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  1. It's one thing to have a standard damage+ mod I have to put on all my weapons, I can deal with that, but I do resent the multishot mods for being just a second damage+ mod with just as big a drain that I also have to put on all my weapons. I do agree with overall sentiment that these things feel mandatory to keep guns functioning in higher-level content. It's all about adding damage, with not much room to adjust things like fire rate and reload speed and other utilities. It's my biggest issue with the mod system as a whole. When I started this game, I felt like I was going to be able to slap all kinds of mods on all kinds of weapons to do all kinds of things, but as I learned, that feeling never really turned out to be the reality, it's just the same things on everything with the occasional 1 or 2 slots to spare.
  2. Trying Atlas out now via his Prime. Everything feels really expensive in terms of energy. The range on his 1 never feels long enough, but maybe I'm spoiled by frames like Garuda who will jump across an entire room. Tectonics really does suck. A lot. It is probably one of the worst abilities I've seen in this game. Barely hurts even low-level enemies. Why only 2 Rumblers? Why do they have health and a duration? What is the actual point of these things other than distractions? Rubble passive feels pointless when the only way to get it is via his most expensive abilities and it decays too quickly to stack high enough to matter. Other than that turning enemies to stone and punching them is fun, too bad it's the only thing Atlas can do. No wonder they just beefed his Prime stats up and called it good enough.
  3. They buffed his battery gain, but that update hasn't come to consoles yet.
  4. I'm in a similar boat, really want Vectis Prime, I want Vauban Prime to enjoy the rework, and I'm tired of seeing the guys on Switch trying to sell Ash Prime for 1000 plat.
  5. I don't think you can turn it off, but I do agree with the sentiment. It's pretty uncanny.
  6. "Chromatic Plating" sounds cool, but he already resists Heat (red) and Cold (white) damage, so what would you get if you picked those colors? If something could be figured out for that, I'd be all for it.
  7. The difference between those guys and the Zealots is, when the Zealots kill you, they don't leave.
  8. A Redline augment named "Blueline." That's all I got.
  9. Next Warframe changelog: - Renamed Universal Medallions to "Universal Except Conclave" Medallions
  10. "Appeal to popularity" is a logical fallacy. Just because a bad idea has been suggested a hundred times does not mean it isn't a bad idea.
  11. So, if I'm not one of those people, I'll enjoy Atlas? Though I do agree with others that Atlas's Tectonics looks really bad and should probably be replaced with something, even if it was just skipping the wall so that it was just Atlas throwing boulders everywhere all the time. For the Rumblers, my only suggestion is simple: more Rumblers. If Atlas could turn the battlefield into a glorified bar fight, I'd be content with that, but I admit that's coming from the part of me that loves Nekros's 4. If I was to replace Tectonics, I'd suggest something like a radial CC where Atlas summons stalagmites beneath the enemies around him, dealing Impact and Piercing damage and launch them directly upwards into the air like Vauban's soon-to-die Bounce pads. But have it not launch enemies under the effects of Petrify. Instead they can remain where they are (within punching distance) while suffering double damage and/or creating even more bonus rubble, allowing Atlas to focus damage while keeping other enemies off his back as he punches their friends to death. But if Tectonics was reworked to a simpler-and-more-effective "just throw a boulder at them" that would be fine too. Those walls are just really lame.
  12. It should probably be Heat Sunder that could refund a little energy, allowing for a minor exchange of battery to energy while still doing damage. Maybe for each target hit by it, it refunds 2 energy? It shouldn't be "profitable" or otherwise Gauss would be some kind of magic energy bank and Zenurik already game-breakingly exists. I have pondered something like a new passive for Gauss, where if he's at 80% battery, continuous movement (excluding Mach Rush) generates 1 energy every, I don't know, 10 meters? 20? Though I like the shield recharge buff he has and it would probably be excessive to have both passive abilities, so I doubt you could fit it in there, but it's all I've come up with. And does contradict not wanting a "magic energy bank" I stated above. Gauss is energy-hungry and being able to mitigate that somehow would be nice, but I don't want to completely undo all limitations here. I hear they already made his battery too trivial to manage so tying energy regain to it would probably destroy all sense of balance. As for Mach Rush not dealing damage, while it doesn't make a lot of logical sense, pretty much everything warframes do doesn't make much logical sense, and I'm pretty sure it's designed that way so that players aren't running enemies over to death to encourage using weapons, as Gauss is reliant on weaponry to perform (i.e. Redline). As funny as it would be to kill enemies that way, Mach Rush is designed to be a mobility and CC tool, though I'm grateful they included the Sunder synergy, I'll enjoy using it when consoles finally get the update I've been waiting weeks for.
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