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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Deimos Misty Fissure in this exact spot on the pic below doesn't close even though all enemies are killed. VISUAL: (it's in the corner i'm facing here, right where the energy pizza stays) REPRODUCTION: Unknown, maybe have the fissure spawn exactly in this spot? EXPECTED RESULT: Fissure closes normally like every other fissure OBSERVED RESULT: This fissure doesn't close even when all enemies on the map are dead (it doesn't even show the red circle around it on the map) REPRODUCTION RATE: Hap
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: During opening the iso vault bounty, reactive crystals that have to be charged by Loid to open the vault can spawn in two different parts of the vault, making the bounty last much longer than before even with increased Loid's speed REPRODUCTION: Do the iso vault bounty, enter the crystal charging stage, watch Loid go for 200m walk to charge a crystal in another part of the vault EXPECTED RESULT: All crystals should spawn only in one part of the vault where the pathway to the vault gate is OBSERVED RESULT: Crystals can spawn in both parts of th
  3. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Incorrect text on most energy restored EoM medal (see below) VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Earn this medal, look at the description. EXPECTED RESULT: "Squad Energy restored: n%" or something OBSERVED RESULT: see visuals REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%? might be the case only for russian translation TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: True Master's Font message doesn't appear on the screen, and buff applies only after leaving the relay VISUAL: none REPRODUCTION: Use True Master's Font. EXPECTED RESULT: Big message appe
  4. Son tokens are easier to get, so that's nice. maybe conservation will be an efficient way of getting entrati standing. Though one of the main issues is still here - animals (especially naturally spawned ones) are sometimes very hard to detect through tranq rifle scope. When an animal is nearby, it just beeps and highlights it with red colour for a second, which is barely distinguishable from the enviroment of Deimos and sometimes PoE during the day. I'd suggest to buff the tranq rifle, maybe so it beeps more frequently when you're looking in the direction where the animal is? Maybe add a
  5. 7th metamorphosis giving 20 more slots is not very useful. I've fed 8 warframes to helminth, put some of them on my frames and then fed him with resources and i have level 8 metamorphosis. Instead replace it with "feeding is 25% more efficient" or something like that, and change level 4 bonus slots from 10 to 12 or 15, i'm pretty sure you won't waste all of them before hitting level 10. Also, please, make it possible to feed eidolon shards with sentient appetite bonus. People have hundreds or even thousands of them and they are not used anywhere except ranking up the Quills and crafting t
  6. Small suggestion - can we have a different sound effect for Warcry on male frames? i guess that would make more sense
  7. In addition to my prevoius feedback comment, subsuming a warframe ability (i did mag's pull) requires 60% bile, and bile is the most expensive resource, as other people have pointed out already. And bile is required for literally everything else too. I really want the resource costs to be lowered. You wanted us to experiment, but if we do, we will need to constatnly grind for morphics/somatic fibers/argon/copernics/etc. Which is not enjoyable at all.
  8. Railjack resource cost to feed the helminth are insane. 1000 bracoids, 1000 fressnels, 5000 asterite, 300 gallos rods, 300 kesslers, 10000 trachons and 225 nullstones. I have a little less than 900 nullstones after ranking up my intrinsics to 10/10/10/10 (also invested a few hundreds to my clan), but i have over a thousand of those radiant spheres from cambion drift after two days, and helminth eats only 50 of them. And i did only like 5 vault runs, the rest is just exploring. Also you need only 16 bracoids to repair a mk III railjack gun, why do you need a thousand to feed the helminth once?
  9. new vapor trail mod energy cost. 10 energy/s for a k-drive boost? should be tuned town a little or be affected by efficiency mods. also hildryn uses 10 shields instead of energy. it's the best k-drive frame now (if it's intended). also k-drive speed + both k-drive boost speed mods + maxed magus drive still doesn't feel that it can outrun the archwing. velocipod spawn is random and i don't want to look for them when i can use my k-drive instead.
  10. So i recently got greedy pull and found out that it requires line of sight (does not pull items through walls). Why is it like that? With the new helminth system this could be a very nice ability to have if it didn't require LoS. pls i want to make limbo the ayatan/rare container god Also i heard that greedy pull was very good some long time ago, then it was nerfed. want to ask old players how it was back in the day cus i joined only last year
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