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  1. Getting your hopes up isn't inherently bad, but don't expect too much. But if there are things I want to be changed: it'll be Inaros, Frost, exalted/psuedo exalted weapons, modding system, pets. Or at least fix the bugs in warframe.
  2. Nerfing the abilities wouldn't give more choices. It'll just make the choices before worst. Yes they nerfed Roar and warcry. What? You going to use soul punch because of that? Maybe pull? DE's logic has confused me so much. Like where is the improvement here? How is nerfing the abilities most likely to be picked going to make the other choices anymore viable? How does that give us a reason to use decoy? To use fireblast? Or Ice wave? Maybe buff the weak ones in order to make them viable? Or give them an extra feature when being extracted. Maybe they won't need an augment? Like the skill c
  3. Well then that would be interesting to see when the update comes out.
  4. Yea. But I'm still going to use both of them anyways. I like Valkyr's armor and I like Umbra's... scarf. And Exalted Blade looks cool. Not very powerful; pretty underpowered actually if you ask me. But I like how he looks. And Valkyr to me is what Excalibur's stats should've been. So having Excalibur with Warcry and Valkyr with radial blind is a pretty fair deal to me. Excalibur can cover his lack of survivability in a way, while Valkyr can get some diversity in the form of an actual useful cc. Now they can both scream at DE for not reworking them and them needing to trade skills with eac
  5. Oh no I mean with equinox. If you remove her 1 do you keep her boost? If not, then isn't replacing it with warcry counterproductive?
  6. That I didn't know. Might be useful with Inaros. Team Medic
  7. I'm sorry I don't have Equinox. But are you always in night form if you don't use her 1? And does that mean you always have her damage and speed boost?
  8. you mean shield gating? Yes you are correct you get 2 shotted. Just like other squishy warframes.
  9. Correct. But I said the waves are fun. Not; the only viable move. Yes heavy slams heal you with life strike. But when you reach higher levels your gameplay would be jumping over and over for slam attacks. He isn't very tanky. His actually pretty squishy compared to other melee warframes.
  10. Yea but heavy attacks don't have waves which is half the reason of what makes exalted blade fun.
  11. Don't use your radial javelin with the augment. If you one hit an enemy your healing return doesn't do it's thing. It would've been great if Life Strike was still Life Strike. Just go with as much attack speed as you can.
  12. I agree for most of your points but... pls don't bring back super jump.
  13. Ok so your replacing durability, damage boost and speed for attack speed? On Equinox?
  14. It can't be a want if she already is. It can't be stopped if it's stopped already. She has 1 mobility skill that's bein hindered by it's "cc" mechanic. A survival tool, a useless 3 and another survival tool. In a game where Wukong and Inaros exist. She IS REDUNDANT. They already STOPPED using her. SHE HAS 1 USEFULL SKILL. Donate anything else and you might as well not donate any of her skills just like how nobody will use soul punch. Did you think not giving warcry will make her anymore popular? No, there are better tanks in the game. The only thing that's being prevented here is having a usef
  15. After I finished reading the comments here it seems like some of you guys really wanted to give away ripline instead of warcry. And charge instead of roar... I don't know what to say to that. What are the only usefull skill going to be coming from Jack of all trades that every skill they give is useful like from wukong? If that's the logic you guys are doing then let's not give away radial blind. Let's give slash dash too which is basically a different version of ripline. Lets not give away Hildryn's pillage. Now THAT is a signature ability. Lets just not give away ANY usefull abilities. Lets
  16. Ok but why? First of let's start with the augment. Your willing to place another augment on top of eternal war? Keep in mind that you need eternal war to keep warcry rolling without the need to recast it. And just to do faster finishers your willing to change one of your utility skills? You will replace one of Equinox's skills... Just to do faster finishers? Again, WHY?! Now replacing roar with head shots and sleep... I mean yea you can. But it's equinox. She already has her own damage buffing skill... where is your space for roar? That's like replacing chroma's vex armor. YOU CAN, BUT WH
  17. What endurance node is this? Every frame? I MEAN YOU CAN, yes. But that was really only a thing to "challenge" players. I mean yea I could just bring about any warframe on regular mot and I will still probably not have that hard of a time. Bring your fulmin if you want. Regular nodes isn't hard. What will warcry change there? Specifically if you warframe is squishy. If your using a deicated melee frame anyways then that doesn't really affect any of my points now does it? What is your definition of "Endurance runs" because unless it's Steel Path, you could use Volt and do whatever niche yo
  18. If only we could replace our 4th skill. I'm pretty sure we can't so out of the 3 wukong skills, I'd rather keep all 3.
  19. Attack speed is fun, but damage is damage. One block attack from gram can one hit even steel path enemies. With something like roar, ANY hit from the gram will one hit an enemy. Yes you can remove berserker from gram and use warcry instead. Then again you used a skill slot and energy. If your using it on a frame like loki then you only get the benefit of the attack speed. If your using the augment then that's one mod space used. Either way, you lose more things than you gain. The only real way to actually benefit from warcry is by using a dedicated melee frame. Again, augments take a mod
  20. Or, OR. Berserker. How much stack do u really need to kill that one enemy? ARCANE STRIKE. Even in steel path slash is enough to kill everything. Also you know, roar multiplies your viral multiplier. So I guess thats a thing.
  21. I do indurance runs... thats why I know you won't be using frames like loki now are ya? What? You going to put warcry on Hydroid? On Khora? Where is your point in endurance runs? Yes melee is the only viable weapon there. Guess what? That still doesn't invalidate my point. Cuz you are still likely to use a melee specialised frame in an endurance run if you are going to use warcry. Like what exactly are you trying to point out here? Now as Warcry being her signature ability. So is Radial Blind for Excalibur. You thought it's exalted blade? No thats just his flashiest skill. His handiest sk
  22. To me I think the problem is with enemy ai. It work with something like GTA. They take cover, you take cover, you shoot each other. But with how much mobility there is in warframe, I think bullet sponge enemies is an injustice. Yes it lets you use your overwhelming damage. But at that point it's just simulacrum in a different tile set. I think difficultly should stop being about bullet sponge and introducing new enemies the higher the nodes are with different mechanics, ai and maybe abilities. Even tho we are fast we seem to have problems dealing with fast moving enemies so that might be a sta
  23. Ah. So it really was lack of humour.
  24. Except the update is coming on the 25th. Are you suggesting that we get ripline instead of an actual useful skill? You recommending we get Paralysis instead?
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