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  1. Please allow the Syndicate operator (NPC) engineers to use the Forge. (Unless they are already supposed to, in which case, they don't do it, they just run around.)
  2. When using Boost weapons reduce the effective boost speed. That is fine. However, Particle Ram should not reduce the effective boost speed. It completely removes the ability effectively fly around in a flying ramship.
  3. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Gunners not firing: NPC crew members in gunner positions stop firing in while you are in certain structures. VISUAL: No visual required REPRODUCTION: Enter mission (solo) normally with Ticker NPCs assigned to gunnery positions. Exit Railjack, note how gunners continue to fire. Enter the 'side mission' (white marker structure, not yellow marker structure). Complete 'side mission' and exit it. Observe the Railjack, note how it is not firing. This is not due to weapon cooldown, you can wait a long time and gunners will not shoot. E
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