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  1. Yeah I just accepted my mistake with the name XD Honestly he looks like the warframe version of Cruella De Vil What with his pelt and such
  2. *me looking at the parasite warframe in fan concepts for several years* one day my love......one day they will notice you
  3. Hey at least you aren't one of those dirty part-skippers
  4. I mean prob-.......yes! Cause Yellow Temperance was worn by its user! Except Chroma's stand just sucks Unlike the raw power of Hierophant Green
  5. ^ ......i know, i wear that dunce hat alot
  6. They are all very open to cultural exchange Also never thought about him also being an edgy Chroma......huh Honestly he's kinda the Chroma I wanted, back we only knew him as a dragon frame. Considering you use Sevagoth's shadow separately and directly.
  7. Okay lets meet in the middle here: Nekros is that grain farmer who you always see in the market with the the same stuff over and over, with sometimes a rare fruit in the mix Sevagoth is who Nekros idolizes, he uses that mental image of how cool and edgy his cooler brother is to work that extra inch which usually results in him finally getting that rare fruit Also Hydroid doesn't stick the tentacles there, that would be wrong, he introduces the tentacles to the enemy letting nature take its course. A true man of culture
  8. I won't accept that upside-down faced closet otaku. That bastard refused to drop any day-time parts for equinox. He is also hording the secret for using the rock'em-sock'em bopper melee weapons from us.
  9. I mean lets be honest with ourselves Nekros is a huge nerd and a weirdo that goes through peoples stuff. Hydroid at least goes through people's stuff in a cultured way
  10. Ahh my mistake, sorry I guess I read that wrong XD I do enjoy the story they have been taking us on immensely and I also want to see the islands of content, and their squad link concepts, connect all together. God that would make this game just that much more legendary
  11. .....I didn't think about the potential need for at least 2 umbra on both forms...... i need to go back to farming steel path.....
  12. My body is ready (If this exalted form scales well)
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