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  1. I mean I kept my most used frames back when i played the early days, didn't touch their fashion or weapon loadouts at all. Helps me look back at what i was early in this game
  2. 18 liches defeated 0 kuva kohm 0 kuva chakkhurr 7 dupulicates (with combination of 2 in a row and 3 in a row after that) 11 actual weapons Next lich is another duplicate ......im #*!%ing done until they fix this S#&$, i am so tired of farming and just getting nothing but duplicates now I only want two of the weapons, can you guess which two?
  3. Not much to compare it with but sure. You could also say that the first rain during a drought is the largest amount of water you've ever gotten during the drought, and it will mean exactly the same
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