional UI OBSERVED RESULT: Decoration UI on the screen, only able to use ingame chat and nothing else REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  6. I was playing with a party, the host is my husband so I can see his screen and we were communicating with the other members of the squad via discord, he found 16 scintillants and the other members and me got 0, because he was the host and scintillants were there for him but were not in our screen, we even tried to hit the exact same location where the item was floating but nothing happened..
  7. having same issue, only host can see and catch them, other 3 party members cant see/hear or get them
  8. Clan name: Os Tenno de Andromeda Clan tier: Moon Clan platform: PC Your Clan role: Architect Feature images:
  9. Dojos really need some love
  10. I have the same issue, they are all mastered in the secondaries tab but in the primaries they are not, and I already maxed gaze and catchmoon primaries.
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