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  1. Alright, I did some testing and there are a couple of issues I see. Bug: Alt-fire is not detonating the glaive. I have tried multiple rebindings, including MMB (with heavy attack set to something other than MMB). Only heavy attack detonates the glaive in this mode. Feedback: Having to hold "E" to throw it is fine, but having to then release "E" and tap "E" to detonate is not fluid. It should be "E" to throw, then "Heavy Attack" to detonate just like when only the Glaive is in hand. Alternately, "Heavy Attack to throw and "E" to detonate.
  2. Confirmed, Parazon no longer removes health bars in the Jackal fight, it is unkillable currently.
  3. Weird, with setups similar to yours and no attack mod mine dies really fast in level 50-60 missions. And not for lack of my damage ability, everything is getting 1hit dead via melee.
  4. In open maps Thief's Wit does not work while in Archwing or Titania. A number of folks reported this in Q&A and after testing I was able to reproduce it. According to the wiki, radar mods are one of the classes of archwing mods that are supposed to work while in Archwing. To reproduce: Equip just Thief's Wit, go to open map, walk up to a chest, resource, whatever. Note that you can see it on your minimap. Launch into Archwing or #4 of Titania. It is no longer on your map. Other loot finding mods still work in Archwing, this is just a problem with Thief's Wit.
  5. First, sentinel's weapon being useless is irrelevant to the problem. In fact, most of the time they are not using those weapons since that would raise their threat level. The problem is that in ANY other mission type sentinels do not die 4 times in a couple minutes. A level 150 mission with Grineer, Infested, Corrupted, or just normal not-new tileset Corpus enemies does not kill them except rarely. As for sentinels being 'out of time long ago' they have value, just because you do not use them doesn't mean others do not. As I said, they do not die normally when they are maxed out for sur
  6. This has been posted in feedback HERE, but this may actually rise to the level of a bug: enemies in the Corpus Ship tileset destroy sentinels extremely fast. Like, in seconds. No other mission kills sentinels like this. Especially when the sentinel is not a threat (no attack mods). Even fully modded sentinels die quickly in level 50-60 Corpus ship tileset missions. The setup below should not die in a few minutes, but it does. In fact, the only time it survives after contact with the enemy is during the immune to damage phase after dying. Otherwise it's health and shields are just s
  7. DE, please fix this. It is insane that a Sentinel that has the lowest threat level a sentinel can have (no attack precepts at all) and that can survive any other mission type gets shredded in seconds in any Corpus Ship tileset mission. This setup below should not die 4 times in 3 minutes. But it does. Level 50-60 Corpus ship mission, guaranteed to die all 4 times very quickly. The setup below survives non-Corpus ship missions of level 150+ without a single death. Something is clearly wrong with the Corpus Ship missions. Edit: I have created a bug report for this, I don't
  8. Agreed, my 'black' warframe is white in profile. Simple to reproduce. Use the Shadow palette, grab the blackest black, use that on your warframe, then go to your profile. Wherever the light shines is white. Please DE, black is supposed to be...BLACK. Not white, red, or some other color. When light hits black, you get black, it doesn't matter what the color of the light is.
  9. My resolution is fine, 1920x1080. The Chat size (not UI size, that does not control this) is fine at 100. Not going to make chat so big it fills the entire screen. Unfortunately, font size does not control the drop down menu, only the chat itself. This is simply a problem with them putting the options too close together, they need a bit of separation.
  10. Please, put some space between options in the various dropdown menus. People regularly mis-click options because of how tight you have them set up. Want to invite someone to clan? people regularly hit ignore. Want to check profile? People regularly hit Add Friend. An example of why people mis-click: You click on the name, pull the mouse down the menu, think you are on the option, then click. The problem is, the mouse cursor is usually still traveling a little bit, and instead you click on the next option. If you double space the options this will no longer happen. So, plea
  11. I have noticed this as well. Died several times to it. Easily reproducible. Jumping straight up in the air and then shooting down as you come down and you'll self-damage.
  12. Hi, Mirage's #1 is still bugged on Ice Fields of Riddah (Grendel defense mission). I see this bug goes back months but has not yet been resolved. When activating #1 a single mirage appears (sorta) and is stationary. It vanishes if you walk away from it only to return when you approach it. Additionally, all other Mirage abilities are unusable during this bug.
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