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  1. Something like the heat sword should suffice. It carried me pretty far until I got to Umbra. Then I got the Skiajati.
  2. Depending on which game mode, no matter how aware you are, you will die if you ain't tank enough. Specifically survival in which the area is covered by enemies in every direction. CC is becoming more relevant to not just die and when defending something. Hence the revival of frames such as Vauban. Nyx has gotten her own little niche too with the ability to tear off any steel path effects from the enemy. Effectively giving her the best armor strip which can also remove shields, be it only on a single target. Tho I think she could still be buffed more.
  3. No. Even a modded Valkyr Prime which has the same stats as Umbra but much higher armor will get 1 shot out of no where. I mean if you're referring to the low level planet steel path then sure, probably. Steel Path eventually gets to the point that even Nidus struggles to survive. Playing meta really is the game on Steel Path. Which is personally not my cup of tea since I like having options. Having a challenge is fun and all but I can't just bring my Excalibur in every mission anymore: which is a shame cause monkey brain likes shiny swoosh.
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